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Hideki Motosuwa (本須和 秀樹)

Age: 18 (19 in the manga)
Height: 185 cm

Hideki Motosuwa is a ronin (repeat student) who is attempting to qualify for University by studying at the Seki cram school in Tokyo. He's an honest and kind teenager who was raised on a farm, and unfortunately for him, has no experience with women. He has a very active imagination, which tends to result in him talking to himself in public. Hideki is interested in finding a girlfriend, but also has a great desire to have a Persocom, a computer shaped in the form of a human that can do all sorts of things. Although he cannot afford one, his luck holds out when he finds one lying in a garbage dump on his way home from the groceries, which he names Chii.

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Freeman, Crispin
Popovic, Frédéric
Choi, Won Hyeong
Son, Won Il
Sevilla, Pablo
Kaufmann, Sascha

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