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Str_ta | 01-23-15, 9:28 PM
Damn sounds like a lot of work, but it definitely get results that way. I just really, really hate revising. I know its important, I've even heard that it's not a story until its been revised, but I just feel like its really tedious and boring. I've been holding off revising a short story for about 3 months now...
But anyways, I'm actually pretty interested in playing your visual novel. Especially with all the work you've put into it, so keep me updated. I hope all goes well in making your first(?) VN!

As for Durarara, it may be a while until I tackle it. I'm planning on waiting a while before watching Baccano. So I may put that on hold for a while. Also, there are some definite similarities in style between the two OPs after watching one right after the other, like how they (seemingly) connect a bunch of different plotlines together to make the story. Which makes me think that the viewing experience is similar between the two?

Str_ta | 01-21-15, 10:40 PM
So late on this reply, I'm starting to feel bad...

I can definitely see myself enjoying that. I like to read stories were I can see glimpses of myself in the character. I definitely saw this in Takao from Aku no Hana, all the way from his interactions to his friends to the way he gets excited about his hobbies. It was also very interesting in the way it presented adolescence as almost becoming a mentally insane person, but yet left me with a realistic lesson about your own life. I definitely felt a few similarities with Master Kurosawa.

That sounds really interesting! I would love to have time to write, but school is killing me right now. Random question, do you do revisions on your work before adapting them or is the novella just to get the general idea of what you're doing?

Hmmm, I definitely enjoyed Kill Bill, even though I've only seen Vol. 1, with it's absolute off the wall insanity. But overall I'm not really that much of a fan of Tarantino. (That's a rant for another day.) But yeah this season looks kinda crazy. When I read the description for YuriKama, I was like "Is this for real?" Would it be worth it to watch Durarara to catch up to season two?

Gonzo-lewd | 01-15-15, 11:41 PM
Magic as in Magic the Gathering? :/

Str_ta | 01-15-15, 12:18 AM
Sorry for the late reply.
I always thought WataMote was more of a gag manga so I was never interested, but I'll definitely check it out.
So what are you up to?

Gonzo-lewd | 01-12-15, 7:29 PM
You doing okay, Kuiper-chan? :(

Laudandus | 01-07-15, 3:30 AM
Rurou no Senshi -> Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono -> Rebellion (much worse than the first 2)

The specials are all (extremely) optional but varying degrees of hilarious

Str_ta | 01-03-15, 2:20 AM
Wow, saw your comment on GBK's profile about Daily Lives and Onani master Kurosawa, and found it a very interesting, intelligent remark about puberty and adolescence. I definitely found myself realizing the reality in both of the works constantly.
One thing that came of this, is my strong connection with Kurosawa and his life (not everything). This is because of all the things that went on with him, especially the fact that he would rather escape into his own fantasy rather than face the real world and the possibility of being hurt. This message (and many more) applies to not just males, not even just teens and young adults, but everyone.

But anyways, I'm here to say hi.

Gonzo-lewd | 12-24-14, 7:28 PM

Gotanon | 12-08-14, 2:36 PM
wow. you can't just send me an FR just like that, at least buy me dinner first you slut.

Nagisa33 | 11-13-14, 8:51 PM
Holo may return when I want to switch out the orgasming clown. Ever since you said that I've been thinking of the much hoped for yet unrealized Spice and Wolf season 3. I miss Holo too. :(

GBKeroberos | 11-03-14, 6:37 PM
Hey, thanks for your comment.

I definitely agree that Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou touches on a fairly unique perspective. I tend to watch a lot of lighthearted, slice-of-life type shows because they often deliver on the type of comedy I enjoy.

A large majority of the time they feature a cast either mostly or wholly comprised of young girls. Which is fine, I like cute anime girls as much as anyone, but it does lend a certain imbalance to the proceedings (like the nearly guaranteed inclusion of one of my favorites-- the amazingly ubiquitous trope of getting cakes/sweets/crepes from the new place by the station).

In more gender-balanced anime, you might see some small gags or one-off lines about concepts like "male spirit", but these are mostly in the context of things like peeping in the girls' locker room or winning a sports day competition.

DKN does a good job of going beyond this and "faithfully portraying male adolescence," as you mentioned. The everyday journey of being a male-- alternately mundane, exciting, hilarious, scary, even touching.

It is difficult to pin this feeling of authenticity on a single aspect of the show, but kudos to the studio because whatever they did it definitely works.

I'm glad to see someone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe I'm not well-traveled enough online to accurately know, but it sure seems like it isn't talked about very much.

NotDolphy | 11-02-14, 9:37 AM
Great post! I was worried the topic wouldn't get any response. Now if only I could write something up myself...

yuridice | 09-04-14, 12:10 PM
knight of the reliquary is gonna go up b/c allied fetches? agree/disagree

murdererofgloom | 08-20-14, 9:15 AM
for fantasy anime with okayish worldbuilding check out: juuni kokuki, seirei no moribito, possibly kemono no souja erin.

murdererofgloom | 08-20-14, 9:12 AM
sorry about the disappointing answer but i've just read the essays about his three laws when the 2nd one went up on quiet discourse. and i'm no writer and no big book reader either. mostly agree with the first law but i think there are minority cases when you can solve problems with soft magic satisfactorily depending on what effect you seek. obviously agree with the second law but i think it is less important in what he describes as "soft magic systems" in the first article. the third law is something i value hugely but i feel like there aren't a lot of anime that actually go in depth with worldbuilding and my standards for the medium are lower because of that. i was interested in reading some of his books but hell it's all 10 volumes long or something. any recommendation of a comparatively short read with worldbuilding exploring in-depth the logical consequences of small changes / fantastic elements?

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