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School Rumble Z
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Alfyan Feb 8, 11:45 AM
Wow, I guess the colour of their body also absorbs a lot of heat since they are dark skinned lol; I read all of that; it is amazing what these creatures do to stay warm and evolve to learn to do in order to survive.

I also find it amazing that we as human beings have done research and figured out these things... Like imagine having some alien species doing extensive research on us and notice all the things we do for a change :)

Although what you say is true, I still want to be greedy and say why cant I have these traits myself? I prefer having useful traits like that instead of some useless ones..

Haha will do, yeah but Netherlands is all flat-land so you won't get a waterfall anywhere... Unless its artificial :D

I personally don't think you're active enough to become one :O but you have your own stuff to do lol
TornadoTheDragon Feb 5, 12:43 PM
Yeah its pretty darn good. For the foreseeable future, no. But as history will tells us, what rises must fall. I mean just look at vimeo, daily motion, etc. I mean they are pretty much ghost sites in comparison to utube. If something innovative comes along that does everything that utube does but better, can do things that utube doesn't, etc. then it might be possible. But who knows when that will happen.
Alfyan Feb 4, 1:26 PM
Haha, I am not surprised you did; I always associate penguins with pengu though. Maybe they are cold blooded? I prefer flying than swimming but for their climate swimming is probably better to survive.

Yes they do. Hmm, so advice from the almighty elder penguin, I should probably take heed of what you said! Yes same although I wish I was more adaptable to these challenges so I can get by them with minimal effort. Why can't I just bear these things without having to train myself to do it..

Haha yeah, although I'm probably living in the worst place to find and be in one.. Haha I found the word its "Artificial" lol... so basically train in an Artificial waterfall.

Haha well I can't force you.. plus its Monias pick anyway. But it would be interesting what will happen if you were one
TornadoTheDragon Feb 4, 11:11 AM
Yea I agree with you on that. Yeah utube is going to be around a long time. I mean its owned by google/alphabet. Until utube screws up on un -godly levels. Or something superior comes & replaces it.
Alfyan Feb 2, 2:28 PM
Yeah you have no fur and yet still survive in a cold habitat; didn't study biology enough to understand how you guys do it lol... What I do know is that you can't fly which is a shame :/

You need to develop the mind and body, which is why you see people always mention it in anime lol; but includes real life as well..I think I need to go through big mental training because that is a big thing.. If you live your life being in a comfort zone.. as soon as you're out of it you suffer. I think I have been in a comfort zone for far too long.

So my body can take the pain of the weight of the water while my mind is also telling me to bear with it, I think thats the best training routine ever. Haha then I will get hit in the head, which will be part of the said training xD ideally it should really be on a man-made waterfall... forgot the word to describe things purposely built for such things which were man made...

All part of the training my friend :)

Haha its because I was reluctant to become one really.. I'm just standing in until Monia finds someone more suitable (And who also wants to do it I may add)

I will do just that when I next see her!
Alfyan Feb 1, 4:31 PM
Haha thanks man, I'll be replying to your message tomorrow
TornadoTheDragon Feb 1, 4:50 AM
Oh that sucks. So it went the way of limewire, Kazaa, & Netscape huh? I see. That's what I usually do as well.
TornadoTheDragon Jan 27, 6:22 PM
Nice. What app was it? If you don't mind me asking.
TornadoTheDragon Jan 27, 6:10 PM
That Eureka 7 OST is good.
Alfyan Jan 26, 1:38 PM
Yeah wrap yourself up... Well Penguins do live in Cold environments so I am not surprised you are as well lol.

Well it looks like you can since you don't get cut as easy and also seem to be more tolerant to extreme heat.. I think that is more mental training rather than physical :)

I'll probably be dead but how about a hot spring waterfall? :P

Yeah, I am only temporary

I don't know lol, my mum was the one who normally takes care of it xD
Alfyan Jan 23, 2:26 PM
Drink lots of water maybe and keep warm.. I don't really know how to minimize the risk though; although I know the feeling of a blocked nose when you want to sleep as well... not fun :(

Its probably some sort of biological reason or something, I guess some people can cope with stuff others can't... no matter how long you train for it lol.

Although even as I said that it would be nice to have a tougher skin and stuff like that :)

Well yeah those type of sport always helps :) I think it trains you mentally as well as physically so you can cope even better! Maybe I should meditate below a large waterfall xD

Yeah I'm only supposed to be one month though but it turns out its a big longer xD

Wow we cleaned ours every month! It was quite bad for us for some reason
Beasts Jan 18, 9:20 AM

Welcome to the newly formed club, Mercuria Café. I appreciate you all for accepting the request and being in the club. And so, I have decided to send you out newsletters to keep you updated on the club. Also, I would have to ask to keep this club alive, the participation of members are needed.
Alfyan Jan 15, 5:48 PM
That happens a lot during this time of year, although your skin and hand may be tough but apparently your immune system and nose still needs a bit of work lol

Yeah but the suffering during the start will be immense, I know we will get used to it, but HOW LONG it will take is the question we should be thinking xD haha yes it indeed is, my diet is always poor so that doesn't help.

Oh haha I thought you were a former army guy, I would of explained the training on your mental strength as well as the physical strength.

Yes although TTR has been pointed out offences that were not seen by me so having an assistant pretty much helps a lot too lol. Yeah they weren't and it was typical animal smell of hays and stuff. Fish do smell once you clean their tank xD
elkensteyin Jan 11, 6:02 PM
Sorry for the late reply - been busy.

I actually met Masamune once - long, long time ago. I kind of got into some of his more... adult stuff, if you will. Like Sabertooth and Galgrease. But yes, Ghost in the Shell was really groundbreaking. Arise is very good, as well. However, my all-time favorite if his has got to be Appleseed, with the 2004 movie being the best of the best.
Alfyan Jan 10, 11:45 AM
Hey man, same for you as well :) I guess you don't then lol xD

Yeah you have taken in some difficult environments and your body can maintain its physique and withstand such conditions, mine will probably crumble if I try to follow your profession. Oh I never knew you used to be in the army ;O

I know, but I can't seem to spot many acts of sin in the club much these days, although I only visit the threads I like. Aww that is such a sad story, I think it was pretty much the same for the fish we had as well. Yeah well the Gerbil died after a month.. so obviously we did something wrong.. :(