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Tsugumi (ツグミ)

Age: 14
Height: 162 cm (5'3")

An excellent hacker who acts as the Operator and Cyber-warfare specialist for the Guerrilla Resistance Group "Undertaker". Tsugumi plays a purely supportive role from Undertaker's Command Hub Tractor-trailer outfitted with newest Cyber and Communications Hardware. She monitors the battles and relays important information between Undertaker Units. Her primary task is to monitor and support Ayase and her Endlave.

She is very brash and cheeky and speaks unreservedly even to the leader, Gai. Her codename is "Black Swan". Her Void is a Hand Scanner, magical girl wand that can create holographic projections of people. Although Tsugumi has no special combat abilities, she is fearless and ruthless when it comes to her paralyzed friend Ayase. When Ayase is out of her Endlave and in trouble, Tsugumi suddenly comes out of nowhere swift as the wind and launches herself at the source of Ayase's troubles with a mighty Missile Kick!

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Taketatsu, Ayana
Jeong, Mi Sook
Esche, Tanja

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