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SnowBound | 03-12-15, 11:05 AM
I'll bet my left nut on that he will kill most of them in one good sweep in the upcoming war.

Miura is suffering from the cancer called Idolm@sters and laziness. He does the bare minimum amount of work demanded from him by his contract. The last chapter came out 160 days ago and it is supposed to be monthly manga.

And the Main Character got on a boat 8 years(real life years) ago and he is still on the boat. I have patience, but I worry I will die before ever finishing Berserk.

SnowBound | 03-12-15, 10:48 AM
I just hope George R.R. Martin doesn't kick the bucket before finishing his books. And Miura. It has been 8 years, and Guts is still on the boat.

SnowBound | 03-12-15, 10:37 AM
Upset. Terry Pratchett is dead.

Good night sweet prince ;_ ;


SnowBound | 12-31-14, 5:01 AM
Happy New Year Khrymson!!!

SnowBound | 12-23-14, 3:58 PM
This round might go to you, but with a score of 1-100 , I still win overall.

But I AM the Santa! I got coal AND socks for everybody, again.

SnowBound | 12-23-14, 3:36 PM

I got no comeback to that.

SnowBound | 12-23-14, 3:21 PM
Why aren't you sleeping?!

Good girls should be in bed right now!

Do you want to be put on Santa's naughty list?!

SnowBound | 11-11-14, 6:01 AM
To be honest, the ending made me hate Naruto even more.

Laptops, modern skyscrapers, that level of technology without industrialisation, most of the pairing are shit and don't make sense, Crazy snake guy, letting Sasuke go for all the murders and attempted murders he did.


And the list goes on.

SnowBound | 11-06-14, 4:48 AM
Welp, Chapter 699 and 700 are out. Just read them and my opinion is:

It is shit.

It's all you need to know.

SnowBound | 11-05-14, 8:38 AM

I think you mean fanfiction OF fanfiction. Because I am sure Naruto is fanfiction level bad. Kishi is one of the most compliant to the demands of majority, which is why the series got to where it is.

He revived the entire village and fan favorite characters. Blatantly changed Obito's character for the backlash he got etc....

Sadly I must disappoint you, your OTP didn't happen.

SnowBound | 11-05-14, 8:20 AM
I know the manga ends today/tomorrow. I don't have any idea about the anime.

If Kishi/Publisher gives the OK, I think the assistant can do it. And I think it is already official, spoilers have been posted and the last page had something about a sequel written on it.

Now you just enjoy the tears of the shippers.

SnowBound | 11-05-14, 8:06 AM
I think it was supposed to end this week. Double chapter release and all, I think. It ends with chapter 700.

Rather than a real sequel, it is more like short series sequel made by Kishi's assistant.

SnowBound | 11-05-14, 5:58 AM
Good news Khrym.

Naruto has ended.

Bad news, it is getting an sequel.

SnowBound | 11-02-14, 10:12 AM
Because you being a normal person is hard to believe.

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