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05-18-15, 8:39 PM
June 26, 1995
August 13, 2010
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Heyy! The names Mei :) I'm just a regular 18 year old university student. If you haven't watched the anime in my top 5 favorites then you should cause they are the best bomb diggity animes out there! Not really a manga reader.. except for the ones in my faves.

Let's be friends<3


~Starry Sky~
if anyone knows where to download an ~In Summer~ patch, pleasepleaseplease share with me! (: I just finished spring & I really want to understand what's going on in summer..

but mostly just Grimmjow. <3
12/2/12 HOLY BALLS, HE CAME BACK!!! (maybe)

Chihayafuru 2 ♥ Bakuman. 3

fanfiction ID - xSimplicityy

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Shinino | 02-24-12, 11:25 AM

Alternatively, if the image does not work, click here.

Vagina | 09-21-11, 6:19 PM
Nothing like your username huh?

Vagina | 09-20-11, 5:37 PM
Okaaay, not the reply I was expecting.

Vagina | 09-17-11, 5:58 PM
Hey stranger

RulenneClarissa | 08-21-11, 1:44 PM
Thanks, I'm glad you like the cards :)
So far Pandora Hearts has been really good ^^
I'm planning to read the manga as well :D

RulenneClarissa | 08-20-11, 12:32 PM

xX_Ulquiorra_Xx | 06-13-11, 12:40 PM

Alternatively, if the image does not work, click here

Nelly_Panda | 05-31-11, 2:20 PM
About Starry Sky >> I use tanslation aggregator ^___^ It makes japanese words pop up in new window and tranlates them <3
Ah... Miyaji is so hot in summer~! *w*
Which one you like in spring? 8D

YakuzaDog | 04-22-11, 6:44 PM
He's such a jerk!! >.< AND A CREEEEEP. D: I dunno what Honeybee was thinking... maybe they just threw him in for all the masochistic girls out there. >_>

Well... I'm actually still unsure of Hayato though. First thing I thought when I saw him: Seryou (if you've read Seven Days xP). Same character design except with the pink hair lol. And then when I saw his CGs, he just looked like a creep (pushing Tsukiko against walls and especially the one after they get married >_>). So... I was just kinda assuming, but from what I've seen of his character episodes so far, he's not too bad. xP

YakuzaDog | 04-21-11, 7:39 AM
Awww that's awesome! :3 Haha, I'm not a huge Suzuya fan, but's he's okay. xP I like him. I don't like my zodiac guy: Hayato. He's kinda creepy... but at least he's not as crazy as Iku. >_> haha
Yeah, Miyaji's the cutest of the guys. x3 But he's got that tsundere aura around him, so I reallllly like that. xD And Hirohi Kamiya's a great seiyuu! So, I'll be looking forward to hearing him.... eventually.

I knowww.... It really bugs me since I'll never be able to just play those games in Japanese anytime soon ever... I've still got hope in more patches coming out, but it's just gonna take a while.

Yeah!! :D I'm trying to get more people into it! (especially the novels since the anime's not as fulfilling) None of my friends are into SS though... except you. :P

YakuzaDog | 04-20-11, 5:49 PM
Ahh It's hard to say who my fav is when I've only played Spring... >.< I lovvve Kanata, but I have a feeling either Miyaji or Naoshi are gonna take over as my favs eventually. x3 Tsubasa's awesome, too.
OMG YEAH *.* They just look so awesome~ There are some HILARIOUS reviews of all the games (including After Summer) which have details about the storylines. So many spoilers.... but I think it was worth it. xD hehe

Btw, I started uploading a playthrough of In Spring on youtube today. xD For those poor unfortunate souls who don't have the chance to play the patch. Sooo, I'm hoping those eventually get discovered and people like them. =3

YakuzaDog | 04-19-11, 5:07 PM
Haha! You played Summer? xD I would never be able to do that sanely since I HAVE to know what they're saying. >.< I'd be pulling my hair out and just yelling at my monitor "GAHHH WHAT ARE YOU SAYINGGG NOOOO" xP It's just a big tease, so I have to wait.
Have you read/seen anything from the After Spring/Summer games? *.* Those are... wow, they're something! They're amazzzzzing. x3

KyaChan | 04-11-11, 9:02 AM

Alternatively, if you can't see the image, click here.

YakuzaDog | 04-10-11, 10:27 AM
I KNOW!!! >3< I wanna see Miyagi tooooo! lmao
Man, if I could, I'd patch this frickin game myself. >.< but that aint happening. ughhh

YakuzaDog | 04-08-11, 2:51 AM
Nope... not yet. :/ I've been checking the visual novel database every other day to see any updates, but nothing yet.
Ugh... it's annoying cause there's a Chinese group that's been patching the SS games, and they're SUPER dedicated! They have all the games translated up until After Spring. o_o I'm not sure how long patching a visual novel takes, but I doubt it takes this long... but then again, the In Spring patch did just come out last winter...
AHHH well... we just gotta keep our fingers crossed! >.<

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