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12-16-11, 10:03 AM
May 22,
April 4, 2010
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Time (Days) 40.2
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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 10.7
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Unknown :(

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comming soon... if i figure out PS looool xD

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infactuation21 | 07-29-11, 9:28 AM

Yaya-chan | 12-25-10, 6:27 AM

Jewel-chan | 12-22-10, 1:09 AM

aswani | 11-02-10, 2:56 PM
Thx for accepting the invite.:)

adlinehj18 | 07-06-10, 4:47 AM
Hello ^^ how are you?

I've been very busy this past weeks and i think I'll still be, so sorry for the really late reply ^^a

Yeah, i've read the latest chapter of GF, OMG! I really like it!, I really hate that it will going to finish soon >_>

Oh, by the way, have you read the latest chapter of Octave? Oh, i can't wait for the next one to come out.

WingedLover | 06-28-10, 5:47 AM
aww its hot there to? it is here to...aww when is your leg gonna heel..i hope soon.
oo not good..

i know i just feel like my feelings try takeing me over most of the time i just feel down inside thats all.

WingedLover | 06-21-10, 1:13 PM
Yes it has been awhile its ok how have you been is your leg ok your ok rite?

i've been ok nothing much has happend i just been feeling down lately and i dont know why..

adlinehj18 | 06-10-10, 4:02 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I've been really really busy at school >.>

Yeah, i think Sasameki Koto's latest chapter was cute too ;) Kazama really is in love with Sumi-chan <33

How about Girl Friends Ch.32? Have you read it?

Jewel-chan | 06-06-10, 1:29 PM
thx for accepting my request ^_^

i'm fine .. and you ??

and tell me about your favorite anime @_@

adlinehj18 | 05-30-10, 1:53 AM
Ha ha.. i didn't hide, i just don't do much here in Mal. Just updating my List :)

I'm good too, just been quite busy on school stuff >.>

Have you seen the latest chapter of Sasameki Koto?

WingedLover | 05-29-10, 10:05 PM
ok just makeing sure.

its good i'm just not a slow song type.

WingedLover | 05-29-10, 9:26 PM
its good but its to slow for me.

well becarful dont do somethin to mess youre leg up anymore.

WingedLover | 05-29-10, 6:32 PM
i know it takes time for your leg to heal right..aww i'm sorry : (
yes i know what those sticks are^^ well i hope it gets better.

hahaha you dont need to drink wile your hurt your going to
hurt your self more.

WingedLover | 05-29-10, 5:51 PM
hay nothin muck makeing cards its like to kill me how is your leg doing and you?

adlinehj18 | 05-29-10, 11:05 AM
Belated Happy Birthday ^^ I'm soo sorry i missed your birthday >.<

By the way, how are you? It's been a while

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