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03-06-14, 12:13 PM
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April 14, 2008
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I accept friend requests, so feel free to send me one, especially if you're a reader of the site.

As always, feedback is welcome.

MAL Random Curiosity Fan Club. All welcome.

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ichigo_daisuki | 04-04-14, 6:47 PM
Hello, Divine (-^.^-)/!

ellymate | 09-09-13, 1:07 AM
hello dvine'san :)

i've sent you a PM in August, could you please be as kind as you give me some reply, i really wanna respect your decision and wouldn't want to cause any type of discomfort. Please PM me back :)

-Cherrie | 07-05-13, 9:03 AM
You should update your MAL list =P

AZX | 04-12-13, 1:12 AM
Oh! It's the legendary Random Curiosity Blogger, I'm just Saying Hi & thanks a lot for your awesome effort at ;)

-Cherrie | 08-24-12, 2:41 PM
...rawr. =P

Mire | 06-22-12, 10:40 AM
Yo thanks for writing up that Summer '12 preview on randomc, I've always enjoyed reading those preview posts there.

-Cherrie | 06-21-12, 8:15 PM

Akimi-kun | 06-21-12, 1:50 PM
Hi Divine ^^
How r u ?

Hitsugaya_10 | 06-21-12, 6:57 AM

Read your post on Summer'12 on RC. Missed your blogging so much. Any outside chance that you will do SAO? It should cover the first 4 volumes of the novel, which means the SAO and ALO arcs, with a small hint on a possible season 2 after the 2 cours. Read the novels twice already (I have the original JP copies), one of my top favorites.

Anycase, cheers! Really glad to see your posts again.
Nice day! :D

Zarmyn | 05-21-12, 11:25 PM
Thank you for all you're efforts to keep alive one of the best up to date anime reviews sites on the Net.

Ghostalker | 03-31-12, 12:27 PM
The most awesome April Fools Day made by the one and only google.

Watch this April Fools joke and laugh hard!

Title: Google Maps 8-bit for NES

Try it in google maps, it actually works! haha!

jenanime | 03-15-12, 3:13 PM
Hi thanks for the friending. Also a big thank you to you for all the fantastic work you've put into running Random Curiosity over the past few years! :)

MizuuHime | 03-15-12, 2:39 AM
Hi there, It's been a while :)
How are you?

Hitsugaya_10 | 03-14-12, 8:33 AM
Hey Divine,

Been a long time since you took over RC. Personally, I have followed and lurked at the site since the early days, closing in 7 years, I have aged too. :3

It was a pleasure following your posts after Omni's departure, you do some of the more subjective posts I have seen, in your vast tastes for anime. While I have silently disagreed with some, I agreed to no ends on others.

Guess everyone's gotta give and take in life. Have fun in your job. Let me take this chance to thank you for the sincerity in keeping up the site. Thank you very much for the efforts, I will continue to follow the site.

Have a nice time ahead~ :D

Gundamvid | 02-05-12, 9:31 PM
Hey theere I wasn't sure if you ere the right person to talk to I thought you might be interested in this news. They said the Negima manga will end in 3 chapters. I thought it niight go well with Random curiosity

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