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Enishida (エニシダ)

Anime: Scott first appeared in The Scheme Team. After observing Ash's battle against Agatha, Scott recommended that Ash go to the Battle Frontier. He next appeared in Numero Uno Articuno to observe Ash's battle against Noland. After that, Scott appeared at every battle facility to observe Ash's battle against the resident Frontier Brain. He hasn't been seen since Ash defeated Brandon.

In Gathering the Gang of Four!, it was revealed that Scott is the owner of the Battle Frontier. According to him, he created the Battle Facilities to expand the art of Pokémon battle.

In Pace - The Final Frontier!, Scott asked Ash to be a Frontier Brain after he defeated Pyramid King Brandon, the last Frontier Brain. Ash declined.

Due to the fact that he wears sunglasses often, his eyes are almost never seen.

Scott is also known for reckless driving. He drives rather fast, regardless of what kind of terrain he is on.

Manga: In correspondence with Pokémon Emerald version, Scott appears as the founder of the Battle Frontier in the Emerald chapter of Pokémon Adventures. He also makes a cameo in the Ruby and Sapphire chapter during the fight between Groudon and Kyogre.

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