Toshihiko Tanaka

Toshihiko Tanaka

Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
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Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Movie)
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Shoot! Goal to the Future
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Toshihiko Tanaka (田仲 俊彦)

* Jersey Number: 11 -> 10
* Position: Striker
* Class: Freshmen
* Birthday: 22 July, 1975
* H/W: 172 cm / 60 kg
* Elated Skill: Golden Left Foot, Submarine Shot, Front Axial Shot, Two Plato Shot (with Kazuhiro)

The main character of Aoki Densetsu Shoot! He's a freshman on the soccer team. At the very beginning when he joined the soccer club of Kakegawa High he's only assigned to do the laundry by Co-Captain Kamiya. But later on, as the team started to recognize how great he was during middle-school, they let him join the training

Kubo recognized that Toshi has different footings than other members. He's anxious when see Toshi was not balanced in stepping. After examining his legs, Kubo found out that Toshi's true strength lies in his left leg, not right leg. This caused Kubo to put him at separated training apart from their teammates. At first Toshi was disgraced and protested against him. But after rigorous shooting training when Kubo tested his left leg and ordered him to shoot using his left leg, Toshi discovered that he has immense weapon striker left leg that even caused Kubo to be amazed. His left leg shoots very hard. Later he was called "The miracle left", he become the new no. 10 and ace striker of the soccer team.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Carrassi, Ryan
Völger, Bernhard
Morikubo, Shoutarou