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Dennou Coil
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Samurai Champloo
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Death Parade
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Cross Game
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Usagi Drop
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Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi
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Uchuu Kyoudai
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Dragon Eye
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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
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Sakashita, Nanase
Fuyumine, Naoto
Lee, Ranka
Morimi, Saki
Takakura, Shouma
Takizawa, Akira
Rammsteiner, Haine

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Nakajima, Megumi
Nakajima, Megumi
Kumaoka, Fuyu
Kumaoka, Fuyu
Yusa, Kouji
Yusa, Kouji
Ono, Yuuki
Ono, Yuuki
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Hayami, Saori
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...font sizes are a big pain with Chrome and these dimensions.............. -5/10 would not recommend with my laptop.

If I'm online and it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything, that's because a certain mal user replied back somewhere not in the comments! Anime discussions are interesting, to be honest (it's the not argumentive kind).

Take (about a third of them, but only I'd know which are accurate and which aren't as so) my tags and some of my scores with not a single grain of salt, but half a handful. I noticed that enough time's passed to where I have different opinions now, but I'm not going to go through all of them so yeah. Okay on an entirely different note, let me make this very clear. I hate shallow shit. If you're that type of person to like a series because of a character you like, regardless of "gender" just because their attractive, and/or just because of good animation and dismissing a possible terrible storyline, I hope you go screw yourself.
On the other hand, I'm a sucker for meaningful things that isn't contrived and forced like the ridiculousness Anohana pulls. Meaningful is like Natsume Yuujinchou, Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises- yeah that kind of stuff. [Notice thing] Uhmm I kinda edit this a lot since my wording will somehow bother me (around every 4 months on-off). Sometimes I make tiny edits, sometimes I make big edits. Apart from this, my tastes for works of fiction change very rarely. Years would have to go by before I have a different opinion. Anyway, I might look back at something I type a day ago and think to myself, "What an unappealing person," LOL. A big thing I really think I should mention is that if I have a manga in faves, that does NOT mean I like the anime adaptation; that sorely depends. It's like how I adore Noragami and (as flawed as it is) Aoharaido, but I don't like either of their anime counterparts.

-Random friends requests might or might not be accepted-
100% chance that I'll check profiles when anyone tries to add me (hey you can learn things about people that way on this site). If you have an anime or character in faves that I REALLY don't like and we didn't have at least one good convo (I won't mind your faves if I like you as a person), sorry. I'm not willing to add someone who likes stuff too different from me or clashes personality-wise. There is absolutely no harm in sending one even with that fave thing. At least I'm not those so-called "elitists" that make you have a century long discussion about the whole universe with them. Even if you're a user that gets a lot of requests, you can just try to learn about them... if not, send them a nice message to talk with them. Not, "Random friend request? Ugh talk to me first," these people act as if you gotta win a gigantic contest to simply become friends with them. Talk about being so arrogant and full of yourself jeez.

A space? E-eh?!?!

[About anime intro thing] If it wasn't already obvious, I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to anime, but I honestly am not that much compared to some others. I think I've been like this for years since standards definitely matter to me. Unless a series is seriously good story-wise, I often will not watch the following genres: ecchi, harem and reverse harem, and horror. I actually like horror, but I get very vivid hallucinations when trying to sleep if they scare me enough. There has to be strong horror and/or ecchi for me not to watch. Harem and reverse is also a dry no thanks from me, unless it's slight or something. All of this applies for manga, too. I'd have a lot more entries if I gave all series a chance, but I'm too picky for that. If you think I'm not from what you see, then there's a chance that you're even pickier lol. [Something??? I do not know] Presenting Setsuna Plus feat. utaite Nayugorou. Sorry, but she actually prohibits her covers from being reprinted onto youtube and I'm going to respect that. Anyway, about the song, I'd be neither the liar or the one interested in the liar. It's a story of observing these two; the wounded that lies for sympathy, and the one infatuated with that person. Are you the one helping the one who's hurt? Or are you the one getting hurt?

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Mekakucity/Kagerou's First EP; major spoilers!
Apr 17, 2014 4:57 AM Edited Apr 17, 2014 5:34 AM

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tyler_gifford | Aug 6, 3:52 PM
It seems like everyone in my family has more artistic talent than me. My dad paints for a hobby, my sister can do these cool space graffiti things, and my mom makes decorative gifts to sell on her online store. Yeah it was kinda like being in an entirely different world where deep fried beanie babies and giant abstract phalluses are the norm for art. I saw things I can't unsee x'D plus there were hipsters...EVERYWHERE.

Ice cream is one of those things I could eat nonstop but I would get tubby. I'm so sorry, maybe a 3DS will fall from the sky as an apology for the spoilers!

Eh I dunno about emotionally manipulative. It's kind of difficult to explain but it's almost like they're being manipulative "accidentally" even though they're completely conscious of what's going on.

tyler_gifford | Aug 2, 2:12 PM
My affinity for art is pretty low. For every divine piece of art that has graced this world there has been an equally grotesque macaroni portrait made by past Tyler. It was kind of abstract/unique art that didn't really fit into a category. Wasn't my cup of tea but it was fun to meet my uncle's friends!

I'm just glad I don't have a dairy allergy. I love milk and ice cream way too much to give them up. But the Zelda concert sounds cool. I hope you have a blast!

My parents are usually pretty calm and avoid most of the drama. We have a few troublemakers tho that can pretty much manipulate everyone else into joining the argument lol. Welllll I wouldn't say peacekeepers. We usually just avoid it all and go do other things amongst the chaos xD

tyler_gifford | Jul 29, 2:57 PM
I went to some art show/party with my uncle and one of his somewhat hammered friends accidentally hit someones wine glass conveniently onto my shirt haha. These things always happen to me D'x

My allergies usually aren't too bad. If I'm around cats all day then Jesus might as well clear his schedule and bless me cuz I'll need some otherworldly power to stop me from sneezing.I like cats but I'm a dog person by heart. I just love how loyal and social dogs are. Cats are pretty cool though.

Whoa, that sounds awesome! I have a feeling you and my sister would be best friends. She loves anything pokemon related. Oooh a Zelda symphony would be the coolest thing ever!! I would go see that one for sure. Nah I'm all the way in the midwest in good ol' Illinois.

My family always has drama going on somewhere. It's not necessarily bad drama but it's always the annoying kind where me and my cousins occasionally get drafted into the argument. I can pretty much generalize my family into my mom's side and dad's side. My dad's side of the family are very conservative. Like super duper conservative. My mom's side aren't completely polar opposites but they are pretty liberal so neither side really likes each other and they can be pretty two-faced too. And then there's me and my uncle who are right in the middle, at least politically/morally. There's so many weird things about my family, usually a good kind of weird xD Maybe I'm the weird one in the family lol

tyler_gifford | Jul 21, 5:48 PM
I'm usually really good at saving my money until one of three things happens: I need something expensive, I need to replace something expensive, or somebody spills expensive wine on my expensive clothes (actually happened). That probably just made me sound rich and arrogant but I'm actually just lower middle-class and allergic to cats.

How does a video game symphony work? That sounds like something I need in my life haha. I think my sister went to a pokemon symphony in Chicago a few weeks ago that sounded cool.

It's like the adults and kids roles were reversed sort of but not really. You could totally make an uncopyrighted script for a world where kids are forced to do adult stuff so the adults can play...
But I feel where you're coming from. My family always seems abnormal to me and my friends think they're normal. I still think they're weirdos lol

tyler_gifford | Jul 18, 6:26 PM
We may travel a little around the country too if we can afford it haha. I think it'll be an unforgettable experience.
I've had a lot of weird Asian candies but they're always super ridiculous and good xD

Haha maybe I"ll watch that one. It sounds pretty interesting!

I think everyone has stages of drunkness where they can be bad. I've definitely had my moments. I tend to get really talkative and sassy and then I crash HARDDD.

Maybe if there was some random "vacation" where I could be a NEET for a week I'd do it cuz YOLO amiriiite? But socializing and a steady income are pretty cool too...

How was it weird? haha

tyler_gifford | Jul 10, 4:42 PM
Thanks! I've heard Korea is really fun and the people are friendly. I think we're going to Seoul. I just want to try all the crazy Asian candy hahah. They have the best stuff over there.

I think Kaibutsu-kun might be a little too competitive if he's pushing people off of bridges. Sounds like he needs therapy 0_o

Yeah the only thing cool about growing up is being able to legally drink and 401ks. I'm looking forward to getting a job and settling down but at the same time I could just say fuck it and become a NEET xD jk.

Sounds like you had an eventful 4th! My parents were out of town so I hung out with a friend's family for 4th of July. His family was super funny because they were all kinda drunk lol. It was...entertaining haha

tyler_gifford | Jul 5, 6:18 PM
I moved to the states when I was about 13 months old so I don't remember Korea too much. Me and my sis might go next summer though. I'm excited!! (x

I haven't seen anything on the list of shows he's directed haha. He seems to have a lot of fans though.

I've had less free time lately. The perks of getting older :/
Did you celebrate for 4th of july?

tyler_gifford | Jun 30, 10:53 AM
Nice! I'm from South Korea.
Do you have a favorite director?

Sorry for the late reply. I've been super busy Dx

tyler_gifford | Jun 23, 3:51 PM
What country is your family from? A few of my favorite series I almost dropped early on but I'm definitely glad I committed to them.

I might have to watch it again because it was so good. I've seen most of his well known works (Spirited away, mononoke, totoro, howls, nausicaa, castle in the sky) but I saw most of those when I was little. I haven't seen Wind Rises or Ponyo though. I really like the feel of his movies because rather than having the good destroy the evil or depicting the world as a one side takes all kind of world, they both seem to become unified in the end (not as much in his lighter movies like totoro). But a lot of his notoriety comes from the fact he's been making movies for so long.

tyler_gifford | Jun 21, 5:28 PM
I know very little about Japanese culture but I have come to highly respect their emphasis on respect for each other as well as something my Japanese friend's family described to me as "wa", which means peace/harmony through selflessness. It's something I feel other parts of the world are lacking in. I probably shouldn't digress into that kind of discussion though xD

I'm somewhat the same way. If I start a series (or most things in general) that I don't like at first, I try to give it a few more tries before I make a decision. Standards are definitely important though (NO INFINITE STRATOS) lol.

I definitely teared up a little at the end. That was one of the best anime movies I've seen in awhile. I've definitely been on the Miyazaki bandwagon for quite some time but that was definitely on par with his movies.

tyler_gifford | Jun 20, 9:27 AM
You make a good point there. One of my best friends literally watches anything and everything anime. Although it might be acceptable in his case because he has a legitimate appreciation for Japanese culture, specifically anime and manga so for him it's a passion rather than a forceful act. At least, that's how I look at it.

Btw I saw Hotarubi no Mori e and it was really good! I did not expect it to end so suddenly and sadly though. It definitely caught me off guard.

tyler_gifford | Jun 15, 3:29 PM
There have been a few times I've probably watched too much anime in one sitting haha. I went to high school with someone that supposedly could knockout 20+ episode series every day... :s

tyler_gifford | Jun 12, 4:59 PM
I saw Ergo Proxy. I thought it was good! I just thought some of the themes weren't explored thoroughly enough but I literally watched it all in almost one sitting hahah. It definitely peaked my interest. I thought Shinsekai Yori had some interesting philosophical themes as well as some coming of age thrown in. It definitely had its weaker points tho...

Haha I'll definitely have to watch those this summer too! I don't think I've seen an anime that was focused on the coming of age genre but it always seems to be fit in somewhere. I'm so tempted to just stay in this weekend and watch a ton of anime now xD

tyler_gifford | Jun 10, 5:49 PM
Oooh I think I just added Hotarubi no Mori e to my list! My friend told me it's really good. I like movies and series that are more sentimental and/or philosophical, but I haven't really seen many that I love. I think I'll watch those this weekend.
Have you heard of Gin no Saji or Kids on a Slope? They keep popping up in my feed and they sound like they'd be pretty good coming of age series.

tyler_gifford | Jun 7, 8:15 AM
Do you know any good coming of age animes? I've been looking for a good one to start

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