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Hello everyone.. Well after getting the Xbox 1 and playing some halo(the master chief collection) along with some Walking dead and Legacy. I plan to get the new Halo 5 game(with much hype) which of course is exclusive to the xbox and much more games. My next problem is what to get next year. The PS4 For the exclusive games, or A Alienware Steam Machine which provides a new console for more games. I hope to get either one next year. I forgot that my PC is also getting old.. So I now need to choose between those three.. but then again getting all three would be overkill :|

Another day in rejection, tastes like hunger. Me having substance with my presence is not for me to decide, but rather if you care to partake in it.

I'm watching less anime it seems, but I'm still here on MAL!!!

Current shows I'm watching non anime related:

Wayward Pines ----> this got really good at ep5 Its fucking great.
Deadbeat S2
The slap Finished
Fresh off the boat
How to get away with murder Finished, season 2 pending.
The Flash
Jimmy Kimmel live

The Adam corolla show.

Recent Movie's I've watched:

The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smug
Jurassic World
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Drag Me To Hell
Life With Father
The Conjuring
The Babadook
Digging up the Marrow
Guardians of the galaxy
Kingsman: The secret service
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Seven years in Tibet
Groundhog day
Insidious Chapter 2
The Cabin in the woods

Recent Movies Rewatched:
Jurassic Park
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Resident Evil: Extinction
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Resident Evil: Retribution
Dave Chappelle's block party.
Kung Fu Hustle
The descent
The Descent chapter 2

Thanks for visting my profile peeps. On another note~ I'm currently looking for a new profile pic. My forum set seems alright for now.

NSFW Bad words Yeah I need to just get rid of this area, but I can' help it.. for now!


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Noboru | Jun 8, 2:06 PM
^I can only concur with that.

Noboru | Jun 8, 9:38 AM
Hmm, maybe I should've posted it in "Suggestions" first, because in one thread, the subject of thread deletion is at least named.

This, except not as much for me.

Noboru | Jun 8, 1:18 AM
Normally, threads get a warning message before they lock it. In this case, it seems though that I wasn't allowed to post this kind of topic.

Nah, it doesn't make me feel bad when it happens, just less motivated to post directly after encountering a deletion. I also don't screenshot all topics just to prove a point, because I can't be bothered to, either.

Noboru | Jun 7, 12:22 PM
Locking is still better than deleting. At least I could get to know some other opinions and from my point of view, no one was going overboard in my thread, either.

I'd rather get the impression that mods are pressured for time and then are tempted to get the easy way out whenever there's a fitting reason. When they resort to deleting, it's just making me more lethargic to post.

TookMe6Years | Jun 6, 10:45 AM
Just want to leave a comment on the Casual Discussion of "Does God Exist?"

Sorry, for sounding like an authoritative figure of saying, "No, no, no, you can't do that."

Thaiieee | Jun 5, 5:09 PM
First season was good! Then second season went downhill. It reminded me a lot of Psycho Pass. First season was really good, but the second season was quite a disappointment.

Rothtism | May 30, 3:12 PM
Omg I thought that was a penguin rofl >,> never looked at the pic properly.

Why'd you fuck up?

Thaiieee | May 29, 5:03 PM
Haha those are some weird hackers then!

Did you watch Log Horizon season 2?

Thaiieee | May 26, 8:40 PM
Really? I thought the BBcode was fixed! Dang those hackers, i seriously don't know why they would come on here tho. There's nothing on here xD

Thaiieee | May 25, 12:34 PM
Ok the motorcycle one is pretty dope. But the monster truck ones are okay. I guess I'm so used to seeing it on commercials and in real life it doesn't seem to really interest me x)

Really? Like what??

Thaiieee | May 24, 4:21 PM
Oh ok just making sure. I dont know if that's really art to me but yeah. It's just weird seeing anime stuff on a car.

Haha I think it's clear now..

Rothtism | May 24, 7:23 AM
Lol, he didn't address it so it must be okay : p

Nice DP, who's she?

Estherella | May 24, 4:45 AM
Hahah i don't know whether i'll be any busier since i have to wait til they accepted me into the courses that i selected X'D Then i'll have to wait for them to release a schedule for me :S So yeah still got a while to wait before i'll know :) And say what!! :O You draw?!

Estherella | May 23, 4:31 AM
Hahahaha i know what u meant x'D It's always funny to learn that a word in your native language means something else in another one's language :P which occasionally can turns out to be a bad words or just freakinglish hilarious X'D Anyway, how have u been doing lately? :) I've been accepted into the uni i applied for and they offered me a place so i am happy about it :3 <3

Thaiieee | May 21, 1:16 PM
Well it would be known as art if you did hehe. That sounds like fun but at the same time it doesn't.. at least you can wipe the paint off if you screw up I guess.

Yeah same here, people on skype were talking about how they were banned and couldn't log in. Then there was like Gore going on in the threads. Lemme know when it's clear xD

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