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Moriah Gekko (ゲッコー・モリア)

Moria is the captain of the world's biggest pirate ship, Thriller Bark, and has a former bounty of 320,000,000 Beli. Moria apparently has the power to turn people's shadows (including his own) into solid objects due to the power of the Kage Kage no Mi (Shadow Shadow Fruit), but the full extent of his powers are yet unknown. He is the one who stole Brook's, and various other beings' shadows. The loss of a being's shadow causes them to go into a two day coma, and to be vaporized if they come in contact with sunlight. The shadow acts a second soul, duplicating its owner's movements and mannerisms. Moria creates zombies by inserting a shadow into a lifeless corpse. Coupled with physiologically enhanced bodies engineered by Hogback, he is able to create powerful and obedient zombie warriors. However, if the original owner of the shadow dies, the zombie created from that person's shadow will also die. As a result, Moria has the de-shadowed people placed on their ship and removed from Thriller Bark.

He is an extremely large man and has a devil-like appearance, mainly due to his horns and shadowy figure. His size is equivalent to fellow Shichibukai member Bartholomew Kuma, but he creates smaller (but still impressively large) shadow clones to do his work. He wields a pair of gigantic scissors that he uses to cut the shadows of his victims from their bodies upon seizing them. He is a very calm person and is not even bothered by the fact that his ship and crew are being destroyed. He also has X like marks above his nose and below his chin that may be stitches. Moria's motto is to rely on others to reach his goals. His favorite phrase is: "You do it!", reflecting his slothful personality and tendency to leave all work for his underlings. This also expands to his fighting style, as he prefers to lay back and let his own shadow, Doppelman, who he can switch places with at any time, battle with the powers of the Kage Kage no Mi.


* Like many other characters in One Piece, Moria has a strange laugh (kishishishi).
* His name is a double-pun on his animal theme gecko and the Japanese word for 'Moonlight' (月光, 'Gekkou'), given his nightmare theme.
* Like Luffy and a few other characters in One Piece (including fellow shichibukai Blackbeard and Crocodile), Gecko Moria wants to be the new Pirate King.

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Voice Actors
Houki, Katsuhisa
Guerrero, Chris
Pistorio, Pierre-François
Brem, Alexander
Peroni, Riccardo
Romero, Cássius
Portuguese (BR)
Matus, Edson

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