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Alex Row

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Alex Row (アレックス・ロウ)

Age: 28

Alex Row is the captain of the infamous battleship Silvana. He seems to be more or less completely unemotional, but a tragedy in his past haunts him. Alex graduated from the Anatoray Officer's Academy, but his actions are more of a privateer than an officer of Anatoray. However, this can say nothing against his skill as an officer. Time and again, he displayed his prowess on the battle field as a captain and proves that the nick name of his ship, Kill-'em-all Silvana, isn't just for show. He meets the main characters Claus and Lavie when they deliver Alvis to him for protection aboard the Silvana. Alex's primary purpose in life is to take his revenge on Delphine, whom he holds responsible for his fiancée's death.

Character designer Range Murata has described the character as a "loner." Alex Row was based on Captain Harlock, a space pirate character created by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto. According to Murata, the design for his clothing "turned out all black, no matter how carefully or subtly I put in the lines; they were all the same when I colored it in." Animators also experienced difficulties in animating his hair and flowing cape.

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki
Freeman, Crispin
McFarland, Mike
De ambrosis, Massimo
Perez, Luis Miguel
Redondo, Óscar
Höppner, Gregor
Rollo, Alfredo
Portuguese (BR)
Thiriet, Serge

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