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04-14-14, 12:19 PM
March 3,
October 7, 2011
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hello i'm choko i like cute things and bl
i'm too unmotivated to finish many things that i watch/read

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ace_trainer | 01-02-14, 3:45 AM
h a pp y new y e ar

thanks | 03-30-13, 3:58 PM

Yamuraiha | 03-02-13, 8:08 PM

Yamuraiha | 03-01-13, 6:33 AM

VioLink | 02-03-13, 12:07 AM
Actually, bless you. I didn't even know it was getting a adaption until I saw your profile. I can't wait to see the characters animated. Especially Asahina-san and Byakuya sama!

VioLink | 02-01-13, 11:45 AM

Japman | 01-19-13, 9:42 AM
I love Pokémon °3°

Japman | 01-17-13, 8:33 AM
You like Pokémon, you must be a good person. \o/

MomoNyan | 10-19-12, 9:08 PM

If you're a kagerou project fan, you're welcome to join the Kagerou project community on MAL! :)

Miyaka94 | 09-29-12, 3:34 PM

Hi minna!

The first season of Kuroko no Basket came to an end, so we made some card for Kise's fans. Cards are limited, so hurry up! We hope we won't wait long for season 2

And don't forget about Official Member Cards. You still can request them here.

PoddoChan | 09-02-12, 9:22 AM
Also you're welcome owo

PoddoChan | 09-02-12, 9:22 AM
Uhh I think I get it ;w;
Oh well I used my Right arm so much while playing a video game where you need agility on your hands and I was playing on my laptop which is placed on a pretty high table and the keyboard was above my chest and it's a rule with PCs that if the keyboard is not in a level under your chest then your hands will die and it's tru and u g h the inside of my right arm's joint which connects to my shoulder was basically ruined eue but now it's healing, I told mom and she brought me a keyboard so I can play while placing my keyboard on my lap uwu baha why am I telling you this even eue

I would'nt say hardcore gaming, I'm not gaming-cool enough to have the title of a hardcore gamer yet ;n; I'm getting there though uwu

PoddoChan | 08-31-12, 10:03 AM
oAo that sounds bad ;w; I hope can pass it with ease uwu

ah then shouldn't it be a little faster eue

I'm fine accept I think I broke my right arm from gaming uwu you?

PoddoChan | 08-26-12, 4:57 AM
ah I see uwu just like me ;w;

So how are you doing >w>

and late replies are totally cool because I reply at turtle speed because of inactivity stupidness and stuff ;w;

PoddoChan | 08-20-12, 7:34 AM
you alive eue

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