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02-19-15, 8:29 PM
April 1, 1992
June 4, 2011
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Time (Days) 132.1
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Time (Days) 15.3
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BobSagat | 05-22-14, 1:06 AM
Did you died?

Shizao | 01-20-14, 2:15 PM
Hello, i was interested in the samurai model you made for the list :

But that wasn't like this image when i tried it and there were some pichu (yes, pichu the pokemon) in the back too...

BobSagat | 06-06-13, 5:05 PM
Veronin's profile motivated me to re-rate most of my list.

And I might re-rate it even more eventually too. :/

BobSagat | 03-25-13, 5:33 AM
Finished up Wolf's Rain, so that's 10gb of space open for more anime. I need to go crazy with downloads I know will play now. Get caught up quickly on my anime viewing.

It's on.

Shishio-kun | 12-26-12, 1:41 AM
Hey sending out a message to everyone on my friends list: I hope you all had a great Christmas!

I haven't talked to a lot of people on my list recenly and since most of your draw or design in some way be sure to share any new works you have with me! I'd love to see.

On the subject of design I've collected all the profile and list designs I made for MAL and put them into some blog posts, I hope you'll check them out! Here's my avatar one:

Veronin | 11-12-12, 3:56 AM
Thanks, guy.

Panspermia | 10-14-12, 3:24 PM

BobSagat | 10-08-12, 3:26 PM
Just did some math. I'll have 119 completed after I clean out my plan-to-watch and on-hold, plus the 8 from my now watching. I'll be up to about ~50 days, or should be close at least.

MAL is an addiction... ._.

Shishio-kun | 08-31-12, 4:43 PM
Avatar change!
Hey can I get any of your feedback for this post please dude?

BobSagat | 08-07-12, 2:02 AM
Just got done downloading Sanctuary, Vinland Saga, Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk, Undercurrent, Uzumaki, Gyo, and a volume of Soul Eater. Obviously, I'm also not at my home.

BobSagat | 07-20-12, 7:02 AM
Why'd you remove it from your list, too disturbing?

BobSagat | 07-20-12, 6:07 AM
I don't know if I should read Kijin Gahou or not... O_o

Panspermia | 07-08-12, 5:03 PM
Because you Rin'd

Panspermia | 07-08-12, 12:47 PM
Noooo don't go Rin first, she's weird

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