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04-20-13, 10:26 PM
June 25, 1995
Idk check under your moms bed
April 9, 2009
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I got young money up, and now I got my feet up
Tune in this bitch tell my niggas throw them B up
Doing what the fuck I want, hate me all the fuck you want
Real niggas fuck with me and I dont give a fuck who dont
Lock the CEO up, and Im the CEO fuck
Prison in February and I aint in no rush
Drink till I throw up, nigga roll more blunts
Ball so hard nigga man I gotta go pro once
Hit em with the shot gun, call that shit the stop button
Call me Doctor Carter, aka young wild nigga
Aka no trial nigga, AK click clack blaw nigga
Fucking with the kid and youll be missing like Bilal nigga
Yeaaah haha, swagger stupid
Pack a Uzi, hundred clips nigga
Thats a movie, aim at toupee
You sweet as cool aid, creme brulee
Im sharp as blue-ray, I fuck her today
then she gotta skate, Young Lupe
I hit the beat hard, Bobby Boucher
I keep them tools on me, get the screw face
Flowers for the dead, heres a bouquet
LVs nigga, on every suitcase
YM nigga, its a new day
We the champions nigga, hoo-ray
Yeah, hammer in the Louie duff
Take a nigga bitch she gave me brains until I knew enough
Bullet come too fast to adjust
I dont give a fuck about my roof that much
So put it in my trunk and then the coupe sped up
Take the chopper out the trunk and just shoot that up
Im Weezy F and the F is for Flame
Eat these rappers chef of the game
Shit on the track, shit on the train
Murder the beat, the beat was slain
Rest in peace, thats a shame, he kill anybody song
Versatile as fuck I switch it up, like Dennis Rodman dont
No homo you rock and roll, rest in peace my Styrofoam
Now they wont know what I be on
Get the fuck off, my dick my cock my bone?
Big money my pockets long, New Orleans I got my home
And they got my back pause, no homo no maricón
Smoking on that private grown, he put me where I belong
All about my cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, provolone
Fuck her for an hour long, let her take a shower go
Sorry baby but Im in the dont want be bothered zone
Yeah, your a groupie, get on your duty
2 women give me head, call that two faced
Bitch Im too great
Take your food tray, I was born on doomsday
Uh, ai-aint no nigga like me
Whats up to my gang, big Bs like a Bright-ling?
Take a nigga bitch she ride my dick like she cycling
Then she cant walk, run, jump like white men
Uhh, fu-fuck you niggas wan do
No ceilings let the bullets rain on you
Weezy F the F is for Fuck what you gunna do
Make you people mourn you
Hah, okay lets do it

Just so you guys no i have a mental disease called Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent Explosive Disorder is a mental disorder wherein behavior is characterized by extreme expressions of anger shifted to more of a berserk mode. It is also considered as an Impulsive control disorder. These aggression may take on the form of spells or attacks with noticeable symptoms beginning minutes to hours before the actual rage episodes.

Bout me

Well there ain't nothing much to say about me.My hobbies are mostly just football not really basketball not good lol.Not many ppl like don't no why tho and uhh im a very nice guy sometimes it mostly depends if im having a good day or a bad.Im smart and dumb at the same time dnt no how but im good.And uh if you my nigga sorry my friend then im your friend but don't think just cause your my friend that you have my respect and respecy is a big deal for me and don't eva try to fuck wit me cause you just signed your death certificate if you do and if you ever need any help with sumthing cum holla at me ight.Anything else u wanna jux ask



O and anotha thing if u hear da song Uhh Ohh by Derty feat Lil boosie den u should no dat me and som other dude iz fighting

some tight songs

You are cool, calculating, and very hard to read. Power is your only concern.
People find you extremely intimidating but also very fascinating. Others are drawn to your strength.

You see most humans as pawns in your game. The only people you respect are those who have more power than you.
You are aggressive and a go-getter. You're not content to sit around and let things happen. You like to make things happen.

Who Are You on True Blood?
Life Lessons Learn Them

M.J they dnt rlly care bout us lyrics

What love really means


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akatsukizero | 11-08-12, 8:19 PM
It's good to hear from you again brother, it has been a long time since we spoken to one another,if you have a facebook account you can find me on there as well just look for a pic of Busuzima and you'll know it's me.

Also send me your number when you have time and i'll try my best to get at ya, so until we meet again brother, take care.

Hine-chan | 06-25-11, 7:04 PM
Happy Bday! ^^

akatsukizero | 04-01-11, 2:23 PM
my # is

akatsukizero | 03-30-11, 10:41 AM
will do bro^_^

akatsukizero | 03-29-11, 7:54 AM
well,technically its my aunt's cellphone but i'll send it to ya bro

akatsukizero | 03-23-11, 1:29 AM
No prob bro, i'll get at ya

akatsukizero | 03-20-11, 7:39 PM
I have phone troubles and man does it suck, so i got to use my aunt's cellphone

Princess-Rose | 12-26-10, 4:15 PM
yeah, you?

Princess-Rose | 12-25-10, 3:46 PM
just woke up

MrHatandClogs | 12-24-10, 2:58 AM

Princess-Rose | 12-24-10, 2:20 AM

akatsukizero | 12-07-10, 1:04 AM

akatsukizero | 12-05-10, 5:30 PM
nah it's still the same number, i'm just having phone problems at the moment

akatsukizero | 12-03-10, 1:41 AM

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