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Koe no Katachi
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Death Note
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Fruits Basket
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
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Walker, Allen
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Hirano, Aya
Hirano, Aya
Kugimiya, Rie
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Tical | Yesterday, 9:14 PM
Hi :) Yes, you answered really quickly :) I'm also fine. Thanks. From a couple of days it's beautiful weather in Poland, so I plan to go today for the long cycling trip :)

So do you think :) ? I have green eyes, but in this photo look like they were darker :) On the first picture is my best friend Paweł (Paul in English), with whom I played in a band for a couple of years. On the Sentyment profile I posted a short message about him, so if you want, you can translate it.

I understand. In this case, it will be difficult to forced to drink these alcohols. You guessed it :) Czechs are in the first place. Then Germans, Austrians and Estonians. Personally, I'm not a big proponent of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol, usually does not lead to anything good. I guess, that moderation is indicated.

Yes. The whole series has 201 episodes, so left me 152 :) It will take a little :) Yesterday I started watching "Little Busters !". I watched three episodes. Promises to be quite interesting anime :)

If this book will be translated into Greek, I would definitely recommend it to you. Varga has posted a lot of successful reflection on present times. Personally, do you like to read books ? If so, maybe you have your favorites ?

Three weeks is quite some time. I wish you an enjoyable stay :) I hope that we will be in touch. After returning from Germany, you will almost immediately go to the camp ?

Thank you. I also wish you the same. Let it be a good weekend for you before you go to Germany :)

aorii_sakura02 | Yesterday, 9:14 AM
Hey, and no problem and yea they pretty nice and cool 😊

animesthabomb | Yesterday, 7:07 AM
Yup, and a lot more. It wasn't fun. XD

I actually haven't watched the show. XD

ftFate | Yesterday, 2:39 AM
Om 8 dagar får jag reda på om jag kommer in på lärarlinjen... är nervös!

I love it as well, really catchy song and I don't even tend to like J-pop. The second song is from Zegapain. Have another song from same artist, but different anime this time. (Found this really recently, really like it) (You've probably heard this, but I really like it so I'll send it to you either way)

I like the Greek song! It's nice.

Tical | Jul 1, 10:38 PM
Hi :) I see that you liked naming me in this way :) How are you ?

Thanks. I hope that will be so. You made it, so this is a reason to be happy for me :)

Thank you for like on my band page. I appreciate it. By the way, I am a guy with glasses and with a guitar :)

I understand. I can see that tsipouro and ouzo are pretty strong. I checked the statistics and in terms of drinking beer, Poland occupies the fifth place in the world (it is not rather commendable statistics). Vodka is also popular, but fortunately, not as much as it used to be.

For the moment I watched 45 episodes, so quite a few still in front of me, but I definitely like it :) Humor, characters and adventures are really enjoyable and I heard, that supposed to be even better :)

Book by Polish author, Krzysztof Varga, entitled "Massacre". Describes one day in the life of a middle-aged guy, who fell into a string of liquor. Lost phone, money and therefore, goes into the city to find and ask his friends for help. I still have over a hundred pages, but I think this is great, although sad book with lots of interesting insights on the current Poland.

In this case, I wish you a pleasant stay on the beach. Be careful to not burn yourself again. You're going on Monday ? For how long ?
When it comes to me, I don't have any great plans. I would like to play the guitar (may sit on a new song) and meet up with a friend because it has accumulated a few themes to talk. In addition to this, of course, anime and reading books :)

I hope, that we can talk soon :) Take care.

animesthabomb | Jul 1, 1:32 PM
Doing good - aside from the 3 hours of mowing earlier today. XD

Thanks. What did you like particularly? ;)

animesthabomb | Jun 30, 10:45 PM
Yo, what's up? ;)

New videos of the month! XD

Tical | Jun 29, 5:12 PM
Hi :)

Yes. In the end we are free :) Honestly, I did much worse than last year. Needless to say, that in the second semester, I don't pay too much attention to studying, mainly due to a lack of motivation and a few other factors. I'm glad that, unlike me, you went well :) My congratulations :)

Well, we're friends on Facebook :) Mostly I'll be there to look over to update the profile of Sentyment (it will not be quite as often), so we should have a better contact on MAL.

It seems that spent your weekend great :) So, you like wine :) ? Seems to me that this is the most consumed alcohol in Greece, am I right ? In Poland, as you probably knew, it's a beer :)

Yes, I know this city. Looks beautiful (no surprise:)

My weekend, as usual, it was rather calm. I had to sleep, last week, what I managed to do it with a vengeance :) Besides, I watched the anime ("Gintama" and "Angel Beats! Specials") and read a book.

Thank you and wish you the same :) Do you have any plans for this week ?

TodokanaiKoi | Jun 28, 8:43 AM
Hey! Sorry for disappearing again! I've been super busy with work, so I guess that answers that question. =P

I work full time, so I start 8 AM in the morning and I finish 5 PM at night. Realistically, it is never those hours though, since I come late and leave early. They don't really have any issues with it, as I am interning at a really small startup company so it isn't so regulated. They only care if your work is done, which I think is the right way to go about things (versus counting hours). It's been a really good experience so far, but I won't drag on too much or I'll bore you.

The other interns watch anime too, so it's kind of fun to talk to them about it and stuff. The people that work there are nice.

Most evenings I also coach football, so that's really why I'm so tired. I go from work directly to the fields and get home at like 8 PM or 9 PM. At that point I just want to lie down and I don't get around to anything, including anime.

I'll definitely let you know if I do. =)

Texas is pretty meh. Yeah, you're thinking of the same place. It is really hot and dry and there's not much in Texas. I do have family there, otherwise I wouldn't really want to visit the place! LOL. I'm not a huge fan of the US really.

That looks like a lot of fun. What are your plans until August then? Just taking it easy? I remember you said you have exams in June. Are they over yet?

I'm glad! Suna and Takeo have the ultimate bromance. The show is just really cute and funny, both because of the characters and the timing of the humour. I think it's my favourite from this season.

You've seen Nana? I'm halfway through it almost, at episode 20. I lost so much respect for Shoji after he cheated. Like he went from high to low in my rankings. At the start, I didn't like Hachi a lot, but I think I like all the characters and the narrative so far. ^^

The coming season looks really comfy, with some returning season twos and some manga titles I recognize or have read. Are you picking up any?

Hope all is well and apologies for the late reply again!

Tical | Jun 26, 11:58 AM
Hi :) I'm glad that you all right :) Personally, I am happy because yesterday I had my last exam :) Finally we're free now :)

With a little help from your friends and phone, you must be well :) How goes your exam yesterday ? I hope that you are happy ?

I'm not surprised :) For sure, they would like to be there with you. When you go to Halkidiki ?

Bartek-san... Sounds pretty good, don't you think :) ?

Thank you for the link and thank you for the like on my band profile :) It means a lot to me. I'll add you as a friend, probably today. I'll probably peeped on Facebook not very often, so MAL would still be our primary source of communication, if you don't mind.

Do you have any plans in connection with the weekend ? Maybe you'll have a party, when your exams have ended :) ?

Take care :)

ftFate | Jun 26, 8:17 AM

AcidRainForever | Jun 26, 2:48 AM
Aw, I wrote a large amount in this comment, but my computer crashed in between and now I have to start over. :(

Anyway, GW2 is unique in that it's the first MMO that has humans that I love. What got me interested in humans in that game was the way that the male human player character says one of his phrases when he receives movement speed increase. “Eat my dust!” I found that cute. XD So I made a human, and I realized that the humans' storyline is much more interesting that I had expected. Guild Wars 2 is unique in that each character has a different storyline depending on race. What's also unique about GW2 is that it's LGBT friendly. So far as I've seen, there have been a few NPCs who are homosexual, both male and female. I've also heard one player point out that there has been a transgender NPC. :)

Anyway, my favorite race would have to be anything that’s plant-based or nature-based. Guild Wars 2 also offers another unique aspect—it has a playable race that is plant-based. I’ve always been searching for a game like that, so that’s one of the things that drew me in to buy the game. GW2’s plant-based race is called sylvari (that’s the race that my tomboy character is). They’re cute, curious, and happy, which is what I find so loveable about them. They are sort’a fairly- and elf-like, so I’m sure you would love them, too. XD They have one mother—the Pale Tree, and they all awaken from pods as full-grown adults (they also can’t reproduce; only the Pale Tree can create more of her children). Before they awaken, they learn a bit more about the world through past experiences of other sylvari who have already awakened. These past experiences go into the Dream, where sylvari learn before they awaken. I’ve said I like nature-based races, too. In an old MMO that I don’t play anymore, my main was an aquatic race. That’s an example of a nature-based race.

My second-in-line favorite race would have to be an animal-based race. GW2 is unique again in that their animal-based race, the charr, is actually my least-liked race. (Keep in mind that I judge races by their culture, general behavior, actions, etc., not by their appearance.) While I do think the charr are cool and have a unique design, I don’t like one of the political leaders of one of the charr clans.
Spoiler alert!

All of my characters are sylvari, with a few exceptions. I have one of each race (going to make the last race in the next expansion when I get a free character slot), and the rest are sylvari because I love them so much. Especially since everyone is going to hate them now (in-game and in real life). There have been quite a few people I’ve seen on the game forums voicing their opinion on the plot twists and how they never trusted sylvari and they “just knew that they were evil.” Which, of course, is just bias. This just makes me sad.

Anyway, sorry for this long story. I originally meant to make it a pretty short comment, but I realized that I had to talk a lot about the topic in order for you to understand better. The details I outlined are major events in the storyline but are actually a small part of the bigger picture. There have been many past major events that have happened before the discovery about the secret. As for my profiles, I’m still updating them, since I recently finished the available storyline about the discovery of the secret.

I actually don’t know that much Chinese. It’s one of the reason I’m taking a beginner Chinese course next semester. I listen to Chinese better than I can read, write, or speak it. I hardly know any of it at all that it’s almost like learning a whole new language. So Chinese actually has nothing to do with understanding the storyline. XD I guess I just pick up on things pretty easily?

No problem; sorry for not clarifying. Yeah, the dinners were good. :) My father’s a great cook.

(I hope I didn’t forget to mention anything that I had written in the comment before my computer crashed…)

Again, sorry for the long reply!

Tical | Jun 21, 10:00 AM
Hi :) How are you ? How goes your Sunday :) ?

I understand. I see that you have great skills from copying ;) It is always useful :) In that case, on Thursday you will be a free man :)

I saw a photo that you send me. What a beautiful place ! Wonderful, clear sea and even sand looks great (in Poland, you'd rather not see this kind of sand:) You go there to work, but in a place like this, it will be a pure pleasure :)

In that case, I guess well :) Maybe I have a secret, sixth sense, in this aspect ;) ? Really beautiful girl. I agree with you, my friend. I realize it every day, when I go out from my house :)

All right. Call me Bartek :)

At the end, I have for you a small information :) Two days ago, I created my profile on Facebook :) I will be happy, if I can add you to my friends, but you would have to give me the name of your profile (I can't find your profile, by your name). In turn, yesterday, I posted the first posts on the profile of Sentyment, so if you want, feel free to like the page and look there, when you want :)

I hope, that everything's allright ? Sunburns are not nice.

Thanks :) I hope your weekend was successful. Have a great week :)

ftFate | Jun 21, 2:50 AM
Tack! Hur har du haft det?

AcidRainForever | Jun 20, 7:40 PM
The one I'm talking about is Guild Wars 2. Of course, I hardly play human in any MMO, so the character I'm talking about is not human, ha-ha. Ta-dah! I made a profile of said tomboy character on the game's wiki some time ago. She's not my main, though. My list of characters and my sister's are all listed on the main page of my profile on that wiki, but I haven't finished everyone's profile yet. I made profiles 'cause it's a bit of a fun role-playing opportunity. Only the second profile on my sister's list is completely done, while the first two characters on my character list is completely done. You might not understand every symbol and image, since you probably don't play the game, so don't worry about them (although they are important symbols of the characters' back-story and personality).

Yeah, it releases in Japan this summer. P It's called Fire Emblem if in Japan. It will be released internationally in 2016, probably under the title of Fire Emblem Fates. I'm at an elementary level in Japanese. I've only self-studied a little bit of it, but I can understand the gist of the storyline. Plus, since I've known Fire Emblem game mechanics for a long time, I can use that knowledge to navigate through the game menus.

Oh, I meant that I needed to know which building the summer class was going to be in, sorry. XD I'm going to the local college for the class. It turned out that not all of the ingredients were used in one dinner, so some of them were used on the succeeding days. Thanks~ :D

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