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Tical May 1, 1:38 PM
Hello again, my favorite Greek buddy ;) I hope that everything's all right?

In that case, a happy Easter :) I hope that you will spend the holidays in peace, in a relaxed, family atmosphere. You are spending your holidays at home or you're going somewhere? By the way two weeks off is quite a lot. We had a few days off, but it's also good.

By the way, I am also free. Today we celebrate Labor Day and on Tuesday Constitution Day, so I'll be going on classes on Thursday.

I understand. I'm glad you have not lost interest in anime.
Do you think to complete your list during your days off? It would be good to know what you are watching. What you are watching right now?

What is the title of this Korean series and about what is it? I understand that this is a TV show? How you heard about it?

Yes, I am lucky that I can eat them twice a year, although I would also like to do it more often :)
Yes, Easter is certainly a more important celebration when it comes to its meaning.
We also paint the eggs :) They are called "pisanki". I loved doing it when I was little :)

Unfortunately I still not spoke with them. This was due to the fact that throughout whole April, I could not work on songs in the studio, because my friend has some serious personal problems and the lack of time. We not have bass and drums parts yet and I wanted to have it and then record saxophone and violin. In this respect, it was really unsuccessful month beause I lost a lot of time, but I tried to use it, working on new songs at home.
Thanks :) If you like something less or you have any thoughts, go ahead. I'm not a guy who only want to hear good words. It's just for the future :)

You said "dziękuję" :) How nice :) Nie ma za co which means "You're welcome".

Do you really want to be famous or you're kidding? If so, why do you want to be famous and in which sense?

It is good that you have colleagues or even friends. This is important.
I understand. Then you're lucky :) Personally, I've never been in a relationship with a girl who is only my friend, so for me it was always something new and interesting, when someone said that.

You're welcome :)
Practice makes perfect, we can say :) Very well, that you're doing better.
I understand. So almost half of the young Greeks are out of work? It's really sad. No wonder that young people think about going abroad. I also heard that the same serious situation is in Spain when it comes to unemployment.

Again speaks your travelling soul :) When you actually get interested in travelling and how this love began? I'm curious about that, and I think that I haven't ask you about that.

Yes, I remember "Mamma Mia!". I saw few parts of the film, but not liked it. I remember the most Pierce Brosnan singing "S.O.S." :)

I am happy then :) My week was pretty good, although flew very quickly (as most weeks of the year; Do you have the same?). Yesterday I met with a friend and I am really happy, because we have not had a chance to talk for two months.

I do not know if you know, but in the twelfth of April passed a year since we are friends on MAL (I just noticed). It's nice that we can still talk to each other, because the year is already quite a lot of time, don't you think?

Take care and once again all the best :)
Tical Apr 11, 8:48 AM
Hi, George :) How are you? I hope that everything's all right?

You're welcome. I try to write back as soon as possible.
You're not always late with the answers, although I rarely see you on MAL last days. This is due to your lack of time or less interest in anime? I have the impression that you're not watching anything recently.

It's great that you're happy :) You were nervous during the class?

Yes, this year we celebrated Easter last Sunday of March. We celebrate Christmas and Easter rather in the same way: meeting at the table with the family, talking and eating different dishes like roast pork, vegetable salad, eggs in various forms, soup and of course mazurki :)
And how it looks like in your country? Easter also looks like a Christmas? What are the most popular Easter dish in Greece?

Thanks :) As for the violin, a colleague with whom I record knows the girl who plays the violin and the boy who plays the saxophone, so I will probably speak to them.
A week ago I posted on my channel on YT penultimate of last year's covers ( "She Loves You"), so I invite you to listen in your free time :) Thanks.

In that case, I invite you to Poland :) Then we'll have some mazurki and dumplings of various types :)
Yes, the "dumplings" are "pierogi". "Piroski" is probably diminutive of the word "pierogi". In Poland it's "pierożki".

:) Personally, I do not care about the empty fame, if I can say so. I just want to write good songs, which will allow me to play concerts and share these songs with people. It's my little goal :)

I wonder how it will be. I hope it does not turn out a flop.

You mean C3PO or R2D2?

So your friend is a girl. I did not know. Great, that you're spent nice your time :) Can I ask how you met? Your friend is from Bulgaria or simply moved there from Greece?

You do not look fat. It's okay :) Besides, this is the girls quote ;)

I did not know that the Japanese are doing so. I thought you're glad that you can finally eat :) You like Robert De Niro :)

Yes, I think I did not have any problems to understand you. I think it's all right. The accent is not the most important thing, although it is a useful addition.

Currently, unemployment in Poland is 10%, so it's also lower than in previous years. For example, in 2006 it was about 15% and in 2003 even 20%. On the basis of these data it looks, it is better, but young people often get a job that does not meet their requirements and qualifications.
I understand. I hope that in your country will be only better. I believe you can handle yourself somehow and you will definitely find something for yourself :) Maybe even in Poland :)?

In that case, if you decide to go to Estonia, we will try to meet :)

I saw this movie. The guy has moves :) From Greek dances, I know how looks sirtaki from the movie "Zorba The Greek". I think everyone in my country know how's it looks :)

Thank you :) I also wish, that April will be great for you and the most successful. Have a beautiful week :)
ftFate Mar 27, 7:22 AM
Well, moving back home in a bit. Since I need to fix my qualifications there so I can go to med school, since that is what I want. Hopefully in fall :c

Sounds like Tarja is still kicking it vocally, but it just feels... less than Nightwish. I guess Tuomas really is Nightwish huh? NW really has some instrumental parts that kick ass, I love the intro to Tutankhamen and the riff in For the Heart I Once Had.

Have some random songs though;

Just because your limited mind cannot comprehend that they are miracle of the universe, doesn't make them into a joke. They are the best thing that has happened to this meager universe since it's inception.

Cool! So 2017? I should be able to get to Stockholm then but you have to send me a notice a bit further down the line!
AcidRainForever Mar 25, 5:57 PM
Yeah, they're companies who decided to make services like this, and I'm guessing they compete with each other. XD So I wouldn't be surprised if they're not international. I mean, anyone can become a driver for the company just by signing up for free and stuff, which is why it could be scary, considering that their security checks aren't that secure, so who knows who might end up being your driver for the ride? D:

It's not that I can't ever get a driver's license. It's just dangerous for me, but I will be allowed to take driving tests after three months of taking my seizure medicine and not having a seizure happen again. But that doesn't mean it won't ever happen again. But I'm not that eager to start driving anyway. XD

My sister didn't do any brain scans, so we don't know if she has the same thing. Some people with my diagnosis could go on their whole life without ever having a seizure, and, thus, never know they had it. My sister could have the same thing, but at the same time, she also might not, since when we were born, she was born pretty healthy, while I was born dying. I mean, when we were in the womb, we developed a little differently, more similar to how fraternal twins develop, even though we're identical because we were in different sacs.
Serendipity Mar 16, 6:56 AM
Yes! It's super cute. I've had it stuck in my head all week. I honestly think her voice fits that sort of song really well. :3
Tical Mar 14, 4:12 PM
Hi, George :) I am very happy, that you replied :) I thought you had a lot of duties in connection with your studies. How looks your impressions with the preparation of teaching material ? In this period, you also led your own lessons ? I hope, that now you will have some free time :)

I'm glad and I warmly congratulate you :) For me, as always, could have been better, but I'm glad that I go through it somehow :)

Yes. When it comes to piano and percussion, I will have help from my colleague with whom I record the songs (it was the same at the "W drodze EP") and bass parts will probably play my friend, who's also played on two earlier EP's. I was thinking about saxophone and violin also, because in those two songs, it could fit. I wonder how it comes out. Anyway, there's still a lot of work ahead of us.

I understand. When someone tells me about food, which previously I have not heard about, I'm always interested :) I'm not a good cook, but I can try. Perhaps my Mother, who is a much better cook than I am, could help me :)

I'm glad :) Mazurki are great ! You can prepare several types of them, so everyone can find something for yourself :)

As for the dumplings, I think you might like them, because they haven't got so much mushrooms in them. You could also try dumplings with cheese (white), strawberries or berries, which are simply BRILLIANT :)

Haha. It would be good, although I do not think I will achieve popularity in Italy :)

Yes. The new film from "Star Wars" saga have to appear at the end of 2017. This year will also appear another "Star Wars" movie, however telling a different story, with other characters. It has to be called "Rogue One: A Story of Star Wars". Have you heard about it ?

I also saw the last part of "Star Wars". I was enjoying it quite well until something terrible had happened with some character (I'm sure you know who I mean; I do not want anyone to have the spoiler), which has always been my favorite character throughout the saga. From that moment, I enjoy already less...

You're the next person who tells me about "Deadpool" and, that it is such a great movie :) I guess I'll have to see it.
It is good, that you had some time to rest and, that you spent it that way :) You knew your friend from Bulgaria for a long time ? What you were doing, during that week ?

I watched the video that you've send me :) You have done a good job. Great :) I love how at the beginning of the video you walk down the sidewalk with your friends like the boss :) Was also cool, as you talk to your friend about anime and how you get happy when finally you will eat :)
I must admit that your university is located in an amazing place. I'm not expect something like that. Impressive. For this, all your friends, seem very likeable :) Great video.
I thought, that I can show picture of my university. It's not located, in the beutiful scenery like yours, though :)

I also saw a video of your friends from Japan. It was good, but in my opinion, yours was more interesting.

Unfortunately. In this respect, Greece and Poland have something in common, as in Poland, is also not easy to get a good work among the young people. I know that in Greece was rather bad in this respect. I am curious, how it is now. You notice some improvement in your country ?

So you receive a response from Estonia ? Great :) To which city you go ? You are determined to go to Estonia or maybe waiting for an answer from other country ?

It would be great if you could visit Poland and if we could meet :) From Estonia to Poland is not as close as from Lithuania, but maybe we can organize something :)

Thanks. I would also like to rock music really revived in Poland, but now it is not promising really.

I checked out this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx-a_17OVc4) to see how bouzuki sounds. In my opinion, the sound is quite interesting, and the guy who plays on it in this video, is really good. It seems to me, that he's playing a typical tune when it comes to Greek music or am I wrong ?

I understand. Well, you met such a nice person as him. You're still have contact with each other ?

"Chiisana..." is actually sad (especially melody, I guess), but when I read the translation of the lyric, I found, that it has a lot of hope and thoughts, that despite the problems, misfortunes, it is not worth to give up :)

Thank you. I wish you a successful, great, sunny week :) Talk to you soon and one more time I'm glad, that we could chat again :)
mikachu Mar 13, 8:42 AM
well yeah..I know it's a lame show, I bet you're one of those anime elitists who like better shows like Higurashi or Clannad .-.
mikachu Mar 12, 10:51 PM
thanks for accepting!
nice to meet you too. :3
and yeah I noticed x3
AcidRainForever Mar 2, 10:50 PM
Thanks! And you're welcome. :)

No, it doesn't have any advantages. My brain is just developed...wrong. Taxis are expensive, I believe, but there are alternative ones like Uber and Lyft here, but I don't trust Uber, so I tried out Lyft. Those are private taxi services meant to be cheaper than public taxis and buses.

Well, I will have the risk for seizure for the rest of my life. Because I can't change what my brain looks like. So it won't get better because it can't be cured. But thanks anyway.
AcidRainForever Feb 24, 6:06 PM
Thanks, ha-ha, but the courses I take are generally very tough. Lots of studying. Oh, I hope your academics go well!

No, it doesn't hurt at all. Think of it this way: my brain just decided to look different from everyone else's. XD But by looking different, it creates some issues, but those issues aren't super terrible. The good news is that it's not lethal or very dangerous at all. I guess the most dangerous effects of heterotopia, for me, are the risks for getting another random seizure. I did find a student to drive me, but it took a lot of effort to search for people and set up everything, since the first person who told me that she could drive me ended up being very busy, and then my appointment was moved up to an earlier date, so I had to do a last-minute search for another backup driver. But it ended up that no one could drive me back, so I braced myself and used a taxi service after I happened to get some discount codes for the service. XD It really made me anxious, though. :<

I can technically start driving again three months after I started taking the medication (if there were no bad side-effects). But the problem is that I'm too terrified to drive with this condition. Even if I do not get another seizure in the next three months, I still have a 24% chance to randomly get one while on the medication, and 24% is still very high for me... I'm sure you can imagine what kinds of accidents can happen if I suddenly become unconscious and have a seizure while I'm driving... (I don't think I will live.) D:

Thank you! I will try my best. :)
AcidRainForever Feb 15, 11:32 PM
Yeah, for classes, the grades are A, B, etc. The grading overall is GPA, Grade Point Average. A 4.00, which is very rare, is a perfect score, and you can actually get higher than that. In high school, my GPA (unweighted) was like a 4.14 or something, but in university, it's right now around 3.78 or so. XD
Yeah, the new semester started a few weeks ago. It's been very busy. I'm still not settled down yet, since I still have lots of plans, like looking for a person who's able to take me to a nearby neurologist. I don't trust taxis, so I've been asking students to help me. I need to go to an appointment with a neurologist because over Christmas break, near the end of it, I was hospitalized due to a first-time, no-warning seizure. I was diagnosed with heterotopia, meaning that I have brain cells growing in the wrong places of my brain. It's not curable, but it's treatable, but even with the medication that I'm on, I still have a 24% chance of having another random seizure. I need to have monthly appointments with a neurologist so that I can get permission for refills for my medication.
I was going to try to get a driver's license this summer, but in the current condition I'm in, I'm not allowed to drive.
You're welcome. :) It's all right. I've been super busy lately anyway, so I haven't been responding to anyone for a while.
Serendipity Feb 14, 9:11 AM
Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a nice weekend!
ftFate Feb 9, 8:40 AM
Ya, stuffs sorted out at least somewhat. It's going aight. I'm missing fun stuff atm cause I'm sick and I don't like lessons. The pacing is too slow. It'd be nicer if I were to either a) look up information myself, which is what I do instead of lessons or b) engage in personal dialogue with a teacher, which there's not resources to do for everyone. I haven't heard much of her solo career, link me some goodies. I like Nightwish middle stuff the most I think, Century Child and Dark Passion Play are my favorite albums. But I don't think they've ever had a bad album, which I can't say about most artists I like. Just not a great one either tbh.

Yes, they're the greatest ever, the pinnacle of enlightenment, just plain amazing really. You just haven't seen the light yet.
animesthabomb Feb 8, 3:08 PM
You're welcome. :D

How has anime been treating you?
animesthabomb Feb 5, 3:38 PM
Thanks. :D

Good luck on those exams. ;)