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09-13-13, 7:23 AM
March 26, 1993
Ontario Canada
ask me for it if you ...
February 24, 2009
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About Lesley_Roberta
Holder of a great many hobbies, anime being one of them.

I tend to be a 1% type, chances are in a group 100 people, 99% will see things differently than me.

Oh well.

Married and I have a typical son.
And I am most certainly 'complicated'.
For instance, I am not really 19, I just don't like being known as my actual age.
But most are aware I was born in 62 and those that don't know, likely don't care either.
I listed myself as female. I am between the ears even if between my legs you get a different result. So boys, no flirting please :)

That I like anime is obvious.
My life isn't a reflection of my liking anime though.
Regardless of what anime I watch, it isn't the predominant trait of my personality.
My hero isn't in the anime industry. My hero is Carl Sagan
70% or more of what makes me who I am, is connected to planetology and space sciences.

A post here on the belief some will see it
03-08-13, 3:08 PM Edited 04-17-13, 7:08 AM
Bye Sukunai
01-29-12, 7:27 PM Edited 01-29-12, 7:28 PM

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EvenJellyOn | 03-31-15, 6:09 AM
Why do you like Miku?

beavis2323 | 08-09-14, 7:16 PM

Lotus97 | 01-30-13, 12:28 PM

Kellhus | 01-25-13, 1:27 PM
Just curious, why do you only have one anime on your list when some comments of yours indicate you have seen more than only Ranma?

Lotus97 | 12-25-12, 2:29 PM

TheOttocrat | 12-14-12, 6:21 AM
Well, the Myers Briggs personality types are essentially stereotypes, that try to group individuals together, in a general sense. There is no doubt the essence of these stereotypes exist of their own accord (i.e the traits and behavior a stereotype is expected to exhibit), however, we perpetrate these stereotypes and people will behave so and be labelled thus. I'd like to go into more detail, but I'm not writing an essay.

You have a dual personality? Can you tell me more about that?
Do you feel like a male sometimes? How do you act?

I'd like to relate to you, if possible. I feel I am able to understand people more than average because of my experiences with mental illness. I've experienced a change of personality many a time.

I'd be interested in hearing your unique slants on things. Very interested actually, I look forward to getting to know you.

TheOttocrat | 12-11-12, 10:40 AM
You... Are a very interesting person, If I may say so myself.
Pleasure to meet you.

What is your personality type?
Mine is INTP.

Lotus97 | 11-21-12, 10:05 PM
Do you listen to Nightcore? I've been listening to it a lot these past few days. In one of the songs I've been listening to the vocals sound sort of like Miku's so I thought you might like it:

Lotus97 | 11-05-12, 3:28 PM
So you're a Doctor Who fan? Have you watched the newer seasons? I've only watched the ones that aired from 2005 and on. If you've watched the Weeping Angels episode(s) check this out. Don't click if you haven't seen them yet.

Lotus97 | 11-04-12, 5:13 PM
I saw Willow when I was a kid, but I don't really remember much. The only thing I remember is a guy in a cage at the beginning and then a guy (maybe the same one?) dresses up as a woman. So I assume you would recommend that movie then? I remember another movie from that era called Labyrinth. I watched a little bit of that as a kid, but I don't remember anything.

I haven't been in the mood to watch movies recently, but now that I don't have a Netflix subscription I decided to make a queue with IMDB. Actually, I've been too lazy to register, but I do have some titles I saved in a word document.

Thanks for the recommendation, but I've already read most of Terry's books which is partially why I asked. I enjoyed the Word/Void titles more than I thought I would since I wasn't sure how I'd like it set in modern times. The only ones I haven't read are Hook, Star Wars, and these:

The Gypsy Morph (August 26, 2008)
Bearers of the Black Staff (August 2010)
The Measure of the Magic (August 2011)
Wards of Faerie (August 2012)
Bloodfire Quest (March 2013)
Witch Wraith (August 2013)

I forget if I asked you already, but have you read Margaret Weis or R.A. Salvatore? They're my favorite authors along with Terry. I've also had a few people recommend Discworld, but I haven't read any yet. My first encounter with that universe was actually a computer game, but I only played the demo.

Lotus97 | 11-04-12, 3:59 PM
Lol, Wrath of the Dragon God wasn't that bad, was it? I can understand why a lot people didn't like it, but I enjoyed it for some reason. I have no intention of seeing the one with Marlon Wayans though. He's a funny actor, but I can't imagine him in a fantasy movie unless it's a parody movie. I doesn't have anything to do with him being black. Samuel L. Jackson would be great in a fantasy movie.

I might read Game of Thrones then instead of watching it. Blood and gore in books doesn't bother me as much although there was this one book where a guy crushed another man's head with his bare hands. Yeah, it sounds badass, but it grossed me out. I am also interested in reading Legend of the Seeker since I hear they're different from the show. Have you read any of Terry Brooks's more recent novels?

When I mentioned Legend at the end of my last comment I was referring to the movie not the show in case you misunderstood. Legend is one of my favorite movies of any genre. Yeah, it has Tom Cruise, but that was before all the Scientology bullshit.

Lotus97 | 11-03-12, 11:08 AM
Cool. She's one of my favorites. Are there any particular songs or albums of hers that you like? I've been kind of lazy about listening to all of her albums. The only one I've listened to extensively is Everytime We Touch, but there's 9 songs on that album I like which is pretty amazing since most albums I'm lucky to find more 2 songs I like. When I was younger I wasted so much money on CDs that only had one or two good songs. That's why I don't feel too guilty about stealing acquiring songs online.

I started watching this live action fantasy show called Legend of the Seeker. I've only watched the first episode, but it seems interesting. I thought I'd mention it since I know you like fantasy. I doubt it's as good as Game of Thrones, but I can't stomach a lot of blood and gore so Legend of the Seeker is the next best thing for me.

Speaking of fantasy. Have you seen Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God? Or Legend?

Lotus97 | 09-22-12, 11:06 AM
lol, your son has good taste apparently. Do you like Cascada?

Lotus97 | 09-21-12, 1:48 PM
Hey. I thought you might like this song:

Lotus97 | 09-07-12, 8:25 PM
Canadian geese:

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