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Kouta Hirano (平野コータ)

Age: 16
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 88.8 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Weapons: Nail gun, Springfield M1A1 Super Match, Armalite AR-10(T)

A sophomore student who was often bullied in school. Kouta is a gun otaku and knows the ins and outs of the firearms and any military-related equipment that the group may come across. At the beginning of the story he helped Saya Takagi escape danger, though only did so by following her orders. His skills as a marksman have proven to be a valuable asset to keeping everyone alive. On a one-month trip to America he was trained by the US military contractor Blackwater USA which furthered his obsession over weapons.

His crush on Saya is one-sided as he on occasion tries to ask her out only to be rejected. Before leaving the family mansion of Saya, her father entrusted her safety to him and Takashi. Saya Takagi has once mentioned that he and Takashi are the most likely to snap if things keep going the way they are. He's grown very attached to Alice with whom he is often around playing with.

The character Kouta Hirano from the manga series Highschool of the Dead is based on the famous mangaka with the same name that made "Hellsing", Kouta Hirano.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Hiyama, Nobuyuki
Laskowski, Mark
Choi, Seok Pil
Roche, Patrick
Dekoninck, Emmanuel
Puig, Enric
Mei, Francesco

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