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Zankyou no Terror

Akame ga Kill

Ao Haru Ride



Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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2013-04-28 Koitabi: True Tours Nanto
2013-08-31 Ano Hana: Movie
2013-10-01 Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin
2014-03-01 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Ep 07
2014-**-** Girls und Panzer Movie
2014-**-** Girls und Panzer: Ooarai Joshi Gakuen vs. Anzio Koukou
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Kurini | 08-21-14, 11:04 AM
Ao Haru* ride XD I watched ep 1, and I seriously can't stand Yuki Kaji. Thankfully I can still read the manga with Hosoyan voice in my head. hehehe

YAY! I'm happy you like Haikyuu! I still think I like Oofuri better as a sports anime. (It is better than KnB if you asked me, I liked s1 but not enough to top most of my sport anime and I absolutely hate s2 of KnB, thus I hate KnB...) But Haikyuu is going to remain as my favorite shounen manga for a very long time. :) Haiykuu always give me goosebumps whether I read it or I watch it. :) My favorite is Noya anytime! :D I like Tanaka too! (I'm still surprised that his seiyuu is pretty new, he's doing a good job XD) But in fact, I love pretty much all the characters maybe except the ace guy in Shiratorizawa High School for the moment.

Oh, you are falling behind with Barakamon? Though I can somehow understand, but I still find it enjoyable to watch as I have time for it. Is Akame ga Kill really that good? I was having trouble to sit there and watch ep 3 without pausing it every minute. Haha, the thing I liked the best in Aldnoah is the magical girl transformation and the ED2! I'm freaking loving Nozaki-kun!! It's my seocnd fav after Zankyou no Terror. This season is good, not as good as I have hoped. Next season looks delicious. It'll be tough for me to handle it my schoolwork. :/

Strega | 07-21-14, 2:55 PM
Yeah planetes is pretty much the best show ever, i just love how everything comes together its magical. And with natsume each episode im like, damn.... that was good, next ep... etc.

Strega | 07-21-14, 12:20 PM
Yeah im slowly falling in love with natusme's book of friends it may replace one of the top 5 haha, Also just started gintama a little while back and im pumped for the adventure that is odd jobs gin hahaha

Strega | 07-21-14, 12:43 AM
High five for extremely high compatibility! woo hooooo

REKT | 07-16-14, 1:45 PM
kagura chan :)

Marimo- | 06-16-14, 8:38 PM
You're welcome! Thanks for accepting! :D

Marimo- | 06-15-14, 2:09 AM
You're welcome! I've been really enjoying myself here and i am really thankful for this site! :D

Kurini | 06-14-14, 5:51 PM
The [img] is back but some functions are down (like some symbols)... :/

Oh I see, I'm less into AHR too, but I keep looking for the translation of the raws each month. Like I already said, I'm not fond of Yuki Kaji (listened to the pv, and it still doesn't sound perfectly right to me), I predict that I'm likely going to drop it after ep 1. (I like how you think there will be a s2! XD)

I remember you like soccer right? I think I'll watch the Japan match after when I'll done with my Saturday anime. XD

Kurini | 06-12-14, 1:55 PM
Hi Shanimebib!
I just wanted to drop by to say that the "currently airing" lists are pretty useful! I didn't know we could do that. :)

JizzyHitler | 05-29-14, 11:00 PM
trust me on this, if you like captain earth, go watch rahXephon, the similarities between the 2 are isnane and has many of the same people working on it. Though if ce does take the rahXephon route then the series will get very dark in its 2nd half

JizzyHitler | 05-29-14, 7:51 PM
from captain earth discussion
shanimebib said:
I think it's something wrong with me because when I see that MAL score 7.05, I can't comprehend. This anime has been doing quite well compared to most other shows this season, yet the score doesn't reflect. Am I one of the very few who is actually finding the anime quite promising?

Believe me, I know exactly what you mean, the show's not perfect but jesus the hate it gets is unreal.

ezaya | 05-16-14, 5:26 AM
Gao~ ^o^

ezaya | 05-09-14, 5:15 AM
Ara~ Ara~

Derozio | 03-21-14, 8:27 AM
Compatibility over 70% and a fellow Gintama fan. :D Thought I'd drop by and say hello. :)

Kannei | 02-25-14, 3:04 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

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