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05-13-12, 7:45 PM
December 12, 1995
Orlando, Florida
April 13, 2012
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About KatieFreckles
I'm Katie, i'm 16 and I live in Clermont, Florida (which is close to Orlando) ^.^
My hobbies (outside of watching anime, reading and other internet-ie things)
- Cosplaying
- Music (Piano and Singing)
- Drawing
- Star Gazing
- Writing
- Friends
- Parties XD
I like talking to people, making new friends, meeting new people who the same interests and I'm physically addicted to tumblr, so if you have one, let me know and maybe we can do a follow for follow thing if I like you :P

Some fandoms that I consider myself a part of that are outside of anime are:
- Harry Potter
- Doctor Who
- Homestuck (If you don't like homestuck, I'm not the type to be judgment, js)
- J Rock
- K Pop

My favorite animes are fairy tail, clannad, code geass, durarara!!(I love it for more than just shipping shizaya, even though I do xD)

things i cosplay or cosplays I'm working on(incase you want to cosplay with me if you live in Florida :D)
- Meiko (VOCALOID)
- Anri Sunohara (DRRR!!)
- fem!Shizuo (DRRR!!)
- Madame Red (Kuroshitsuji)
-Shura (Ao No Exorcist)
- Shizuka (Highschool fo the Dead)
- Rose (Homestuck - In progress)
- Kasuga (Sengoku Basara - in progress)
- Yin/Kirsey (Darker than BLACK - in progress)
- Rainbow Dash (My little pony - in progress)
- Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail - in progress)
^.^ talk to me! Let me love you<3

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Jori-kun | 05-06-13, 4:21 PM

yui_iwisawa | 03-11-13, 4:16 PM

IceDraconian | 08-16-12, 1:10 AM

Pr1nc3 | 05-19-12, 8:50 PM
Hmm, these parts of the build worked pretty well for me too, though I tried it only once (i'm used to trinity force >.<). Also I remember when I noticed that my lifesteal was bigger than before... i know about the lifesteal on the hextech gunblade , but does the spell vamp works on her true damage thing and the ultimate? :o
Now I see why I got better with Irelia. When I got her, I always tried to focus only on AD and not on tanky items... the enemy could easily destroy me XD

Pr1nc3 | 05-11-12, 6:50 PM
Oh, nice.. I actually do nearly the same thing after getting home from school :P Just need to watch a anime now xD Oh cool. Doing 3 pentas must be something so great T.T btw which build you use in irelia? I didn't go well with her in some matches (also i heard that she got many nerfs times ago since she was op as hell) >.<

gINGEr | 05-06-12, 8:46 PM

Pr1nc3 | 05-02-12, 6:45 PM
3 pentas? Which characters? OMG O.O
I nearly did a penta with Nocturne days ago but I was close to do it >.<
How are you able to balance LoL and anime? Because of LoL, I can't watch a anime since nearly three months D:

Pr1nc3 | 04-29-12, 10:02 PM
I know right, even though they are squishy, their damage can be really huge >.< For a example, I hate when suddenly in a teamfight, a Twitch pops out of nowhere then kills me and the others :/
Lol, how you were able to not play it for so long? xD
Damn, I nearly did a pentakill recently D:

Pr1nc3 | 04-28-12, 5:34 PM
Lol, you didn't play it since one month, right? xD My parents wouldn't do that too, they would only spend on a console though.. but not on skins or something related to LoL for a example. ^^'
For the record? lol I hate WW too.. but it's not compared to how much I hate Twitch, Le Blanc, and other op champions in enemy team >___>

Pr1nc3 | 04-28-12, 8:45 AM
Fifty fifty thing? xD I know right, same thing for me. There are some players there that I really want to punch or report hoping for a ban >.< Anyway, at least I found more nice people to play LoL yesterday :) Yeah, you can get RP, I will show you:
In some of the rewards you can even get skins from WW and Twitch ^^
Here about the RP:
10 Friends
975 RP

25 Friends
Exclusive Grey Warwick Skin, Warwick Champion and Senior Recruiter Forum Title
And it goes on.. so that's my only way to get RP haha. I don't think my dad would use his money to catch RP to me xD

Pr1nc3 | 04-27-12, 2:10 PM
Why your skype can't say where you are located? >.< Lol, we are both in America, it's just that you are from North America, right? ^^ I'm from the south america xD I lol'd at fat people, I always hear about that xD Oh the Midnight Ahri, nice *-* I need some RPs, maybe I should try doing that Refer-a-Friend with someone >.<
Yeah, I think the same.. some people take it too seriously. I know that someone nearly feeding a enemy may be boring, but still... Damn, I remember when I was helping my team and killing the enemy, then somebody was complaining that I did a KS. Or then it can be worse like yesterday when I ended up in a team with two retards/racists >.>

Pr1nc3 | 04-27-12, 12:41 PM
I agree, she is sooo fun to play. :3 There are many combos that you can do with her skills.. and her passive is great with them xD You bought a skin for her? Omg now i'm jealous XD Oh, no problem though I'm not that good at carrying >.< But don't worry; I'm not like some bastards or retards who play LoL, you know, the ones who says "noob", "idiot", and keep being such a ***hole to everyone >.> I hate these kind of players, seriously..
I use Skype, but I don't know if my parents would like to see if I talk with someone from other country >.< I'm brazilian btw ^^

Pr1nc3 | 04-26-12, 6:33 PM
Oh, thanks :3 I saw you so I sent to you a friend request btw. Sometimes you will play with my classmates too, since I play with them every day, so I will ask them to invite ^^ Yeah, Ahri does take skill too... though after my first game with her I knew how to play well with Ahri on this FW. Lately I did some nice scores like 17/4/18 and 6/1/14. I guess she will be my next champion <3
Well, don't worry about getting back into the game, you can even call me when you play ^^

Pr1nc3 | 04-26-12, 1:35 PM
Oh nice, Kat and Ahri (that's what I thought :P) are fun to play :3 Ezreal sounds cool (I lol'd at his dance haha), but one of my classmates who use him says that Ez needs some skill to be played. And I'm loving to play as Ahri on this free week :P The problem is if there is a other player who picks her xD Cool. But don't worry if you did terrible... sometimes in LoL I ended up doing terrible too, after a good match >.< Well, when you return to the game, you can add me? It's Clauddark1 :D

Pr1nc3 | 04-24-12, 6:52 PM
Yep, I play it, and I even use Talon as my profile pic :P This game is addicting as hell, I'm playing it everyday with my classmates. Which champions you usually played? Anyway, if you think about getting back to LoL.. you play in the NA server, right? I could say my name there to add you ^^ So yeah, I'm playing there, even though I created a account on EU west (I still didn't use it >.>). Yep, I'm doing great.. what about you? :3

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