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Hahalollawl | 9 hours ago
By the way, I noticed you dropped Gundam Seed. Out of curiosity, did you get to the point where they introduced the singing of Lacus Clyne? I don't know if you'll like the story or the mecha, but I think you might like the singing of Tanaka Rie. If you don't want to check it out again, maybe try listening to some of the music. Here is one of my favorites:

Hahalollawl | 9 hours ago
Well I was kind of messing with you (hence the =D). But yeah, it is one of my favorites. Would it have benefited from being a 2 hour movie instead of 4 half hour OVAs? Maybe it would have been more popular. But based on the amount of episodes in the TV series and that it got live action movies, the Rurouni Kenshin franchise as a whole seems plenty popular already. It would be interesting if they tried to adapt Tsuiokuhen into a live action movie...hmmm I might be tempted to watch that if they did.

As for Suzuka, well I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for love triangles. The main character is kinda cringeworthy at times, true. Then again, plenty of people have probably done foolish things when they're in love right? Anyways, have you got to the kissing yet? Can you guess who makes the first move?

Hahalollawl | Yesterday, 1:50 PM
So do you have a renewed appreciation for anime now that you've watched Tsuiokuhen? =D Has it reaffirmed for you what the medium is capable off? I know tastes are subjective so there may never be an anime that everyone likes, but to me Tsuiokuhen deserves to stand among the best anime ever created.

By the way, the TV series Rurouni Kenshin is also pretty good in my opinion (I think I've seen 90 or so episodes of it), so I don't want to undersell it too much. It has some great moments, perhaps even near the quality of Tsuiokuhen. But it's just not on the same level as Tsuiokuhen in my opinion, especially overall. Then again, not being on the same level as a masterpiece isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of is it?

Anyways, I'm glad you watched Tsuiokuhen =).

As for Suzuka...well it's much less of a sure thing in my opinion. You might like it, you might hate it. I think it has some nice music, but I'm not sure that the anime does Seo Kouji's art justice. And the lead character can be annoying. But heck, you're reading Fuuka already right? Might as well learn about her parents' past eh?

Hahalollawl | Yesterday, 4:40 AM
Well I used to do Track and Field in high school, and it was not an easy commitment. If it's similar in Japan, then it's probably a significant investment of time and energy. I'm not sure though. Anyways, if (as you may suspect) he confesses and then joins the team/club wouldn't his motive be a bit...obvious? He might look desperate right? Or he might look like a stalker?

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 9:31 PM
Ohh man...I've been rewatching some of Suzuka, and UGH that dude is annoying. I'm not sure if I had more tolerance for the annoying male lead back then or if I didn't notice it as much or something...Suzuka is so Tsun too...But at least Honoka is cute right?

BTW Tsuiokuhen is an anime that might be worth watching twice (maybe after having watched some of the TV series). For example, you might think the actions of the guy who ends up being the traitor make even more sense now that you know he is a traitor. And if you watch enough of the TV series, you will almost certainly recognize at least one of the characters in the's a hint, he has a pretty distinctive sword style...

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 7:56 PM
The interesting thing is, I don't think the events in the OVAs are actually in the manga. I think (but I'm not 100% sure) the Manga was adapted into the TV series. The OVA is an attempt at portraying the past (through a prequel) of the main character, Kenshin. But I don't think that past was ever actually shown in great detail in the manga or TV series. Basically, I think you get the impression that he has a dark past as Hitokiri Battousai in the manga/tv series, and the OVAs are an attempt to show what that dark past as Hitokiri was like. Since it is an important part of his character, his past as the hitokiri battousai is discussed in the manga/TV series but I don't think the events surrounding him and Tomoe are ever actually shown except in the OVAs.

As for Suzuka, SPOILER ALERT I think you're closing in on the first confession if that makes a difference to you. There's also a kiss scene that comes up pretty soon after I think...

EDIT: And by kiss scene I mean a direct kiss scene. Not that indirect kiss...

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 7:25 PM
So you did like Tsuiokuhen! YAY! A gripping story, wasn't it? And yeah, it is extremely sad...the word "sad" might not even do it justice. Maybe "Heartwrenching" is the word for it (if that's an actual word). I did warn you though didn't I? You seem like you can handle sad anime though. If you can handle the sadness, it is an emotionally powerful story complimented by some nice animation and excellent music. I think the emotion got to me when I watched it initially, I seem to remember going to school depressed after I watched it =(. It's one of those pieces of work that reminds you what anime is capable of. And it's like what, 2 hours total? Truly remarkable that such a moving story could be done so well in such a short amount of time.

The TV series does have some excellent moments too. For me though, the main problem with the TV series is that the quality is inconsistent. Some of it is really good! Some of it...well...maybe not so much. But remember, the series is over 90 episodes! Maybe it's not surprising that some of it has that "filler" feeling, you know what I mean? Though there are some excellent arcs in the story as well, in my opinion. For example, I think one of the arcs was turned into live action movie recently.

The TV series has some very serious parts and at times it may even seem to be similar to the OVA in terms of atmosphere. But at times it may also have comic relief interspersed, so it doesn't have quite the dark feeling of the OVA in my opinion, where you might feel like you're being taken further and further into a depressingly tragic story...

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 3:47 PM
Oh the guy in Suzuka goes for it alright. You might even call it Sekihara (or is it Sekuhara?) but yeah, he goes for it.

And yeah, Tsuiokuhen does start brutally. But for some reason the violence never really seemed gratuitous to me. Like it was there, but it had purpose. I guess you could say the violence provides a window into how a young/innocent boy named Shinta could possibly become...

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 3:20 PM
Yeah, I think I mentioned it before, but the guy might be a bit annoying. However, SPOILER ALERT he actually does some pretty daring things by anime standards. So if you're hoping for kisses and confessions, hopefully you won't be disappointed =D

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 2:38 PM
Meh, the first few episodes might not grab you. For most shows those are kind of "set up" episodes anyways right?

Anyways, if you like love triangles (hmmm might be more than that, but I don't want to spoil too much!) then you might like Suzuka. It's one of those shows where the two girls are both interesting characters, and you really might like either one or both...

The art in Suzuka might take a bit of getting used to though. I think it's a pretty old show.

Taku Iwasaki's music works extremely well in Tsuiokuhen in my opinion. But I'm not sure if it sounds much like his more recent stuff. It fits well with the historical setting though, at least I think so.

To me at least, the music in Tsuiokuhen is some of the most gorgeous OST music I've ever heard.

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 2:07 PM
You might like Suzuka if you like romance/drama. I guess it's a bit like Kimi no Iru Machi in that sense. You may or may not like it, depending on how you feel about Seo Kouji's work maybe.

I also like the soundtrack for Suzuka. The OP and ED aren't really my favorite, but the Background Music is excellent in my opinion.

When it comes to background music, I'm interested in how it sets the mood and/or compliments the events in the animation. I think Suzuka's soundtrack does it pretty well. Tsuiokuhen's soundtrack does a SUPERB job of it in my opinion. The soundtrack to Tsuiokuhen is so good it could stand alone. Taku Iwasaki's work on that

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 1:40 PM
Hmmm Gosick is one of those shows that I was pretty into for a while, and I think I watched a lot of it (has a great ED song), but for some reason I stopped watching it. I think it may have been my annoyance towards the male lead. So many shows with annoying male leads!

Victorique is both a hilarious and interesting little girl if I remember correctly though. I might want to go back and finish that one. Just gotta be able to tolerate the male lead though...Suzuka's male lead might be a bit annoying too, but he's tolerable and has his nice moments.

On the other hand, (young) Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen is one of my favorite male characters. You would think it would be very difficult for an OVA of only 4 episodes to have great characters and development, but somehow Tsuiokuhen pulls it off. A truly intense and amazing piece of work, Tsuiokuhen is.

Edit: BTW, I think the first time I watched Tsuiokuhen I was a kid not even in high school (maybe a bit young to be watching it actually...). I think my dad rented it on VHS from Blockbuster LOL! Remember those days? =P

Even though it's that old, it still stands as one of my favorite anime, that's how much I liked it!

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 1:15 PM
I hope you watch Tsuiokuhen soon, it really is one of my favorites, and I think it could become one of your favorites too if you give it a chance. The music is, in my opinion, gorgeous as well.

Also, you're at least somewhat of a fan of Seo Kouji's work right? Have you watched the anime Suzuka? You might like that one too. It's quite a few episodes though, so maybe when you have more time.

Hahalollawl | 08-31-14, 7:37 AM
Did you watch Tsuiokuhen yet? Still watching Nichijou?

Well in case you needed any more motivation for watching tsuiokuhen, per wikipedia:

"Trust & Betrayal's story, animation, art, music and Japanese voice acting have all been heavily praised by various critics and, consequently, the series itself has been widely acknowledged as a masterpiece and one of anime's crowning achievements."

Even ANN liked it! If that means anything to you LOL.

This is probably getting annoying, but it's like I have a duty now to make sure you watch it. An anime fan like yourself should not have to go through life without having seen Tsuiokuhen!

Hahalollawl | 08-30-14, 4:56 PM
Sorry, I might have gotten a bit overexcited. But I really do think you might like Tsuiokuhen. It is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. If you like Japanese culture, if you like romance and drama, if you are okay with some violence, darkness, and emotion, then I think it might become one of your favorites.

Warning though, it is R - 17+ so maybe don't have any kids around when you watch it. And it might not be a good idea to watch it if you're depressed either. It is probably one of the most emotional anime I have ever watched.

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