Komi, Naoshi

Komi, Naoshi

Given name: 直志
Family name: 古味
Birthday: Mar 28, 1986
Member Favorites: 183
Gender: Male
Favourite Mangas: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Angel Alita, Death Note, One Piece, Yotsubato! and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
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Koi no Kamisama
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Nisekoi: Urabana
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Ore Koi!!
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-GiaN- | 04-13-14, 6:24 AM
I love Nisekoi <3

OG-3 | 04-06-14, 3:08 AM
Nice art but boring stories

Fashnu | 03-31-14, 1:16 AM
Another filler chapter for Nisekoi, WOW!

DeadZeroSource | 03-28-14, 2:24 AM
Happy B-day sensei!!

Flume | 02-08-14, 4:14 PM
Hope Nisekoi gets axed soon so we can get closure. If this man isn't stopped, he is just going to keep milking off Nisekoi

commanderkitty | 01-28-14, 8:35 PM
love Nisekoi!

vetro | 01-25-14, 7:11 PM
Screaming my head off for the umpteenth time cause Double Arts was aborted

TsunLemonDere | 01-18-14, 10:58 AM
@xurimx- Yeah, love Nisekoi but really needs an ending soon, not really something an author wants to hear a fan say, but hope it comes to a conclusion by summer, or the end of the year atleast.

xurimx | 01-14-14, 7:02 AM
When are you gonna end Nisekoi? It seems too much dragged out.

Ciu | 12-15-13, 4:38 AM
thanks for Nisekoi sensei
I really enjoy it

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