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Another day in rejection, tastes like hunger. Me having substance with my presence is not for me to decide, but rather if you care to partake in it.

I'm watching less anime it seems, but I'm still here on MAL!!!
Current shows I'm watching non anime related:

The Last Man on Earth <----- I've waited for this one and its great!
Allegiance <------ its really thrilling.
The slap
Fresh off the boat
How to get away with murder
The Flash
Jimmy Kimmel live

The Adam corolla show.

A Recent Movie I watched called: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Guys and Gals Trust me it was a good Movie but the ending just left me so astonished I didn't know what to think :L

Thanks for visting my profile peeps. On another note~ I'm currently looking for a new profile pic. My forum set seems alright for now.

NSFW Bad words Yeah I need to just get rid of this area, but I can' help it.. for now!


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Thaiieee | 8 hours ago
How is it dead? It seems pretty active to me. A lot of people go on skype and go on group chats. I'm in like 3 of them.

Haha awww! So I'm guessing its mainly profit right?

Hahaha mostly perverts I bet. Sometimes I wonder how Japanese people can go into hot baths and just be naked around each other. That seems kind of be embarrassing.

That's true I suppose. I mean you could be the hero in your town ;)
what have you been up to lately? I finished finals and now I'm on spring break just trying to catch up on my animes :P

Oh did you noticed the pranks MAL had? Mykittylist -_-'

valoon | Today, 7:00 AM
No, MTV became Pay TV I guess and they don't show anime anymore for decades :D
Only Programm which shows not mainstream anime nowadays is the free channel prosieben maxx and the pay TV Animax. The other free channels like viva, kika, etc. only show mainstream anime like conan or Heidi :D

I am a big fan of Gantz. However, the manga is of course much better.
I'm not a big fan of Hellsing, though it's not that bad.

valoon | Yesterday, 7:22 AM
Yes :D It aired on MTV but I was too young at that time

Thaiieee | 03-30-15, 2:55 PM
Haha its ok nothing wrong with honesty :P ok don't ever leave me! :D jk if you had skype I'm on there a lot too.

really a production setting? That sounds like fun.. idk but i think of studios for some reason.

yeah who would wanna go to a nude beach?

Hahah yeah I can see what you mean there. But always gotta be careful who you meet online.

But then like if there's no cops in your area, how are you going to survive? o:
imagine living in a small town and someone got killed but you dunno who it is. and you have no cops around. you're screwed.

valoon | 03-30-15, 6:23 AM
hmm :D I remember the old sayings from the previous generation here, they had hellsing, gantz etc in tv! :D

Estherella | 03-30-15, 4:14 AM
Hahaha it's just a part time job :P I work at foodcourt in one of my local shopping centre >_< sellind meal and food Px pay is pretty decent and my boss and coworkers are nice people too so that makes thing really comfortable for me >.<

valoon | 03-29-15, 3:01 PM
I often read about adult swim and toonami on ANN :D

oh I see :o

valoon | 03-28-15, 7:34 PM
Where are you from?
Well yeah, I hadn't watched the first 3 so I was pretty excited and followed it. Baki anime was fine. the other ones I have seen, only the upcoming ushiro I'm going to watch.

What do you produce?xD

valoon | 03-28-15, 2:15 PM
Oh :o Well yeah, the mainstream anime like One Piece, Naruto, Pokemon etc always air, that's for sure. But Prosieben maxx is a new channel that shows from time to time some anime :D Last year they started with Blood+, Wolf's Rain and Baki. It aired 1 episode per week! After that they have shown Blood Lad, Highschool of the Dead and Deadman Wonderland. Right now they are showing again Highschool of the Dead, Highschool DxD and Black Bullet. From May on they will show Akame ga Kill and Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

Yes, I'm gladly still in school :P What do you work as?

valoon | 03-27-15, 5:38 AM
Haha yeah xD

I barely watch TV. Only when an anime airs I haven't watched yet. May can come :D

And over here now are finally holidays :)

Estherella | 03-27-15, 4:28 AM
Hey Rasco it;s been a while :D How have u been doing? >_< Guess what i finally found a job x'D

Thaiieee | 03-26-15, 11:17 AM
o: Why would you say that? You make it seem like a movie where we'll never see each other again till like 4 years later haha.

oh really hmm, may I ask what you do for work? Sounds like a lot of work for your job. Food is always like heaven, when is it not? x)

Hahaha as long its not a nude beach Id be okay with it!!!

Yeah I do but I don't really hang out with them. I just go to school, go home, and then do homework or sleep. Most people I meet are online and we just play online games like CS go or COD. None of my friends in RL really play since theyre too busy with school.

Haha that's true, its always loud outside. Stupid lawn mowers!! haha and people with their frigging leaf blowers. so annoying. and dogs sometimes too mostly when they bark early in the morning.

valoon | 03-26-15, 5:43 AM
I have one one saved in the editor :D So i barely update the list here

Altogether there are 31 Episodes now^^ So it can fill up an whole month :P

Haha no, of course not... :P

valoon | 03-25-15, 8:36 AM
Well, but if making something I would like others to be able to access it too haha

You are :P Defenitly catch up! :D I always asked myself "Why do people hype this cartoon?" Then I figured out why haha

oh :D

Sure it's natural :D It's not like people always deal with the opposite gender :D

Thaiieee | 03-24-15, 4:00 PM
Ya! Those kind. That's how I see it since its mostly Q&A. aha there's someone i know that has a lot of questions on there. But i don't talk to him anymore.

LOL Are you saying you make yourself starve so that the food would taste good? It kind is. plus that's not a good idea either. You need to eat regularly.

Oh meh. I hardly seen the person say cut unless they say "I'M CUT!" then pull up their muscles.

Why didn't you? Are you that too laid back? Haha it's better than worrying about it all the time. I wish I was more like you then! Haha you don't hang out with any of them? I'm pretty friendly so I guess I'd consider anyone as my friend as long as we talk and walk.

Oh I live in a city. Must be nice to live in between, houses must be less expensive. Everything here is too expensive :( (come save me!)

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