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Nov 21, 7:43 AM
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Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
Nov 21, 7:43 AM
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One Punch Man
One Punch Man
Nov 14, 8:44 AM
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Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride
Sep 15, 2:28 AM
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Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Aug 27, 12:41 AM
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Jun 19, 2:37 PM
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ftFate Nov 26, 8:51 AM
haru hört de vet du's nya? antar inte men tänkte jag länkar den ändå då den är skön ;) plus så får du lite svenska, både av mig och i låten

Tical Nov 25, 7:56 AM
Hi :) It does not matter. The main thing that you're answered :) How are you ?

It is possible that it was due to stress, or even more likely, because of being tired. If you had a lot of learning, you probably have not had much time to get a good night's sleep, am I right ? I hope that you no longer have a problem with that ? Are you satisfied with the results of your test ? If you do not have the results yet, I hope they will be best :)

Yes, with a laptop and with my computer is all right already, which makes me very happy :)

Overall it is not bad. Thanks for asking. I've got some studying, but I try to do it, as best I can. Last week, I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother, helping her in daily activities (shopping, cooking). I am glad that I could spend with her more time, than usually :)

Regarding to anime I watched "Haikyuu !!" (in my opinion, this is a fantastic series), and now I finish watching "Sakamichi No Apollon". I am very impressed with the whole story. If you want, we can talk about that anime if you like :)

I finally gave up that second direction. It was hard for me to reconcile the two fields of study, and for that, as I mentioned, subjects did not differ specifically from those I had in the first year. I thought it would be a little different, but overall I am not somehow very disappointed.

You're right :) You're probably thinking about Błędów Desert (located in Silesia). Personally, I've never been there, but for sure it's an interesting place for tourists. When you have the opportunity to be there, I'm curious about your opinion :)

In that case, we have to wait for our meeting at least one year, unless unexpectedly we meet in previous time :) To which Polish schools you've sent your e-mails ? You know what you do when you get a positive response from both Poland and from UK ?

Yes. Younger generations are really high. In that case, you're taller than me :) I do not know exactly how much I have growth, but it is between 177 and 180 cm.

I agree. Too long and frequent speaking about yourself, it is not in good taste and this is a sign of not quite good upbringing.

Thank you :) You certainly are more popular than me :) You are also very well liked what I saw from the number of comments under the pictures on your Facebook profile :) If you can do this, I will be grateful (from what I remember, your friend, liked profile of Sentyment on FB for some time ago:) Have you listened to my new cover "Here's Looking At You, Kid" ? Do you like it ?

Yes, Kurisu is a great character. Intelligent, helpful, and in its own way, quite humorous :) Mayuri take me really by her kindness and how she is charming ("Tutturu!:). Okabe is lucky to have such a friend like her.

As regards to the second series, personally I do not know whether it will be as early as next year. It seems that the visual novel was released recently and on this basis, it will be the second season. Personally, I prefer to wait first for the anime, and you ?

I understand. It is perhaps better that you've focused on learning. Now you have more time, so you can easily go back to watching :) What are you going to see ?

Take care :) I wish you a successful two future days and a great weekend :) Bye.
AcidRainForever Nov 24, 11:29 AM
Yes, I'm grateful to have her.
Too bad that this Thanksgiving break won't feel much of a break. :( I have two projects to work on over the break and another homework assignment. Then, right after the break, there is a lot of studying to do, and I also have a group oral presentation. -.- D: Two weeks after that is finals...
Serendipity Nov 23, 1:15 PM
Hey! Honestly, this picture sums up my past few months:
ftFate Nov 22, 6:08 AM
It's fineee. Idk. Psychology, kind of. Or Social Studies? Or I'd go to med school haha. I did this test thingy that can replace my grades and I did good enough to be able to get into pretty much whereever I want. But I applied for Psychology and I doubt I'd change... but maybe.

I don't like the first one very much, not really my style. The second's chill though.

Have a couple more by them then.



Alright, I'm looking forward to that!
aorii_sakura02 Nov 22, 12:19 AM
I hope sooo too :D
AcidRainForever Nov 21, 3:54 PM
Yeah, I don't have any friends. But that doesn't bother me because I have my sister.
Thank you! Our day was pretty good. :)
AcidRainForever Nov 17, 11:32 AM
Yes, so as people get older, they don't tend to trick-or-treat anymore. But they can still dress up in costumes and tend to go to Halloween parties instead. Of course, I didn't do that, since I don't like parties. :x Plus, most Halloween parties are between friends, and I don't have any because I purposely didn't feel motivated to make any. XD
aorii_sakura02 Nov 15, 8:16 AM
Im geeting better i guesss but life is still horrible
AcidRainForever Nov 10, 11:24 AM
On the contrary, I did the new hire documents last week. No response yet, so I don't know when I'll start work. :x
Well, I live on my university campus, so I don't see any children in costumes going around. Although, to my understanding, there was an event on campus during which parents escorted their costumed children around, but I was in class, so I didn't see it. When I lived at home in any neighborhood, however, I did see children in costumes going around trick-or-treating. But there were times when my family didn't participate, so it was a bit annoying when children kept ringing our doorbell for candy when we didn't have any to offer. XD How we show when we're not participating is when we don't decorate our house and we keep all of our lights off or dim.
aorii_sakura02 Nov 8, 9:46 AM
Heey how are you?
Tical Nov 4, 5:25 PM
Hi :) Nothing happened. The most important thing that your laptop is all right. What's funny, last week again I had a problem with my computer, and for more with a laptop (fortunately, everything's all right with him), but for three days I felt like in the 90's, where the television was the only pastime :) How do you feel ? Your week passing well ?

A little, yes. Finally, I do not know if I continue my studies in both directions. You have to pay for it, and besides, is not exactly what I expected in terms of subjects.

I like your attitude when it comes to our meeting :) For sure it would be fun to see each other :) Poland has actually many beautiful and above all a variety of places (lots of forests, lakes, mountains, sea), so you'll certainly be happy :) As for Warsaw, for people who like big cities, who love to party in the clubs and be surrounded by people it is definitely a friendly place. It is certainly worth a visit, due to various museums. You can look at Wikipedia and read about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw
Do you know when you would like to come to Poland ?

You know, the Poles are quite tall, in particular the younger generation. I often see on the streets kids from high school or students who are over 180 cm tall, and even more than 190 cm. I checked the statistics and found that statistically the tallest people in the world are Dutch and on a high eighth place are Greeks :) I'm curious how tall you are ?

Also, I do not like talking about myself. It always has been. There is something awkward and unnatural, don't you think ?

Thank you, though the greatest merit in that case are due to my colleague, who was engaged in the mix. I thought maybe you could share this cover or a link to the band's profile on FB ? Maybe someone of your friends will be interested to check it. What do you think ? It will be definetely very helpful. Thank you already.

I must admit that to this day I am very impressed and almost from the first minute, I loved this story :) I love the characters (especially Kurisu, and Mayuri), the idea of the plot and especially how it was routed (I think it's not so simple thing, because time travelling it's quite demanding subject). Next to the "Sakurasou..." and "Clannad: AS" is my favorite anime :)
I'm curious what you think about "Steins;Gate" ? What do you like most about it, who you like most ? You did a break when it comes to anime ? It seems that now you're not watching any series.

Thank you :) You too. Take care :)
AcidRainForever Nov 1, 4:50 PM
Yeah, he brought them to me. I may not be able to bring the documents to the new hire area yet, though, since I have a lot of challenging exams coming up this week that I really need to study for. >.<
Yeah, Halloween is celebrated here. I didn't go out Trick-or-Treating or dress up (I haven't in a long time, nor will I go do that anymore), but I did celebrate Halloween events in my favorite MMO. XD
aorii_sakura02 Oct 25, 6:53 PM
Thanks and meee too :)
Tical Oct 25, 7:25 AM
Hello, my friend. I'm sorry that I answer after a few days. I hope that everything's all right in your life ?

It did not happen nothing serious. I was thinking about enrolling in a second course of study (which I eventually did, although I do not know if I not give up), so I had to submit some documents. I also had several visits to the dean's office, standing in queues, as well as you probably know, it takes a little time. As for my computer, overheat was a problem, so I couldn't start him up, however, now is good.
I understand. You brought your laptop for repair ? I hope it will work.

It would be really cool, if we can meet :) Krakow and Wroclaw are a bit away from the place where I live, but it might be able to arrange something :) I wonder whether at my university is this kind of possibility. The fact that you think over Krakow does not surprise me. It's a beautiful city, bustling. Wroclaw reportedly also. You think also about another cities like Warsaw for example ?

That's great :) The main thing is to make progress. I wish you luck with these subjects :)

I understand. Our stereotypes are quite similar to each other. I always thought of them as quiet people who keep a certain distance. I also heard that most men living in Scandinavia are strong, tall and created for some sports.

In that case, we have another similar feature :) In the days when I was in elementary school or high school, it was not so visible. I do not know why, but in college I became more shy. In your case, is the similar thing ?

For me, certainly :) "Sakurasou ..." was the first anime that I really loved, if I may say so :) Maybe you also have an anime that really fascinated you and made the anime has become your passion ?

Thank you :)

Not so long ago I posted another cover on the channel on YT. I know that this is not probably what kind of music you listen to, but maybe you'll like to listen to this song. I invite :) Thanks.

A few days ago I finished watching "Steins; Gate", so if you want to talk about this, we can do it :)

I hope you spent great your weekend :) Awaits you a rough week at the university ? If so, good luck :) Take care.