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KaiserNazrin - Apr 18, 2018
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1 hour ago
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mira-pyon - Aug 19, 2017
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Fan Art Thread. ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
mira-pyon - Oct 13, 2015
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astroprogs - May 29, 2016
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KaiserNazrin - Dec 31, 2016
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May 17, 11:37 AM

Club Comments
Swagernator | 1 hour ago
@Veromaye but you call yourself "Nasuverse fag".

Botato | 7 hours ago
I mean when the MAL invasion happened there they took it rather well, although maybe it was because we didn't really do anything stupid we just shitposted in a FSN anime thread for a day or two (by shitpost I mean we were just chilling with the regulars), so the elitism isn't that bad. But again I don't go there often, and when I do I just lurk.

That said I did once get a question, by the site itself, that was related to Tsukihime. I don't remember why I got it or what it was but I had to answer it to proceed. At the time I haven't read a single line from Tsukihime yet so I had to rely on someone from here lmao. The answer was Nrvnqsr.

But basically like Sherou said; it's just a gathering of hardcore TM fans. Basically this club on a much bigger scale, and with that many more members you're bound to find some who know Japanese and can translate, so that's what they do. Again the focus isn't the translations, otherwise every TM title would either be translated or at least in the middle of a translation by now.

Veromaye | 7 hours ago
Glad that I don't use terms like "Fan" to refer myself for liking a franchise or anything.

Besides that, I usually know nothing about any anime group, I mean I don't use reddit or any other type of places like that.

It's a miracle I use this place and talk to any of you.

Veromaye | 7 hours ago
I was joking about the Boyslove thing lol.

I believe anything fandom related is going to have a bad rep.

Except this group.

ShinsoPriest | 7 hours ago
There are people who don't know BL? And they call themselves Type-Moon fans? For shame.

-Sherou- | 7 hours ago
Sniped by botato

-Sherou- | 7 hours ago
There are members who translate, but its not a group itself. It's a forum, probably the oldest english-speaking Type-Moon forum. There is quite a bit of elitism there, and its quite hard to actually become an active member because there is a certain "core" that have been there since its inception that kind of dominate everything.

Botato | 7 hours ago
They're not a tling group.

They are a TM group.

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