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Poll: How much will you pay for beer?
FreshPrinceofMAL - Aug 23, 2015
8 replies by shintai88 »»
Jun 18, 7:47 AM
Drunk posting
Voki - May 3, 2015
48 replies by dyof00 »»
Jun 18, 7:42 AM
Best Bottom Shelf Liquors
AngryCactus - Apr 8
1 replies by Pomerium »»
Jun 10, 12:28 PM
What hangover cures do you use at morning?
mara_ - Dec 25, 2015
14 replies by Voki »»
Apr 7, 1:56 PM
Drunk selfies
Voki - May 10, 2015
23 replies by Curtis-Desu »»
Mar 3, 11:35 PM

Club Comments
Voki | Jun 19, 3:45 PM

Pomerium | Jun 18, 5:28 AM
I got the Job, therefore cheers fellows! I just opened a bottle of Singelton. Expensive but really good stuff. Time to get fucked!

Voki | Jun 16, 7:53 PM
Just got back from a gaming convention which consisted of just as much drinking as gaming, tbh. Lol.
I'm proud of myself for not getting a hangover.

moonbox | Jun 14, 11:52 AM
I'm drinking korean jello shots rn lol

Exmortus420 | Jun 14, 11:03 AM
Get wasted before, during, and after the interview. Its your best bet.

Lurker | Jun 14, 5:28 AM
Getting wasted after the job interview is fine too. go for it :D

Pomerium | Jun 13, 1:19 PM
Got a job interview tomorrow, I already promised myself to get fucking wasted if I get the job. But I`m afraid that the decision will not be made the same day and I have to keep waiting with that until someday next week.

Voki | Jun 2, 8:13 PM
I tried to go sober. And I realized, life is more fun with a beer in hand. Fuck it.

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