2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami


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I've been thinking that having a single place on MAL to gather as many information as possible about this topic would be more handy, which is why I created this club.
All of our thoughts and prayers are with Japan in these moments of sorrow.

Related anime / manga / j-music news
Earthquake and Tsunami Special Coverage @AnimeNewsNetwork
New Releases in March Postponed @CDJapan
Impacts of the Massive Earthquake on Anime
Kanno Yoko Sings for the Victims of the Earthquake
Scheduled Power Outage in Tokyo Area To Affect Anime and Manga Production
Canceled and Postponed Anime due to Japan's Earthquake
Moshidora Anime Postponed
Aniplex Postpones Blu-ray & DVD Releases of Madoka, OreImo and Takuto
Charity Efforts for Japan
Tokyo International Anime Fair Canceled
Anime Contents Expo Officially Canceled
Postponements of Manga Magazines Due to the Earthquake
Retired Animator Kakoi Hiroshi Killed in the Earthquake
Message Videos of 29 Seiyu For the Victims of the Earthquake
Model Town of Kannagi Destroyed by Tsunami
Beelzebub Anime Gets Suspended
Madoka Magica Postponed Indefinitely

People status
Spreadsheet of Japanese voice actors/mangaka/idols reported safe [new version]
Spreadsheet of Mangaka status
Anime/Manga/Game Industry Members Check In After Quake @ANN
Japanese celebrieties reported safe @JPopAsia
J-rock artists reported safe @JPopAsia
Celebrities confirmed safe @Tokyo Hive
List of survivors

If you're making donations, please make sure they get to the victims. To avoid scams, the best way is to direct money to organizations already in Japan. Direct links here will be of local-based organizations only.
Show Your Heart (Japanese) [multilanguage info here]
Japanese Red Cross
Second Harvest Japan
JustGiving Japan (Japanese with English instructions)
Nippon Foundation CANPAN Project
Japan earthquake and tsunami @Charity Navigator
Donations @Twitter
How to help @The New York Times
How you can help @Time Out Tokyo
Useful info and donations @Good
Relief funds links @ANN
How to donate @Cleverland

Useful tools & Information
Google Crisis Response
Google Person Finder
YouTube Missing Person Information
Person Finder Bot
Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake resources @The Japan Times
OLIVE: useful information in multiple languages
Advice on how to cope with the earthquake (multilanguage)
Ask or get supplies and various kinds of aids (multilanguage)
Family links Network @International Committee of the Red Cross
Disaster message board by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
Important Information from Japanese Government
Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health
Emergency info @Time Out
Earthquake Info in English @wiki
Quake/Tsunami Aftermath Links
Disaster Support Multilingual Information
#JAPANQUAKE: Collecting links, notes, reax @Facebook
Tsunami-related Info Dump @LiveJournal
List of media resources for the earthquake/tsunami coverage
Effect of the Tohoku District-off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake @Narita Airport
Earthquake information (multilanguage)
Weather, Climate & Earthquake Information @Japan Meteorological Agency
Japanquake Wiki
JPquake Wiki

Scheduled power outage
Power outage schedule and info (Japanese)
Power outage calendar @Google
Maps of the scheduled power outage by prefecture (Japanese)
Grid pictures of scheduled blackouts @Soyoko Shikama's twitpic

Streaming Reports & Broadcasts
NHK World
NHK World @livestation
YokosoNews @Ustream
NHK World Radio Programs (multilanguage)
Live Coverage @BCC News
The earthquake @CitizenTube
Earthquakes Video HQ

ANN News @YouTube
Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces @YouTube
Tokyo Broadcasting System @YouTube (not updated anymore)

Japan News
Japan quake @Kyodo News
Japan nuclear crisis @Kyodo News
Tokyo Electric Power Company News
The Asahi Shimbun
The Mainichi Daily News
Coverage on earthquake and nuclear situation @The Japan Times
Coverage on Japan @CNN News
All the latest reports @CNN iReport
Japan disaster @The Guardian
Japan Earthquake @The Wall Street Journal
Special coverage @GlobalVoices
Japan earthquake live blog @ABC News (discontinued)
Japan Earthquake @VOA News
Live coverage @Reuters
Twitter disaster info in multilanguage
Live updates on the earthquake and tsunami @The New York Times
Live Blog @Aljazeera
Live blog from a shaking building @Time Out
World headlines on the earthquake/tsunami @Timog

Photo archives
Interactive photos @CBC News
Before-after photos @ABC News
Satellite photos before-after @The New York Times
Earthquake in Japan & Scenes from the Aftermath @The Atlantic
Photo article @Mail Online
Photos of affected areas @Boston
Tsunami aftermath @Reuters
Photos @Yahoo news
Photo special @The Mainichi Daily News
Earthquake & tsunami response @Flickr
Earthquake photos @Yomiuri
Satellite photos @Picasa Web Album

Initiatives from the people
SEIENDAN (seiyū cheering party) @YouTube
Help with a Hello Bar
Help Japan community @LiveJournal
Hetalia charity community @LiveJournal
Socks for Japan @Jason Kelly
Hope Letters
Nihon Kizuna
FellAwareness Project @deviantART
1000 Paper Crane DA Event [update] (additional link)
Paper Cranes for Japan @deviantART
How You Can Help - Tsunami/Quake Aftermath News @deviantART
Operation Reiki @deviantART
A list of deviant helping @deviantART - some more here
Photographers selling their photos to collect funds @deviantART
Poem prayers for Japan @deviantART
Bloggers for Japan

Company reactions
Twitter response to the earthquake
Microsoft Disaster Response: Community Involvement
Skype's aid: free credit (Japanese)
Square Enix Temporary Suspension of the Services

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami @Wikipedia
Honshu Quake @Crisis Commons
Honshu tsunami event @NOAA Center for tsunami research
Tsunami safety checklist by the American Red Cross

#pray for japan @tumblr
Earthquake updates for foreigners in Japan @Facebook
Japan Earthquake News @Facebook
Pray for Japan @Facebook
Japanese Lifestyle @Facebook
Some translated Japanese-English comments from people worring about Japan's situation on Twitter

The purpouse of this club is to gather information in a single place. Please help by providing any additional info you may have.

Unfortunately I must go to work during week days, so possible updates in the club may be slowed down.

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Loxaris | Apr 16, 2011 3:54 AM
Thanks, but I think those are all included in the spreadsheets I already linked.

Yumi-nyaa | Apr 14, 2011 4:36 PM
I have the list of the mangakas reported save, it is: http://www.animextremist.com/news/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1300082998&archive=
(is in spanish)

Loxaris | Mar 26, 2011 4:09 AM
Everything updated. Sorry for the time it took.

Loxaris | Mar 22, 2011 5:43 PM
Thanks a lot Tsubasa! Your links will be up very soon.

tsubasalover | Mar 22, 2011 3:53 AM
I accidentally found this.

tsubasalover | Mar 21, 2011 8:49 AM
this, too.

Loxaris | Mar 20, 2011 11:53 AM
Almost all the sections revised. Planning to add some more - earthquake and nuclear situation specific.

Put almost all the Facebook links I have in the 'extra' section because since I'm not on Facebook I don't really understand how it works, so I can't tell the usefulness/carefulness of them.
Some feedback on this would be appreciated.

Loxaris | Mar 20, 2011 3:57 AM
@jaysorbet: thank you for your encouragement. Actually, I currently spend most of my time seeking and reading information, so I don't update the club as frequently as I feel I should.

I don't care about people joining, really. Should be obvious from the fact that I allowed non-member posts. I just want people to have easy access to at least a part of the available information in case they're looking for it from MAL.

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