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05-04-15, 2:43 PM
May 3, 2013
April 15, 2011
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From my dear friend vivi and LAVI of course
Thank you! <3

More than SPECIAL from vivi-chan <3

From my dear friend and sister vivi-chan and LAVI of course, again and again xD
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3

Now we are married... >.<

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07-18-11, 3:54 PM Edited 09-18-11, 2:59 AM
Favorite Naruto Songs
07-19-11, 3:11 AM Edited 07-19-11, 10:20 AM
Banners made by me
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Yuki_91 | 02-16-15, 1:17 PM
Anime Series Cards Admin Newsletter
Hi, here is the creator of the club, I'm reviving the club, if you want to help and stay as a admin talk to me until day 22/2 after that day I will remove you from admin, but you can always go to the recruitment topic after that :)

Hengao | 11-12-14, 2:43 AM

Nyaaaria | 06-13-14, 6:42 PM

Hello members~

I have seen that the club seems a little down even if we are still active.
So I'm sending this newsletter to bump you up and invite you to pass by the club~
(He misses you ^.^)
There is gonna be a new change. It consist on opening a card theme ever WEEK. So go and pass by to ask for the card and not lose the change to collect it.
There is also the Creation Card Contest (C.C.C.), remember that if you win first or second place you are able to ask all the cards of an edition from linette (me ^^').
That's all, have a great summer and we wait for you in our club~

AznKokoro | 03-30-14, 5:46 PM
Ohh I see. I'm busy too with my studies T_T It must be nice to paint the walls x) what colour did you paint them? :D

viibritannia | 02-22-14, 6:58 AM
Yeah I have :D
But I paused the anime, before the game against Murasakibara .-.
While the manga, I am quite on the date XD Both the versions are nice to watch :3
Who is your fave character in KnB?

viibritannia | 02-14-14, 9:04 AM
OOHYEAH Fuji *---*
Also, have a happy day, and happy V-day Maya ^^

viibritannia | 02-13-14, 4:09 PM
I know how you feel. XD I soooo do so. T_T
I missed you too, hope you are keeping well ><
Aaaw that is sad T_T Finish your exams asap and re-watch it with me *-* Currently I am in doubt if my top fave from PoT is Tezuka buchou or Fuji (that smile of his...*-*) ><

viibritannia | 01-27-14, 4:56 PM
I started Prince of Tennis, Maya.
It is freaking good *_____*

Foxxy20 | 12-24-13, 11:22 AM
Sarbatori fericite, Maya! Sper sa ai parte de o vacanta placuta ^^
Ce mai faci? ~

viibritannia | 12-24-13, 10:32 AM
Hello dear Maya <3
> Merry Christmas!! <

AznKokoro | 09-22-13, 3:08 PM
XD it's hard to find good anime lately, eh? (well for me, it's hard >.>)

so how's life lately? busy?

crazyangel445 | 08-02-13, 12:40 PM
Hey very cool we'll get along great=D I'm around the same age 22.

I prefer painting to drawing my art. Mostly because my paintings look better...don't have great drawing talent lol. I like cars too my dad taught me how to change the oil and tires. I have green eyes too and I'm glad you mentioned seeing blue in your green eyes. Mine are green but it looks like I have a blue outline to them.

Something interesting about me...hmmm well I like to play magic the gathering don't know if you've ever heard of it? This summer I'm going to a gaming convention where I get to compete against other players and if I win enough I can get either money, cards, or pro points. I am VERY girly which is funny because I have more guy friends than girls....want to change that>.< I'm super easy to get along with I never get offended. I can talk about anything.

So what is your profile pict from? It looks very interesting did you draw it?:)

AznKokoro | 08-02-13, 10:54 AM
Yeah, characters always what captivates me *_* without them, anime wouldn't be anime, you know?

XD that's true, but sometimes I see people on this site who can pick more than 5 favourite animes O_O What?! That's not fair, I need that too D: It's probably a glitch but I still want that kind of feature xD

Yes, I have many new favourites over this summer ;p You probably heard of Attack on Titan before, right?

Thanks for the birthday wish :3 That was very thoughtful of you!

crazyangel445 | 07-31-13, 1:30 PM
Hey thanks for adding me!=D
I wanted to get to know you a little better.
What kind of anime/manga do you like?
Anything interesting I should know about you?:)

Akuto | 07-20-13, 6:37 PM

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