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December 10,
stuck in the sexual realm, New York
October 25, 2009
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Heiwajima_Mayu | 5 hours ago
Actually, this applies to everyone xD
If a person wants to keep the conversation going, it's up to him/her mostly xD If the person doesn't enforce it, I most likely won't do it unless a topic suddenly comes to my mind. Sorry, I'm like this xP

guga | 6 hours ago
So you think I am gloomy or dull? :(
That's the spirit ;) I'm sure it's gonna be ok ;)

guga | 6 hours ago
:))) I don't think this is what you meant my it :P
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that :(...but you still can save money to travel around the world ;)

Heiwajima_Mayu | 7 hours ago
Ah, well, told you I'm not an especially talkative person xP

guga | 8 hours ago
I don't know what sulky means, sorry :D
Whhaaaaaaat? why did you cancelled the trip?

MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 7:59 PM
I guess it would, unfortunately I can't start until Friday since he's out of town. (We're on Spring Break and he had to go to his Aunt's in some small town in New York) Yeah sounds like a good idea to me! No, it was from someone I knew. I just talk about it on this site to my friends. I got threatened and some other stuff happened, but nothing too serious. Not really an analogy, but I don't need to so :D I don't have any eggs to but in HIS basket. I guess, just having fun like usual. OLD MAN!!!!!
*Coughs nervously* yeah my favorite...... Actually have a best friend on MAL already...

Heiwajima_Mayu | Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Oooh xD

Heiwajima_Mayu | Yesterday, 11:51 AM
Dunno xD
It might be impossible xD

How? :D

MEanimaniac1 | 04-21-14, 8:48 PM
Sounds interesting :3 It becomes an everyday thing just like putting on your shoes, actually putting on your shoes. Oh I didn't get it at the time. And it wasn't someone from this site, it was an upperclassmen who I was friends with. I don't need Facebook and everyone who I videochat has my number so I facetime them. Now that you point that out I can see it too :o Nah, I don't want his eggs in my basket. He mentioned how he loved rides, and I said "me too" so then he invited me to go. So it was mainly his idea. OLD MAN >:D
Pshhh, you love me.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-21-14, 8:26 PM
No, it just makes it an ordinary thing. Like putting on your shoes. I don't actually do half of the stuff I think of doing. No I won't even give out my twitter on this site. I had a Facebook and Skype but I erased them after I was stalked. And I feel like he doesn't trust me, but I just deal with it since we get along so well. Just being with each other is fun, like we went to an indoor amusement park Friday and it was so much fun. SUPER OLD MAN.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-21-14, 7:10 PM
I dunno, because we just do it so casually that it's not. And yeah, you usually think "wow I want to do more" so it builds tension. I don't like PM-ing, it's just a preference thing. No more like, "I want to date you, I really do, but last time I started dating a girl she cheated on me with two other guys" so he's just afraid I'll hurt him, oh well :/ Because it's fun. SUPER OLD GEEZER MAN.
Poop>British TV

Knightwalker08 | 04-21-14, 12:10 PM
idk xD

it won't look different xD
Ehhh?? o.o you should! :ooo
awww that's stupid :/

thanks ^^

Knightwalker08 | 04-21-14, 11:56 AM
ohhh it is, it is xD

pffft nope, sorry xD
Oh my, did you not yet start it??
ohhhh I see o.o why did fell apart though?

and Happy belated Easter ^^

Frost_Kiss | 04-21-14, 11:09 AM
I CANT SEE THAT GHOST!!! Where is he|she??? *looking everywhere*
:I okay!!!
XP I thought tokka is an animal name xD
Sokka, enjoy ur watching i don't know wat ur talking bout
I love chibi <3 KAWAII MEANS CUUTTEE!!! T_T my big sis live far away as well!!!
^^ NO MEANS NO!!! Btw, my sisters are fujoshies, they don't like to talk to guys (only if they r yaoi or a yaoi fans) oh n I WILL B DEAD IF I TOLD YOU THAT THEY R MY SISS!!!

Heiwajima_Mayu | 04-21-14, 10:13 AM
Heh, I'm usually to unmotivated to argue xD

xD Heh, ok then, at least now you know the name of my fave band xD (Not like it probably matters to you, though xD)
Exactly xP We'll see xDDD

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