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Jupiter (ジュピタ)
Jupiter made her debut appearance in Double Team Turnover! where she was the one to get the Lustrous Orb back from Team Rocket after they stole it from the Celestic Town Historical Research Center.

She was later assigned by Cyrus to lead the capture squad for the Lake guardians, along with some assistance from Pokémon hunters.

She also had a cameo appearance in Saving the World From Ruins!.

Jupiter's first major appearance came in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, where she was protecting Charon at the Fuego Ironworks while he was working on the Red Chain. She successfully captured Looker, Jessie and James and later encountered Ash and his friends for the first time. During their encounter, she noted her disgust that Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie had chosen Dawn, Ash and Brock as their protectors rather than herself, Saturn and Mars. With the help from her Skuntank, Jupiter and Charon were able to make a clean getaway.

Jupiter was present when Team Galactic's plans came to a head in The Needs of the Three! where she battled the gang again. In The Battle Finale of Legend! she was asked to guard the outside of Spear Pillar however she was quickly captured by Cynthia and was later arrested, along with Mars and Saturn.

[credit to bulbapedia]

Voice Actors
Nishimura, Chinami
Pereira, Silvia Suzy
Stevens, Eileen
Morris, Cassandra Lee
Kaiden, Michiko