MAL Backstreet Residential.

[b][/center]This the Backstreet of MAL or you could call this a lawless zone in MAL[b][/center], you can literally talk about everything and anything that prohibited by MAL standard and there's no Nazimods that can close your thread or delete your post. This place is a place for people who seek freedom! People who sick of the Tyranny in MAL! -fin-

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Sticky: Bandit Vs Knight.
BangToyib - Dec 7, 2014
0 replies by BangToyib »»
Dec 7, 2014 5:19 AM
Best Pairing Ever!!
BangToyib - Nov 12, 2014
0 replies by BangToyib »»
Nov 12, 2014 8:17 PM
Best Character.
BangToyib - Nov 12, 2014
0 replies by BangToyib »»
Nov 12, 2014 7:18 PM
Best Ost's / OP / ED.
BangToyib - Nov 12, 2014
0 replies by BangToyib »»
Nov 12, 2014 7:10 PM
Youtube AMV/MAD.
BangToyib - Nov 12, 2014
0 replies by BangToyib »»
Nov 12, 2014 7:04 PM

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Killaclown | Mar 26, 2015 9:29 AM
Backstreet Residential sounds like the name of a pop/punk band to me for some reason :p

WyNdZ | Mar 25, 2015 5:22 PM
Soon my child, we're waiting for the right moment to strike and once that happens the name MAL Backstreet Residential will be heard by everyone far and wide .

romagia | Feb 27, 2015 1:51 AM
what's up with the headhunting? this club aint even active

BangToyib | Dec 25, 2014 4:29 AM
Today, is the day that we will remember as the day when the mods just nuked the infamous 'Anime thought of the day' or in other word, the mods once again nuked our last mean of having fun in AD because they think that thread didn't had a deep enough discussion. what the fuck? first they nuke every listing thread in AD because it didn't encourage any discussion, and when we make some thread dedicated solely for discussion, they said 'It didn't have deep enough discussion' for the mods to keep the thread alive. What the fuck? why didn't they just say it straight that they lock that thread because it looks fun while the fact is 'fun' is prohibited here in MAL.
I, Myself as the Major of this Residential is waiting for the day when a Hero appear and save AD from the absolute purgatory that soon will came at this rate.

WyNdZ | Dec 7, 2014 3:27 AM
This club's comment virginity is mine! Years later when this club turns big and someone checks to see the first comment they shall see this.

To you, several years from now

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