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1. Hunter X Hunter 2011

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Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki

Kekkai Sensen

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Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

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isvak | 05-21-15, 7:53 PM
I think that his role as Toujo Basara in Shinmai Maou no Testament wasn't ok, like his role as Kyousuke Kousaka in Ore no Imouto. Still a great seiyuu though.

Crips | 05-20-15, 11:21 AM

isvak | 04-30-15, 8:28 PM
i always knew i wasn't the only one in love with Yuuichi Nakamura's voice!

Kurini | 04-19-15, 6:30 PM
Didn't we had this conversation a while ago?

I'm sad that he gets on my nerve so much (I mean, he is the sole seiyuu I really have a problem with, which is unfortunate), I used to like him (when he debuted), but I really can't help it. It got to the point that I think it's neurological, like everytime I hear his voice, my brain can't stop filtering out all the unpleasant souvenirs I had with his voice.

Lately, he kept getting roles I don't want him to (because I really don't thin he fits as much as the voice I previously imagined in my head):
Lyon (he sounds really forced, maybe it has a comedic effect, but I can only picture Kaji forcing himself behind the mic when I hear him as Lyon),
Kou (we had that talk),
Mediolas (a huge miscast here imho, I just can't take Mediolas seriously as he sound more childish that Mediolas needs to.
Silvermask... I already hate the character himself, I thought that he was supposed to be a charismatic antagonist judging by his design, but I give up.
Ali Baba (I don't read the manga, but I still find that he doesn't suit Ali Baba after 2 seasons)

Don't know if you remember, but his acting in Aquarion Evol infused me so much with bad impressions that I couldn't stand his voice anymore. I truly believe he made the male lead more angsty even more (and Shu.

I also think that his voice is overused, so much that I never missed him and recognized his voice within 5 sec. I think really highly of my seiyuus-ears (lol) It makes the characters less appealing I find. Is his voice so beautiful that I can keep listening to it? Not really... Look, I really really love Namikawa Daisuke, Shimono Hiro and let's add Takahiro Sakurai. They have been in the industry for such a long time that I watched a lot of anime with their voice. And yet, I sometimes don't recognized them even now!! Isn't that very pleasant surprise when you realized that?

Ok, frankly, I believe I would not a have problem with him if he let other seiyuu voice characters that I find he doesn't match with. Roles like Kenma, Yukine, Kousuke (in barakamon) fits him the best where he excels at acting as a child or a cutely moody character. Walker was very great btw.

I tried my best to not sound like a whiny hater (><), but I bad at expressing myself to begin with. But like I said, I had a history with him getting on my nerves.

On a side note, I like Hirono Aya and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu that everyone hates.

Kurini | 02-03-15, 6:36 AM
Hey, there is a japanese news that says there will be a new Aria's anime project. :)

mayukachan | 01-23-15, 9:21 PM
Your profile is so nice :3

LuminousIris | 12-25-14, 9:03 AM
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope ya have a good one!

Crips | 12-21-14, 5:18 PM
Sent you a friends.

Crips | 12-20-14, 1:14 PM
MC has a chance as they're 3 points behind us. LP......? I wouldn't even think of them as a runner up! XDDDD

Crips | 12-20-14, 12:02 PM
Lmao, the moment I opened that tag I couldn't stop laughing. X'D

Cuz I'm a Chelsea fan! Since '09

Crips | 12-19-14, 8:01 PM
Yes, soccer mate. What club do you support?

Crips | 12-18-14, 8:42 PM
You watch football?

megaan | 11-10-14, 6:59 AM
Hahahaha, I'm so glad some else understands how disgusting he is!
Shoujo is a great genre, a cliche one granted, but still entertaining nonetheless.

I can't be bothered with it to be honest, if I wanted to see a guy treat a girl like meet, I'd watch every Hollywood show/movie ever made :P

Kurini | 08-21-14, 11:04 AM
Ao Haru* ride XD I watched ep 1, and I seriously can't stand Yuki Kaji. Thankfully I can still read the manga with Hosoyan voice in my head. hehehe

YAY! I'm happy you like Haikyuu! I still think I like Oofuri better as a sports anime. (It is better than KnB if you asked me, I liked s1 but not enough to top most of my sport anime and I absolutely hate s2 of KnB, thus I hate KnB...) But Haikyuu is going to remain as my favorite shounen manga for a very long time. :) Haiykuu always give me goosebumps whether I read it or I watch it. :) My favorite is Noya anytime! :D I like Tanaka too! (I'm still surprised that his seiyuu is pretty new, he's doing a good job XD) But in fact, I love pretty much all the characters maybe except the ace guy in Shiratorizawa High School for the moment.

Oh, you are falling behind with Barakamon? Though I can somehow understand, but I still find it enjoyable to watch as I have time for it. Is Akame ga Kill really that good? I was having trouble to sit there and watch ep 3 without pausing it every minute. Haha, the thing I liked the best in Aldnoah is the magical girl transformation and the ED2! I'm freaking loving Nozaki-kun!! It's my seocnd fav after Zankyou no Terror. This season is good, not as good as I have hoped. Next season looks delicious. It'll be tough for me to handle it my schoolwork. :/

Strega | 07-21-14, 2:55 PM
Yeah planetes is pretty much the best show ever, i just love how everything comes together its magical. And with natsume each episode im like, damn.... that was good, next ep... etc.

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