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Celilia | Aug 1, 11:34 AM

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 28, 8:34 PM
That's also not that big of a deal since my replies are more infrequent anyway. Lol good luck finding me, because I wouldn't give away my location. That was like 8 years into their relationship and they had been planning on it for awhile. I'm not aware of ways to hide my card info on Netflix but there are none once I'm logged on. Then how would I make payments? Oh well. Do you live on your own? I would have quit by now tbh. Yep, I'm gonna end up being someone with no feelings by the time I'm 20.

Yeah, but I unfortunately don't have that dream...I hate kids. Nah I like having my own aspirations, differences make more interesting conversation. Glad to hear.

First place I ever want to travel to is Rome to see the Colosseum, and I also want to see Athens. That's expensive as hell though.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 27, 9:36 PM
Being in the same country is pretty much the same because we live so far away. Yeah they moved me to the suburbs when I was like 4 so I've been in this environment forever. What? Because I've looked for ways to mask it but there are none. I guess so. Nope, dude it's like $8.99 a month, if my minimum wage ass can afford it so can you. Co-workers are a huge part of the job so it's important to like each other. Oh yeah like 10, they're all so nice. I'm already at that point.

I know a lot of guys who have that dream. I don't know anybody who shares the same dream as me. Medieval fantasy, and not just a copy and paste of Lord of the Rings, I'm gonna have originality.

The 1800's isn't ancient but it's still interesting.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 27, 8:13 PM
Well thanks but I probably won't so don't expect it. They lived in the ghetto, so it's to be expected to have a rough life like that. Anytime man. I've been waiting years for it so no I couldn't. Futurama. There's no way that I'm aware of, the fact that a password is required to access the account is reassuring enough. I've never been good at sharing. I do for the most part, just we're talking about it here so I felt I should mention it before closing off the convo. I like the people I work with too, just the customers are horrible. I know which pisses me off to an unexplainable extent.

Ah a lot of people have that dream. My dream is to have a book published, all I want is to share a story that will outlive me.

That's awesome. I'm happy for you. Were there any cool ancient buildings there? (I'm not really familiar with Budapest so forgive my ignorance).

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 26, 8:34 PM
I know what's best for myself in those cases, thinking about how down I am just makes it worse. They lived in the same neighborhood and had a similar background, but he was almost shot in the parking lot of school so that's why he dropped out. I don't know the details of exactly how they met but they knew each other for awhile before getting together, like a good 4 or 5 years. You're welcome. Well I have Netflix now so I'm sorry, and I'm addicted. No I can access my card info anytime just by "Your Account" so sorry m8. I won't share mine, I'm greedy. One last thing: he's the only person I've ever wished death on. I don't care what they say, I'm just there to get paid not to slave for people. Hypersensitivity is the reason why I can't get along with a lot of people, I can't stand anyone who actually claims offense in things.

If you don't mind my asking, what exactly is your dream?

That's fine. How was Budapest?

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 17, 9:22 PM
Well if I do get professional help and vent their it would probably be best not to always marinate in self pity and just keep conversations normal. She went to public school in the ghetto and got bussed across town so she gave up after getting in so many fights because she got picked on. Hmm you're right! Guess so, even though I will soon have it so I'll be resigning very shortly. Nah man my card info will be on there, sorry but you're gonna have to get one for yourself. Yeah now nobody talks to him and he will literally die alone, thehh fucker brought it on himself though. True, mostly I have to do the good though like this lady in a wheelchair dropped her change during dinner rush and all of the customers were just staring at her so I stopped what I was doing and helped her pick everything up...then these people have the audacity to complain about how I'm not doing my job. Possibly, but most individuals want the truth, not everything is a grouping you know.

Hm, care to elaborate?

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 16, 9:35 PM
If I ever feel that way again I'll seek professional help. Then I would be lying to you because she truly is a very uneducated person; she dropped out of school as a freshman after failing 2 years and stopped going in 7th grade somehow she kept getting moved up but she can't explain why. Me and my mom get along quite well at the moment so I'll continue to go about my business the way I have been. I bet after a few years it would wear out. Oh I don't have Netflix either, I was thinking about getting it though. Thank you. He is bad and his family wanted to cut all contact with him and everyone he involved himself with. Oh work is especially great for showing off the greed, gluttony, selfishness, laziness, bossiness, and so many other bad qualities in people. Beautiful lies are just beating around the bush, the hideous truth will rear it's ugly head after awhile.

Ah. Well I'm happy that you're living out your life dream of traveling.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 13, 9:41 PM
Yeah, sure ok. She is stupid, factually speaking she's not very intelligent. I will, with or without permission from someone on the internet. But it's still not getting rid of the smell, and sometimes it gets weaker and the smell is detectable. You're welcome, Billy. You do that. I won't, is it on Netflix? I think 25-ish, idk I read a lot and recently started to buy a ton. Nope, I've just heard this stuff from my grandma and even she hasn't heard from them in over 10 years. TRUST ME I KNOW, REMEMBER I WORK AT MCDONALD'S THE AMOUNT OF STUPIDITY THAT WALKS IN AND OUT OF THAT BUILDING IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS! I do, however I don't have a license, just shitty temps. I'd rather tell a painful truth. One day, maybe.

Well are you gonna re-word it? I kind of want to know what you had to say.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 11, 9:08 PM
It was a joke. She's very stupid and I'll say it many more times. Not really, cause once the air fresheners are gone the smell comes right back. Morse code is pretty interesting though. Guess so. Yeah I have, just look back at our com-to-com. I know that, I just don't want to invest myself into it at the moment. I like owning the books I read. Lol talk to them, I've never even met them. I don't even know their names. You say things that are common sense and it's very pointless and redundant. What a stun gun? That isn't capable of being a ride m8. I find it easy to cut contact with anyone, it's just especially easy with online people. Not now.


Didn't need the reminder, they do that on their own.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 10, 9:43 PM
Yeah I hate it. Nope, jokes on everyone I want to die. She's stupid so yeah. Nothing else, just no smoking since the smell sticks. Smoke signals aren't verbal. Because I'd wait a few days and at that point I'd feel bad and reply, or leave you hanging for months. Ah gg. Indeed I am, oh I bought the stun gun from amazon. Wait what's right up my ally? I already told you because I lost the books. I'd rather just buy my own books. Because it was like the 70's when he did all of this shit so back then it was considered discipline or something idk, he's old. Oh, don't worry I'll only use it on other people. Yeah I'd need a rid to get there. You do, it's just you're a friend that's very easy to cut contact with. Well I'm just gonna say gore for now...the other parts will be left undisclosed.

Your sentence wording confused me.

I know that already.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 9, 9:37 PM
The smell is the worst, I'd rather drink bleach than smell it. My dad's car is brand new so she's not allowed to smoke in it since it has the new car smell, and my car is off limits because I don't want it to smell like cigarettes. She just goes out to the garage. Because they're not verbal. No they aren't, they make me want to stop talking to you. How long did it take you to come up with that? I don't really care about that though, I just like the bloody parts. Nope never seen it, and from what I hear it's not really my thing. Yes it does. Losing books and not returning for a long time, I owe them like $50. He abused his kids and his wife so much that they left him at night, he broke his daughter's leg and told her to stop crying and show some respect. Wait what were we talking about? I need my license first m8. Exactly. You don't want to know.

Impatience leads to aggressiveness on the road, I've seen it happen multiple times. What?

I have no clue, the district said so that's why.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 8, 7:36 PM
Not at all, the smell is gross. I do too, but doesn't mean she needs to kill me with second hand smoke that I do not enjoy. I do, just not those ones. Nono those are your worst, most annoying moments. How is it possible for google to be angry with you particularly? Of course, moral struggles aren't very fun for me to study. Either European or Chinese, the Middle Ages are a super interesting subject but then the vastness of Chinese history is just so amazing. Eh I owe so much money to the library that I can never check out a book again. Simple he's a lonely asshole who has nobody is jealous of anyone that does have anyone in their life. (I hope so). I'm not dumb. And yeah, that's exactly what I just said. You need to be 18 to get a Class A license and I'm 100% they need at least a Class B for commercial trucks. Why would I care, I'll never meet any of these people and cutting contact is very easy. You're supposed to be 18.

People are very aggressive drivers on highways. I thought you were going to travel the world?

"Civil Disobedience: A Collection of Essays" I'm forced to read it for my AP English class next year and it's very boring. there's no narrative, it's just political essays.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 7, 8:54 PM
Yeah my brother was all for it. She still smokes, she claims that something has to kill her might as well be something she enjoys. I know neither of those and I have no interest in either subject. Only most of the time. Well it's not much fun to explain so go have a broing time with google. It happens to the best of us :p Well you never will, sorry to sink your ship here. Because I love those the most. I'm talking about violent conflict, like the Peloponnesian war. Oh trust me I WASTED tons of time on them in AP World history, tons of hours of my life were spent studying the history of every country in the world. According to the books I had there are but those are decades old so I don't know about the accuracy of that statement...I'm just going off what I had read. He said it to me before I was a teen, I was like 10. (Well I haven't seen him in like 6 years so yeah). Self defense my friend, I'm a very small person. You have to be 18 for that, I know someone who works at UPS and he's just now becoming a driver since he turned 18 last month. I have to wait to get my license or I wouldn't have a ride. I know that already, I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me online. It doesn't matter what you think about 4chan, I'll still use it and contribute some really fucked up images.

Yeah not happening, I hate highways. Good, where are you going afterward?

Accomplishing a task that gives me a sense of fulfillment. Such as getting through a work day, or finishing a book.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 6, 5:34 PM
Nonono my mom used to smoke in the house all of the time and it made the house smell disgusting. I probably never will, because I really can't explain it, it's just how things work. Yeah thanks for not pestering me on it. Just google it, it's much faster than having me explain. Oh woops. Lol yeah it looks pretty funny I've been told. By far Ancient Egypt, but Ancient Greece & Rome are also subjects of interest. My least favorite is Indian history, not enough conflict for me to be interested in spending a lot of time on it. Yeah and there are multiple interpretations, so it's very complex to even start off, especially in a self-study. I would hope so. Eh it's not like he personally threatened to kill me, he just wants me to die. (Lol I wish). Speaking of that sort of topic I'm gonna be buying a stun gun soon. Idk like UPS sorting or something, there's a big UPS building downtown so I really could work there if I wanted. Ah well thanks, and I'm trying to be more open but that just ends with me being stupid with my friends and getting in trouble woopsie. Nooo

Until I'm comfortable with it, I'm not gonna drive on the highway alone for awhile. Are you still in France?

Tbh I hope not, I'd rather being doing productive things irl than spending time watching cartoons and talking to people online.

MEanimaniac1 | Jun 5, 5:57 PM
No smoking in the house, and a few other that are kind of hard to explain because they're based on weird circumstance and I don't feel like typing it out. Yeah they probably will be and sorry to leave it up in the air but sometimes I just really don't want to think back to certain things I'll just say that poverty sucks and drugs are bad. Have you ever heard of the "communication gap"? Yeah they do and it sucks, but it prepares us for things later on so in a way it makes us better prepared for later on in life. I just bite my lip and my eyebrows twitch when I get really pissed and I'll start swearing a lot but I have a lot of restraint. Like I said I just love dead/ancient things so that kind of archaic thing just interests me. I love all of those languages, they're cool as hell. I tried to study hieroglyphics for awhile but I eventually gave up because I'm not the best at interpretation and that's basically all it is. And being polite to people is a specialty of mine, even if I don't necessarily like them. I even help people I'm not too fond of at times, I gave some girl a ride home and I barely even knew her. Yeah I don't even want him to be in the same city as me so I am too. (He's just protective as fuck). Let's just say I want my next job to not involve customer service at all. Thanks. And I can't answer that question because I don't fully know yet and I'm still trying to figure it out, tell me who you think I am based on our conversations. You're lucky then. Tumblr seems to think they can create memes, but they should leave it to 4chan and reddit.

I won't do highway driving for awhile, at least not alone. And you aren't even in New York you weirdo.

Possibly, depends on how busy I am irl and what my work schedule is.

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