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Another day in rejection, tastes like hunger. Me having substance with my presence is not for me to decide, but rather if you care to partake in it.

I'm watching less anime it seems, but I'm still here on MAL!!!
Current shows I'm watching non anime related:

The Last Man on Earth <----- I've waited for this one and its great!
Allegiance <------ its really thrilling.
The slap
Fresh off the boat
How to get away with murder
The Flash
Jimmy Kimmel live

The Adam corolla show.

A Recent Movie I watched called: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Guys and Gals Trust me it was a good Movie but the ending just left me so astonished I didn't know what to think :L

Thanks for visting my profile peeps. On another note~ I'm currently looking for a new profile pic. My forum set seems alright for now.

NSFW Bad words Yeah I need to just get rid of this area, but I can' help it.. for now!


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Thaiieee | Yesterday, 1:27 AM
Haha yay! I finally accepted your friend request. Now we are more than acquaintance!
you earned another one for being my friend :P

I wonder too.

hehe I'll keep that in mind. Wow you must been through a lot of hard times then with all those job interviews.

Wow what do you usually do online then? Just go on MAL?

I guess anyone would be offended if you dont know their real ethnic lol.

valoon | 04-14-15, 4:32 AM
Haha okay :D Let's see if you like it~

Thaiieee | 04-14-15, 4:06 AM
I just realized that we're not friends.
LOL Good job, you earned an achievement on confusing Thaiieee x)

Yeah same here, I guess Monia got bored or something x) She's so nice! I enjoy talking to her a lot.

Whoa five? You must be an expert then. Haha what if short answers won't get you in?

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.. (not really)

Yeah I just use it when people talk to me or msg me on there. Or add me. I think most people moved on to instagram or twitter now. I find online people interest, better than irl people.
Its so nice to meet somebody from a different country.

LOL they get mad.. that's true. Some would correct you and say they're tawianese. I guess they get annoyed if you don't know the difference between a chinese and a tawianese. Is your ethic hard to guess?

valoon | 04-13-15, 7:06 AM
If you still remember everything, just start with season 2 :) On the beginning it's also strange but from episode 5 they start to explain haha

Thaiieee | 04-12-15, 1:26 AM
;_; you sure did, although I'm still confused lol.

Oh hey Monia's chat came back :P

Oh how many interviews have you gone through? I find that more rough than them reading your cover letter or resume.

Too lazy to watch it, I already have a pack of animus to watch xD

Oh yeah I'm starting to use facebook less and less now. I'm mostly on twitter or on Skype nowadays.

They're* correction. Also Korean speaking 6 languages? That's pretty dope. It's kind of weird to ask someone what their ethnicity is unless you start to get them know them pretty well lol. Oh that's good I guess.. if they tell you ahead of time lol.
For me, usually people guess what ethnic I am. Not sure why..

valoon | 04-11-15, 5:49 PM
Yeah :D But the ovas are well only okay

valoon | 04-11-15, 3:13 PM
The other spin-offs are basically only side stories

Thaiieee | 04-11-15, 9:02 AM
You don't.. lol if you say you're laid back I trust you! Laid back people don't stalk people :P

oh yeah, well I think the hardest part is probably cover letter or the interview isn't it?

LOL does it? oh it's grant gustin my bad. Spelled his first name wrong every time haha. I was thinking about watching the DareDevil from the Netflix series but I don't know.. I never heard of The Last Man on Earth before. I'll google it later.

Really? So you don't have something like facebook?

Haha really? Not even in college? There's a bunch in my area. LOL what's wrong with the "other types of Asians"?

Estherella | 04-11-15, 3:44 AM
well i've been reading a bunch of korean manga here and there x'D and i am also trying to dig up some old manga series that i havent finish in the past :)

valoon | 04-10-15, 4:39 AM
Oh then it makes sense that you didn't like it XD
The second season explains everything, the first one only confuses :P

Thaiieee | 04-08-15, 8:36 PM
Hahahaha I was kidding~ of course not, you don't look like the type to anyways.

Really? For your type of job or any other job?

what! Grunt Gustin is sooo cute!! Oh I'm too lazy to check out your profile haha. But that's a lot of shows. I love Fresh off the boat, its hilarious.

Yeah That's true, maybe anilist or humming bird does. I heard hummingbird is like facebook.

Phew okay good! Haha, have you ever met a japanese foreigner who speaks perfect or fluent english?

valoon | 04-08-15, 7:13 PM
Did you see the second season?

Thaiieee | 04-08-15, 12:57 AM
Wow I guess we both have something in common ;) i'm kidding, wait.. or am I? haha jk, Nah I know what you mean! Just don't get too crazy about it, or it might seem a bit creepy. If you know what I mean...

LOL That's what I was planning to do too. Just copy and paste whatever people write in their resume and just change it up a bit.

LOL you think anyone would wanna see you naked?

Really? I mean I only watched it cause the guy's super duper cute ;) What are you watching if you don't mind listing them all.

What's the oldest anime you've seen? I think for me it's probably like gundam. The first series.
Sometimes I have to read something out loud if somebody tells me a joke online. That's not weird right? Japanese is very hard, it's funny how people in anime pronounce things differently and then other people get confused.

valoon | 04-07-15, 5:55 PM
I only rewatched Higurashi once, don't have that much time :/

valoon | 04-07-15, 4:35 PM

Yep :D

Don't know xD I don't even want to recall the bad anime
And for the good ones I can rewatch them then somedayXD

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