Tekken: Bloodline

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: Tekken: Bloodline


Type: ONA
Episodes: 6
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 18, 2022
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Game
Genre: ActionAction
Theme: Martial ArtsMartial Arts
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.441 (scored by 1873818,738 users)
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Ranked: #71052
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Popularity: #4021
Members: 31,188
Favorites: 83

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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 18, 2022
I was expecting it to be as bad as the other Tekken movie adaptations, but was surprised. This lore manages to be close to the real storyline presented back in Tekken 3, adding more original scenes as an extra.

If you are a fan of the franchise, you'll most likely enjoy the animation during the various battles (the moves and special effects look like they were taken straight out of the actual games).

Although I disliked some artistic choices (e.g. triangle shadows, drawings/CGI used sometimes felt cheap), the episodes kept my attention and didn't feel drawn out just for the sake of it.

Hoping for another ...
Sep 1, 2022
Another video game anime adaptation bites the dust.
The curse of bad adaptation of video games continue.

The usage of 3D or 2.5D animation is improving over time, compared to what was seen in the Berserk remake days. However, referring to the foundations of animations it has a long way to go before it can be considered good.

Voice acting is below average. Everyone speaks in a slower than average cadence for some reason. Not sure if other language dubs have similar experiences. But man the dialogue and monologue just feels so stiff and slow.

Story. Took a huge nosedive. After the 1st episode. We dedicated one entire episode ...
Aug 18, 2022
Get ready - for the comedy of the year.

I've never held out much hope for animations/TV series/movies based on games, especially fighting games. However, even with such mental preparation, it is an awkward, absurd viewing experience.

I don't think the story needs to be told in more than six episodes. On the contrary, I don't believe the length of it is used well, which leads to the details being rushed through (how did Jin meet his friends?) and the main storyline making people feel lengthy.

Another intuitive feeling is that the creator did not refer to other animated series with similar themes when writing the script. The ...
Aug 20, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I played Tekken 1, 2, 3, and Tag back in the day. I always dug Tekken (and Soul Edge/Calibur) more than the Street Fighter because it was more realistic for a fighting game. Fireballs and flaming kicks, I dunno. But jabs and roundhouses, yeah I can do those. And then Tekken had stand-ins for Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, a WWE wrestler, and a bear. How cool are those? And the soundtrack for Tekken 3 was funky as hell. Those baselines killed it. I still have the Jin, Hwoarang, and Nina tracks on my playlist. Tekken was always so damn cool.

So how about the ...
Aug 23, 2023
I haven't posted a review for a while, not because I haven't been watching anything, but because after been bothered by a friend of mine to watch it, I finally started Naruto: Shippuden. Currently 162 episodes in and have paused so we can watch the upcoming fight together. So, as I can't go any further until next week, I watched Tekken: Bloodlines.

I have to be honest, I'm a massive Tekken fan, of both the games and the lore. Also, anything Tekken that isn't the games is generally shit. So I hoped it would be amazing but expected it to be shit.

Amazingly, it was great. ...
Aug 19, 2022
First I wanna say that it's hilarious how Jin basically turns into a surprised Pikachu whenever another character starts talking - the director clearly didn't know what subtlety means.

As for the show itself, its a decently animated adaptation that doesn't live up to its full story potential. Though the biggest failure is easily its characters - the supporting cast especially.
It's just really sad to think that Tekken has one of the biggest, most diverse rosters in video game history... and this series does so little to develop any of them not named Kazama or Mishima. Yes, I understand that they are the primary focus ...
Aug 19, 2022
Mixed Feelings
If you are Tekken fan, its will be fun to watch seeing some of the characters, their moves and the story animated.
For anyone else it will be hard time finding it interesting as the show is mediocre at best.

Its animated using mix of 3D/2D which is honestly quite good, just lacks some polish. Would have preffered 2D any day, but it feels like this was really low budget animation which can be also seen in music as it really didnt bring scenes live.

Only few characters were shown from the games and even fewer of them were actually animated which leaves bad taste in your mouth. ...
Aug 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I am a massive fan of Tekken and have been playing the games since I was like 3, so I was looking forward to this a lot. Unfortunately this show did not reach the levels I was expecting from it.

This show is a loose adaptation of Tekken 3 but it follows the same basic storyline, so if you have played or are familiar with that game, you will know how this will end. However, they did make changes here and there, some alright and some questionable. The characters are not fleshed out at all and their relationships are completely skipped through. The show kind of ...
Aug 30, 2022
Preliminary (4/6 eps)
I could not bare this travesty and the emotional pain it struck in me, seeing Heihachi’s phone be bigger than a laptop but still not big enough for his monster claws, Paul Phoenix is overdriven with beef and a wojak coomer face voiced by none-other than Jamieson Price, who voiced Heihachi a decade ago, and these magical triangle shadows that cover half of everyone’s heads even when the sun is pointing at them and on the front cover clear as day, these are legendary. Everyone looks like plastic steaks and physics were not accounted for whatsoever. The CGI is worse than Kengan Ashura’s arguably. The ...
Aug 19, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I'm a huge fan of Tekken games, their lore, and characters. Not a pro-player at all (hate those), but a loyal follower of the franchise for around 25 years. That said, I know the original stories... and they're a -lovable- mess! Somehow, "Tekken: Bloodlines" manages to be even messier! And not in the good way. For starters: it is nowhere near "canon", but more like a tribute to the classic trilogy. It mainly takes Tekken 3's story (my favorite) with little drops of 1 and 2, and retells everything from the perspective of a zoomer Jin Kazama (yeah, smartphone and all...) It even dares to ...
Aug 23, 2022
This is only worth watching for the laughs, if you're very bored, or if you're very invested in Tekken already and just want to see it all.

Firstly, the animation is cheap and inconsistent. The show switches between 2D and 3D throughout, though focuses on 3D. However, putting the two side by side is very jarring as the 2D animation is actually very beautiful and well stylized, whereas the 3D is stiff and makes a lot of the characters look much uglier than intended. It had a few small moments of beauty in the fights still, but they were few and far between.

The voice ...
Sep 10, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I'm a big Tekken fan and the trailer made me excited to be getting a new show. And it seemed to be covering Tekken 3 which was the game that got me into the series, with some updates from later games in the series.

Animation- For most of the show it doesn't look bad. The animated versions of the characters look nice and the line work has a distinct look to it. The 3D models don't look bad either, and they do good job of translating that style into 3D. Unfortunately, it's when they start to move that it shows some issues. Not every scene ...
Jan 19, 2024
Mixed Feelings
While I believe it's a perfectly watchable anime from beginning to the end, I recognize that it fails to live up to its full creative potential at every turn. You hear mention of characters from the Tekken game series, but you never get to see them fight or play any role beyond catalysts to drive Jin Kazama's story forward. It also doesn't help that the action sequences are fine, but lack originality.

Jin's character development and the stunning 3D animation are enough to recommend, but don't expect much from anything else about the anime. Good enough to pass the time, bad enough to make me forget ...
Aug 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
The story is a retelling of Tekken 3, and I enjoyed this show as a short afternoon binge because I played a bit of Tekken as a kid but never really knew much about the story. But I don't recommend this show if you have no interest in Tekken and just want a martial arts tournament like God of Highschool, Kengan Ashura and Megalo Box.

The fights are decent, but short and simple. The short 6 episode length also makes it impossible to get invested in most of the characters. Despite half of this show being a martial arts tournament, I don't recommend watching this ...
Nov 4, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Martial Farts.

I used to play a lot of Tekken back in the mid 2000’s in the arcades. Although I’m not an expert on Tekken lore I do remember enjoying the games and characters. It’s not everyday you get to play a fighting game as a karate wielding Grizzly Bear, so I was looking forward to the anime and reintroducing myself to this series.

Single player story campaigns are always a fighting games biggest challenge and usually their weakness, and unfortunately this anime is no different. With only 6 episodes to work with the story feels like a speed run through a single player experience of ...
Sep 21, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Tekken: Bloodline is not the worst show ever made, but it isn't a particularly good show either. I think that if you aren't familiar with Tekken, then your enjoyment is going to be severely affected.

Story: 6/10

The story is pretty much Tekken 3, with some minor alterations to fit more to Tekken 7 and jam some more of the more popular characters into the plot. That being said, Tekken 3, and honestly all of the Mishima side of the Tekken story is pretty god damn generic. They basically all are bloodthirsty and have daddy issues. That's like, the story of every Tekken installment in a nutshell.

Art: ...
Aug 18, 2022
If you are familiar with the Tekken 3 story you will likely enjoy this. It's probably the best Tekken has ever been represented outside of the games in my opinion. The writing is nothing special. I actually think it was underwhelming especially in the first episode. It does improve but it's not winning any awards. Its leagues better than in the games at least. The real reason you're watching this is for the fights and the animation. The animation is very good. Even outside of the fights themselves. But in the fights they definitely excel. If you're a Tekken fan, the amount of fanservice here ...
Aug 22, 2022
Even as a fan of Tekken i would have to say this was just incredibly disappointing. It's a proper 4/10 anime

I honestly thought it was plain mediocre. Yes, the story of Tekken 3 does stay intact and is very much faithful with only a few minor changes. (Leroy and Feng Appearance for example) but the anime just has too many issues leading to a very bad experience. It has awfully boring pacing and fights that are honestly not that impressive. The only reason why it catches my eye and probably most of you is because they use moves that we see in the games. ...
Aug 19, 2022
I don't usually do reviews, but seeing the average score of 6.6 I had to do it. If you grew up like me with Tekken video games, you will love this anime. Watching it is like playing an Arcade game of Tekken 3, through one of the most iconic characters, Jin Kazama. I finally understood who that green final boss was that I didn't know why I had to face at the end of the arcade.

The story is very good if one of your favorite characters was Jin and the combat scenes are simply spectacular, including all the super famous moves of several especially ...
Sep 2, 2022
Was looking forward to watching this since, its based a fighting game, is considered one of the best fighting games of all time. Personally I did play a bit of Tekken growing up but not a lot, so I am not 100 familiar with the story line of the game itself, I would just play the game in arcades with friends from time to time, so watching the anime gave me a better understanding of the story line of Tekken.

From what I understand its not 100 percent accurate as the game their is changes here and their and the story basically takes place from ...