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07-30-14, 10:32 PM
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Six feet below the ground.
January 12, 2009
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04-06-12, 6:39 AM Edited 04-06-12, 6:51 AM

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Valdez | 07-24-14, 7:02 AM
Hi wanner check with you if you're planning to make a character?

kuroshure | 07-22-14, 12:24 PM
Thank you (。・ω・。)

Valdez | 07-21-14, 7:24 AM
By the way, this is the link to the rebooted club:

Valdez | 07-20-14, 7:29 AM
Aye aye, I certainly need plenty of that it seems but then again that's not logical.

Valdez | 07-20-14, 6:57 AM
Interesting, truth to be told I'd created a reboot version of the club somewhere. Still working on it but I'm procrastinating too much to be making real progress.

Valdez | 07-19-14, 6:44 AM
Hi this is Valdez here, saw the Shiroku Highschool club and thinking of giving it a jolt of electricity so wondering if you're keen on it no?

kuroshure | 07-16-14, 7:41 AM
Hi (^_^)/ I'm in love with your profile picture!! *o*
Is he an anime character or is it just an original art?

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 8:00 AM
Nah. I don't need an upgrade. I am content with it.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 7:36 AM
On your phone? WHat?! NOOOOO. Impossible. You have better internet on your phone than I have on my computer? OUTRAGEOUS!

Finding how fast my connection was.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 7:17 AM

It only took me 5 seconds Khrym. Are you slipping?

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 7:01 AM
You don't torrent?

Your slow connection just reminded me that everyone I know has 100Mb internet connection and me, being the single loser, has 5Mb internet. Such misfortune.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 6:31 AM
Never used such sites. But, I am ashamed to say it, I used to stream. Until I met Commie subs that is. Which were like:

"Gives me feelings so complicated".
"Sage, reported, called the cops".

After that, I always download just so that I don't have to deal with crappy subs anymore.

HorribleSubs, FFF and Underwater are in my opinion the best ones.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 6:01 AM
Oh, and Commie sucks. Like a lot. And their subs are pretty horrible. Full of stupid memes.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 6:00 AM
"This is video is not available in your country". - Viz

'K. I just check Hulu ...

"This is video is not available in your country". - Hulu

Oh. I am going to regret this, but maybe Crunchy..

"This is video is not available in your country". - Crunchyroll

Just kill me now Khrym. Just kill me. It literally sucks to be in Europe.

SnowBound | 07-04-14, 5:32 AM

Isn't Nico supposed to stream it in 12 different languages. The subs I mean. And I heard Commie and HorribleSubs will be ripping them and then subbing too.

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