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02-02-15, 8:21 PM
March 24, 1987
Sacramento, California
February 27, 2008
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taylorrtantrum | 05-08-11, 12:40 PM
Hey. I'm reactivating Studio☆ D

& would really appreciate your help in doing that. We need to get back out there, and show off all our great drawings. To submit your drawings. Click HERE

Also, while you are at it, Check out the new forum for us to reconnect with each other. Click HERE to visit that new forum.

I can't wait for the club to be active again.

Toddler_Naruto | 10-02-10, 3:46 AM
Hey there Nosferatu, how are you?

I was looking for something in my room the other day and discovered that I still have Hellsing Volumes 1-9 & Trigun Volumes 1-2 that I borrowed from you.

I'd like to be able to return them to you before the end of October, do you think that would be possible?

Sylent | 03-02-10, 4:36 AM
Club for the Appreciation of Hellsing - Membercard delivery :>

Toddler_Naruto | 02-18-10, 1:16 PM
Why have you not been online since January 14, 2010?

Toddler_Naruto | 09-24-09, 10:01 AM
I'm leaving for your house now, I should be there in an hour or so :).

Toddler_Naruto | 09-21-09, 5:43 PM
It wont be that bad. It should only take me 30-60 minutes, depending on how traffic is and if I have to make any detours.

Anyways, I'm leaving now, though I will have to make a stop first at my public library to print instructions on how to get to your house.

(Our printer isnt working for some odd reason.)

Toddler_Naruto | 09-21-09, 4:11 PM
If I do come today, don't expect me until 5 or 6 PM at least, cuz I have to have a shower and get dressed first, get the books into a backpack and put it on me, then ride down on my bike to your house lol.

Toddler_Naruto | 09-20-09, 10:46 PM
Well, it's not like I plan on hanging around or anything, I'd just be dropping the books off and then leave.

So I think tomorrow (Monday) could work out lol.

Toddler_Naruto | 09-19-09, 4:43 PM
1.) Oh ok phew lol. I'd be a bad friend if I wanted you to die :P. *ends topic*

2.) I can always come over to your house, since you're not allowed to drive.

Would tomorrow work out?

Toddler_Naruto | 09-19-09, 12:37 AM
1.) :O it fatal and uncurable? I don't want you to die :(.

2.) Yes please, go ahead and take them.

If I ever want to re-read them, I always have my public library and Barnes & Noble.

ching-chong | 09-13-09, 1:48 PM

Toddler_Naruto | 09-13-09, 1:30 AM
I thought you were back at University now, and I totally forgot about the Surgery lol.

Would later today work out for you?

By the way, you can have my copies of Ouran volumes 11 & 12 if you want, I'll never re-read them.

Toddler_Naruto | 09-09-09, 1:14 PM
I'm done with your Ouran Books, when do you want them back?

Toddler_Naruto | 08-28-09, 4:28 PM
1.) I'll try to be there right before or at 9 AM then.

2.) Oh ok, thats alright :(. I'll just eat when I get back home I guess.

3.) 2 AM? That's fine.

4.) By the way, just wanted to say thanks for you agreeing to take me there and drop me off at my place.

Toddler_Naruto | 08-28-09, 3:19 PM
1.) That's alright ^_^.

2.) I'll take my mom's cell phone with me, she's alright with it.

3.) No later than 9:00 A.M.? Okay :).

Would it be ok if I came over at 8:00 A.M.?

4.) Would you mind paying for lunch/dinner? I'll need my money for registration and to buy something there as a souvenir.

(My mom is only giving me $40, and I'll need $30 for Registration)

I promise I'll pay you back as soon as I can :).

5.) By the way, how long do you plan on staying at the convention?

Until it closes at 2 AM?

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