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MEanimaniac1 | 04-22-15, 6:06 PM
Guess so. Wow creep xD just kidding (kind of). Idk I can't explain it, but I don't think it's possible to achieve through text. He's rarely serious in the first place so it was hard to tell, but he was, in fact, being serious. Alright I will, though I don't think I can call it a power since it just attracts weirdos (both in appearance and personality). "I love you and I don't want to fuckin stop because it makes me happy but I don't want to force anything" or something like that. I'm not paying that much money to travel to meet someone.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-21-15, 6:07 PM
Eh depends on my mood. The mutual friend is someone who goes to my school and is friends with a good friend of mine...I've never made friends with a drifter, that'd be creepy. Well making my heart sway would take a lot more than that. No I didn't report him because I have a hard time telling if he's joking or not. I don't know it was really weird though he calmed down, he still texts me but nothing as crazy as before. I honestly have no interest in Paris, or any major city in Europe.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-20-15, 6:29 PM
Unfortunately, that's true. Well it keeps the conversation going, I'm just surprised you can come up with so many questions for simple statements. Yeah, most of these new friends weren't from work actually but I was introduced to them through mutual friends. You flatter me. He said he knew where I lived and wouldn't stop trying to show me how much he loved me and that he didn't want to force anything but he didn't think he could hold himself back for too long...I got a little freaked out to say the least. Of course, who doesn't? Well I wish you the best of luck in that, it seems like an interesting career.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-19-15, 4:57 PM
OH MY GOD SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS! It's going good, it's super easy. Yeah I made a bunch of new friends and one of them confessed he loves me so that is awkward and he got really creepy about it for a few days. I make $8.10 an hour. Not conflicting with anything at all, I just have an excuse to be lazy. Well hopefully but who knows. Well that would be really cool!

MEanimaniac1 | 04-18-15, 6:38 PM
The combination of school and working is very tiring. I work at McDonald's now and I'm getting a car really soon. What's new with you.

MEanimaniac1 | 04-16-15, 7:21 PM
Eh, exhausted. How about you?

Ayame_Rin | 04-14-15, 6:34 AM
Hi, Billy-kun! :D How are you?
Gomen, I'm replying late again ¬_¬
That's great!
Yep, if you're planning to visit every country in Europe, then it sure is on list XD
'Cause I'm a psychic XDDD

I know that pretty well. You don't have to consider yourself a sadist, to be one! XD haha ok, I'll take that in mind.
btw! About your layout... I started like 3 different designs, and I shall finish one soon... I hope XDD

MEanimaniac1 | 03-21-15, 5:30 PM
Everyone judges, even on a subconscious level, and this is certainly something you will make fun of me for. Someone has to be home with him for the time being, so my grandma has been doing it. Me too/

How would you act out?

MEanimaniac1 | 03-19-15, 4:22 PM
Because my reasons are embarrassing and make me seem creepy. He hasn't gone to school yet, the nurse that visits our house every week advised that he take at least another week off. The school nurse will take care of that though, my dad already talked to her and there are other kids at his school with diabetes so she knows what she's doing.

I have to keep you in line!

MEanimaniac1 | 03-17-15, 4:39 PM
Because I have my reasons. (Yeah....oh well it's for the greater good). Yep, he's more or less back to normal; just has to take insulin every three hours. He's already getting over the cold so everything is going well.


MEanimaniac1 | 03-16-15, 5:27 PM
Hmm I'm not so sure about that one. (Nothing; stupidity can't be stopped). Yeah, now he just has a cold from being in the hospital but all is well. Yeah, they wouldn't have released him from the hospital if his brain was still swollen.

Dude I haven't used Instagram in over 6 months, it's so pointless.

MEanimaniac1 | 03-15-15, 5:08 PM
If you mean spouse, then I'm sorry to say that I'm saving that spot for someone. (That is true). He got out of the hospital last night, since he was doing so well they let him go home early, and he's sick now from that since his immune system was compromised but other than that he's doing good. I gave him his insulin once already (that what I'm prepared in case of an emergency). Yeah his brain is fine now.

Dude just use MAL, I fail to see how we would stay in contact with Instagram since I no longer have the app.

MEanimaniac1 | 03-13-15, 8:34 PM
Of course :3 (I only have on reply for that: I hate people). I actually don't even know. My brother is 13. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I'm learning how to give him insulin and stuff now; he has to do it himself, but daily injections will fall under whoever is home at the time, so mainly me. The reason he looked like a corpse was because his body started to eat itself in an attempt to get insulin and he drank so much water (because he was dehydrated) that his brain swelled up and he would have went into a coma and died if he wasn't rushed to the hospital. So the past three days have been rough. And he won't be released from the hospital until Sunday. Thanks for the concern.

That's true!


MEanimaniac1 | 03-11-15, 4:40 PM
I know the feel :L (DUDE YOU'RE SO RIGHT. Most politicians have no clue what they're talking about, for example we watched a video in History today from the committee of science and ethics; to demonstrate the idiocy of the people running this country. And when they were talking about climate change the guy from Texas asked "If ice in my cup doesn't make it overflow then how is global warming an issue?" and it was stupid that I died). Ahahaha >:D I've been awesome, until today. My brother has been sick for about 5 days and when I got home from school he looked like a corpse. So my dad took him to the hospital and he got admitted, and he might have diabetes or something else; they're running tests now.

Heh glad you're hopeful for me.


MEanimaniac1 | 03-10-15, 5:34 PM
What do you mean "unfortunately" that's a great thing. (That's really sad then). That's good then. It just sounds so dumb, like I picture a stupid scene kid saying shit like that. Glad we settled it then, for now at least...Thanks.

Hopefully granny has at least that xD

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