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Vexper | 01-05-15, 6:00 PM
Also your tumblr/flickr are really nice ;o I followed you since I actually don't follow that many people who post anime-related things!

dat satsuki nendo tho~

OHOHOH! to add to my previous post since I can't edit it - PICK UP DEATH PARADE. The concept is based off this animated short - It was pretty good! I'd recommend giving that a try to see if you'll like it :B

Vexper | 01-05-15, 5:55 PM
definitely gonna be picking up on the kill-the-teacher series lol, looks like it could be a blast. I'm mostly only going with sequels this season, not much else that catches my interest tbh. Not a good season :<

Gave the synopsis a read for Junketsu no Maria, takes a sudden turn half way through LOL. Probably will give that a miss. Yuri kuma has potential though, just had a flick through the ep1 discussion and it seems to have been fairly well received. Not sure if it's my thing though lol.

I'll be rolling with most of the sequels and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata/Rolling girls. Saenai has potential to be total trash but I'm going in with low expectations so I won't be too surprised if it turns out to be just that. Rolling Girls has potential, give the pv's a watch on the page for it. Looks cute :3

Vexper | 01-05-15, 3:08 PM
You picking up much in the coming season? :3

Vexper | 11-10-14, 9:03 AM
This is like months late LOL but if you enjoyed Uchouten Kazoku you may also enjoy Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei. They were both written by the same guy, the latter is way better in my opinion ;v;

animedude45 | 10-22-14, 9:53 PM
yea every collector takes pride in their collection :) hahah golden catfish n.n

yea i am definitely looking forward to all the epic battles.

Yea i like the fact that main character was able to adapt to the his situation quickly rather then ponder his thoughts for the whole series. Though the parasite creeps me out but ill get use to its weirdness.

I know right you can really tell they put alot of effort into the visuals, i just hope the story is on par with the visuals. yea that's true, though i wonder if its going to turn into a love squere cuz i can sense that tsubaki might have a thing for kousei D: hearts and tears will be shed in the future.

The quirkyness is what makes this show good to watch. Yea working was funny series. I heard there was gonna be a third season soon. taneshima is so cute xD, but souta doesnt look so bad as a girl haha

sinon in her neko avatar was so cute >///<

Cant wait for the potluck its gonna be so much funn. Iv never been to one before :p and its my first event outside the anime club lol

animedude45 | 10-21-14, 12:42 AM
That is true D: i wouldn't know what to do with my life if anime was not a part of it. Yea many people don't know how much money and effort it takes to have a hobby. No not your fate stay night stuff ):. What about your waifu?

Speaking of saber are as excited as I am for the next episode :D ilya my favorite loli finally appears and berserker. Should be an awesome fight.

This show keeps getting better and better. That scene in bathroom was hilarious, and poor cat D: how could they have buried him in the sand throw rocks at him -_- animal abuse i tell you

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
kaori's performance was epic, though i dont know what she sees in ryouta. Though its obvious kousei is falling for her

Denki-gai no Honya-san
i can feel that love is in the air :D the fu girl kinda creeps me out when she goes to zombie hunt mode u.u lol

animedude45 | 10-19-14, 11:49 AM
I dont know if you have seen this video but man imagine if your dad ran over ur anime collection with a lawn mower D: id probably have the same reaction too.

animedude45 | 10-09-14, 10:16 PM
haha no one likes the side charachters poor shinjo lol yup every villian just has to be a psycho in sao well except in aincard arc well sort of but just not alfiien and ggo psycho hahah dude i know there is no way the syringe did not go threw -_- but yea... I guess that goes to show he is saving the day and breaking hearts at the same time FRIENDZONED!!!! personally i like sinon better than asuna but thats just me... yea i think she end up joining their little group and i wonder if the will add another dude i wonder what happened to klein D: wheres the bromance ???

animedude45 | 10-08-14, 8:31 PM
hahah i guess you could call it fatherly love xD you can tell me jk jk ill wait i see that u have been up to date on sao II what did you think of the last episode :D it came to no surprise that death guns accomplice was another psycho poor poor sinon she should have still beat his ass when he got knocked out hahah and least she finally has some closure D: untill she finds out asuna is kiritos gf i wonder how she will take it

animedude45 | 10-07-14, 7:38 PM
hahah it must be tough to have been spoiled before having to read the visual novel =p im guessing you are not a big fan of spoilers lol really why did he do it purpose ?wait heavens feel is already out =O i know its based of sakuras route dont tell me they have happy lovely dovey romance ending :D

animedude45 | 10-07-14, 12:31 AM
haha yes i know what you mean :D and not i havent yet but i feel like if i watch the movie now it would spoil this series, even thought its a remake of the original one so i want to to b surprised on tohsakas route on this one on want to be on my toes it did answer my question on how tohsaka was not able to summon saber, but it was only cuz of miscalculation of time -_- haha but i had good laugh. i know im looking forwards to future episodes tooo and okay :D its bout to go down on the next episode xD im waiting in anticipation

animedude45 | 10-05-14, 4:43 PM
Episode 0 for fate stay night was awesome lol the battle scene with archer and lancer was epic

Vexper | 06-28-14, 1:54 PM

Did you like it? :D

Josh001 | 07-10-12, 10:01 PM

ppizzapie | 04-26-12, 2:26 AM








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