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Hahalollawl | 07-27-14, 3:31 PM
It's hard to be sure of anything at this point to be honest. Particularly with potentially complex 2 cour shows like Argevollen and Aldnoah. But for now, I like some of the characters in them which is important to me.

I think your take on the MC in Tokyo Ghoul is reasonable, but I expect him to develop as a character soon. The show is only 1 cour, he can't whine for the rest of the show, can he? Anyways, at least some of the other characters are interesting. HanaKana in a role like Rize is kind of intriguing...

Hopefully Glasslip and Ao Haru Ride show more romantic progress soon, but who knows...

Anyways, my favorites for now are probably the two mecha shows and Nozaki-kun and Barakamon. We've discussed Nozaki-kun, but Barakamon is HILARIOUS too! Naru is so funny! The little girl voicing her might have a bright future as a seiyuu! Btw, what is the accent they speak, Kansai? Also I like the OP and ED for Barakamon too...

Any music that you've particularly liked this season? Are you a fan of Kalafina? Kotoko?

Hahalollawl | 07-27-14, 1:44 PM
Ahhhhh...there are so many shows that I haven't watched the first episode of lol. It could be any of those for all I know.

Hmmm...define kiss though. Do you mean mouth to mouth? Because if not, i think Rize's lips probably touched Kaneki's skin in Tokyo ghoul when she....that's probably not it huh LOL. Speaking of which, how the heck am I supposed to even know what's going on in Tokyo Ghoul. For all I know there could have been a kiss scene already behind that censorship...

Blade dance and Rail Wars got close I think...but close doesn't count huh. Hmm Argevollen Jamie punched him in the face so maybe he kissed her hand when she did that? That seems like a bit of a stretch...

Okay fine, what show was it? I don't typically like spoilers but if I don't know which show it is I may not watch it at all lol. If it's in Love Stage though I probably still won't watch it...just not a show I'm interested in.

Overall though, I've been quite pleased with this season though it's still very early. The two mecha shows have been excellent in my opinion from what I've seen. I like both Aldnoah.Zero and Argevollen so far. There are TWO comedies that I've enjoyed (Nozaki-kun and Barakamon are hilarious!). A couple of interesting SOL/romances (Ao Haru Ride and Glasslip). Tokyo Ghoul for horror (though that censorship...).

SnackaryBinx | 07-24-14, 3:37 PM
I have a college degree and can't count how many books there are in a series haha. I didn't know it was supposed to be just Bake in the beginning. I can see that being the case, but the rest of the (anime) series is so good I'm glad that's not the case

SnackaryBinx | 07-24-14, 1:40 PM
I'm still a little intimidated by it, but I'm reading Hyouka just fine so I might jump into it. I think I'm more afraid to get into a 30+ book series haha. I'm impressed you've kept up with it.

SnackaryBinx | 07-24-14, 11:50 AM
You might have to do it for Taichi as well. An entire chapter dedicated to him playing a practice soccer match, so so so boring. Chihaya has only showed up for like 3 lines in the first 60 pages as well. I might finally start reading bakemonogatari haha.

SnackaryBinx | 07-24-14, 10:35 AM
Ah I wasn't sure because 11 ends with "woah more love triangles!" and I sort of just rolled my eyes.

I got a job a few states away, I've been so busy moving I have rarely read. I keep on buying new series as well so that's just piling up haha. Also, have you read the Chihaya Middle School novels yet? I'm having so much trouble getting through Taichi chapters and I want to know if it's even worth continuing.

SnackaryBinx | 07-23-14, 6:18 PM
Have you read Sukitte Ii Nayo 12 and 13? How dumb is the love triangle if you have? I'm planning on buying it next month but might skip for other things if its a stinky turd.

Also, how have you been, it's been quite a while since we last talked.

Hahalollawl | 07-20-14, 11:19 PM
Hey, I think you mentioned before that Uehara Rena works for Nitroplus right? But White Album 2 is not a Nitroplus work right? Or did you get it confused with Aquaplus? Didn't Aquaplus do to heart and WA2?

I think Nitroplus is more known for darker (e.g. Urobuchi Gen) stuff right?

BTW have you seen the 2nd PV for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso? I know, I know, you don't like to get too hyped for something before it airs in case you get let down by it, but I think it has a lot of potential...multi cour so hopefully it won't be too rushed, art seems pretty nice, I particularly like the main girl's design, totemo kirei...

By the way, I heard a song from Chihayafuru during an NHK show I think, it's the song that plays in this clip when Arata is on the bike 2 minutes in or so (and many times throughout chihayafuru I think):

Is this a common Japanese song that happened to be used in Chihayafuru, or is it a song that was originally in chihayafuru and became popular?

Hahalollawl | 07-17-14, 3:47 PM
Before I saw your comment I considered editing my comment to mention the script writer but didn't...dang it maybe I should have known you'd point that out lol.

Edit: I guess maybe it depends on who the director is too. Maybe some are more involved while others might be more hands off and accept what the writer/series composer put out.

Hahalollawl | 07-17-14, 3:18 PM
I haven't been paying much attention to directors either in the past, but maybe I should...I saw something on ANN about directors that prompted this by the way if you're wondering why I asked.

I guess it seems like, for example, when people don't like an adaptation their inclination might be to blame the studio, but in reality shouldn't the director take more of that responsibility? Aside from poor animation/art quality issues.

Hahalollawl | 07-15-14, 9:25 PM
Hey do you ever think maybe anime directors don't get enough credit for the shows they direct? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the director bear much of the responsibility for the final product, and don't the directors give final approval (or not) for important decisions?

And do you have any favorite directors?

Hahalollawl | 07-14-14, 12:18 PM
I haven't watched Nobunaga Concerto yet but the cast seems pretty impressive. Was the first episode worth watching? What studio is doing it? I only saw Fuji TV listed and for some reason thought it might have low production quality...

Oh and one of the best parts of Nozaki-kun in my opinion is Ozawa Ari's "not impressed" voice. I guess you could say it's when she is being sarcastic...she's so good at it!

Hahalollawl | 07-13-14, 9:49 PM
Ohhhh wow I thought the first episode of Nozaki-kun was good already, but the second episode introduced one of my favorite types of characters (Seo), specifically the bossy brash female voiced by none other than Sawashiro Miyuki! Yesssss I like her voice so much when she does that kind of character! Ohhhh man Nozaki-kun looks like it may be an easy pick for my favorite comedy of the season...

Also interesting that Nozaki-kun's demo is shounen rather than shoujo (did you know that?), not that it's necessarily significant other than I presume it means it is/was published in a shounen manga.

Also Mikorin is so funny. He's got a touch of Chuunibyou doesn't he?

Hahalollawl | 07-10-14, 3:50 PM
Well that's sort of a bummer I guess. Not so much hot josei romance anymore eh...

Tell me what you think of this theory. Is it possible that the population aging problem in Japan could be contributing to a shift in josei manga (or other demographics?) away from activities that might be more relevant to "younger" people (romance) to activities that might seem more relevant later in life (e.g. raising kids)? Or is that a bit of a stretch?

And if I mention something you don't know or care much about, don't hesitate to let me know. I might expand my interests in to demographics/genres that you aren't interested in and if so that's fine. I guess I'm giving the different kinds of romance demographics a shot, and outside of Chihayafuru I hadn't given josei much attention.

Hahalollawl | 07-09-14, 6:06 PM
Hey are you familiar with the josei romance genre of manga (not sure if anime exist other than maybe chihayafuru)? Are the content and characters typically more mature?

If you are familiar with josei romance, do you have any recommendations?

Edit: if not, don't worry about it.

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