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K_dreamer2 | 05-06-15, 10:22 PM

Are You Crazy Enough?

blackenedbaby | 10-13-14, 6:09 AM
Bleach isn't bad. Bleach is awesome. And therefore, unfortunately, I can't say why it isn't worth it or bad. because I don't view it as such x Thanks x

CookingPriest | 09-11-14, 6:49 AM
We are right halfway through 2wei manga right now, so there's exactly enough material for 10 episodes, especially if they animate the chapters they skipped in first half of 2wei (like the Rin flashback chapter)

CookingPriest | 09-10-14, 12:47 PM
It it too early for me to say HA-HA to this post? No?

Luna_ | 04-02-14, 9:44 AM
Thanks :D Too bad it's gone now...

Ajunky | 03-05-14, 2:43 PM
Kinda late to reply, but I consider the 2 Madoka movies a film format of the same TV series instead of a recap.

Tsuyuu | 02-13-14, 11:44 AM

Veronin | 07-12-13, 7:40 PM
Haha, glad you enjoyed reading them! I feel a little bit bad about that rant post though. Lots and lots of rage and cursing. Some people also got offended judging by the comments.

Hey, looks fine to me. I personally prefer using a bell curve since it gives the most weight and impact to each score. Although I find myself giving too many 5's these days. It's hard to find too many shows each season that genuinely stand out in some way... unless of course they stand out for their awfulness.

chirale | 07-01-13, 8:07 AM
Hi Shih. I've seen you have Angel Beats! in your favorites. Would you like to join PA Works club to celebrate the studio behind this title?

symbv | 06-18-13, 10:27 AM
I don't know too much about it myself. Everything about it are like hearsays and rumors, like the subcontractor company where the leak originated etc. I have not heard anything about the rumor you mentioned. If you have any source about it I could take a look and see how likely it may be true. However just from what you told me, I don't quite see how the leak constitutes a reason for the studio to pay money to the TV channel. It is even harder to see why this should impact a second season - if the reason is some strong protest from PTA about the scene in ep.10 well I can sort of see such possibility. But just because of the leak? I am not sure how this should affect the 2nd season which has already been decided. It is not as if Sunrise has not seen leaks before (it happened quite a few times in the past for anime like Seed etc).

Shizukage | 06-13-13, 10:12 AM
Would you like to join us?

Stark700 | 06-06-13, 7:10 PM
Ye, I'm talking about Garden of Words in this case rather than the other movie.

To me, the characters were a bit frustrating to understand but I did enjoy their interactions. The problem is rather the length of the film being only about 46 minutes and the rather unusual way the two met. The fact that Takao and Yukino connected seems to be almost like fantasy to me but I actually did enjoy that part. The Garden that they met in is also natural and brings that refreshing feeling. The ending was a bit vague and I wish they had extended it a bit as what their future would be like. Hence, I thought the story of the film was rather blend and weak. The animation is pretty superb though and I agree that it's an enjoyable film in the end.

Makoto Shinkai delivers again and I'll be looking forward to what he has to offer in the future to the world.

Stark700 | 06-05-13, 12:34 AM
Yo, I noticed you finished this movie as well earlier:

Kinda curious but you noted the animation comparison between it and Garden of Words. What did you think of the Garden of Words btw in terms of that movie?

terrablu2003 | 05-11-13, 4:34 AM
I'm sorry, my mistake due to hurry, I just wanted to say that in addition to being really interesting and full of information, not only did you put a nice immy but you also have listed your preferences, like so many who do not or do a WOT or use only to put a pic and then little or nothing of what they truly love! I hope to have been clearer this time! XD
Yes, you are right to go around the girls to hook up with your avatar so cute! XD I'm one of those! X°°D

terrablu2003 | 05-10-13, 10:32 AM
Hello, Today once again I noticed your avatar in the comments of the new spring series and the desire to tell you how cute your avatar has exceeded the limit of endurance, and I came here to compliment you, and how it happens very often users with an avatar that attracts my curiosity also have an interesting profile and your eccezione.Davvero is not well done and full of everything! i find the series really interesting and the characters chosen! Ah, sorry if I wrote too much but it was very enjoyable comb through your information! XD

Sorry to bother you! Bye!

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