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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
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Macross Frontier
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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
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Chrome Shelled Regios
Chrome Shelled Regios add
Kimi no Iru Machi
Kimi no Iru Machi add
Hikaru no Go
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Sword Art Online
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
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Loss, Felli
Kobayakawa, Rinko
Shiba, Tatsuya
Nome, Sheryl
Yuuki, Asuna
Alseif, Layfon

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Nakajima, Megumi
Nakajima, Megumi
Adachi, Mitsuru
Adachi, Mitsuru
Seo, Kouji
Seo, Kouji
Shinkai, Makoto
Shinkai, Makoto

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Shanashan | 03-04-15, 1:31 AM
Doesn't Chinese New Year on February? And uni start on February as well... missing the first week of semester each year? My friend always do that XD first week of semester is not important, hence he always skip it and like... just got back to Sydney at the end of the first week XD

-> Chinese new year usually on February and my uni usually start on the first week of March (not sure about other uni though. Some starts during final week of February eg -> RMIT uni).
And yeah, some people do that. And business students usually don't have tutorial classes on the first week. Only lecture during the first week and lecturer usually introduce the course structure and blablabla crapping in the first week lol.

I play Clash of Clans as well XD But rarely do some clan wars... I usually just open it everyday, get the money and see which one I can upgrade XD

-> I raided almost everyday except during Chinese new year lol. Well, because I'm too free and jobless lmao.. But my upgrading speed will slow down soon I guess xD. Going back Australia tomoroow + need settle down + job hunting lol >_>

7GB is nothing if you want to use it to watch anime and drama xD why not just read some manga? I think reading will not eat your internet that much... And can you check your internet usage every time you use it?

-> you can check the internet total and remaining volume.
And manga actually drain quite alot of internet I think.
I used to manga for 1 hour everyday when I m travelling from home to school back in Australia .. and I can finish 750mb just like that >_>

nicnic257 | 01-31-15, 2:26 AM
Exam, life, rarely surfing the net already.. Im in Poly now HAHA

Shanashan | 01-23-15, 5:33 AM
>Beside your uni's result, they also look at your activities, etc in your resume... hence even if you don't have superior result, you can still hope on other things... Well, try your best XD
Well,..I'm bad at co-curriculum D:.. I joined but I doubted if those really helps T_T.. Guess I need to practice how to speak pretty words to represent and market myself during interview D:

>Back to Malaysia now? How long has it been since the last time you back to your house? When I was in Sydney, I only got back to Indonesia once, even that's after my third year of uni :P
I go back to Malaysia every year end (December-February). Just for Chinese New Year and to show up myself infront of parents lol :s

>Haha... some of my friends are like you, when there's internet problem in their house, they just go abusing the wifi of some nearby coffee shop xD So, what are you doing when there's no internet? besides catching up with your friends in Malaysia.
What can I do??~~~ What else LOLOL.. just rott -_-... by watching animes and dramas almost every day lol..
And login to Clash of Clans everyday to do some clan war lmao.. (using the free mobile data that was included in my SIM package. unlimited but slow.. can't even google properly :S )
And I just bought internet recently.. 7gb for RM88.. EXPENSIVE D: ..
Bought that mainly for my sister to do job hunting. And I seldom use it to online la because too scared to exceed quota and too heart break to use it LOL $_$..

nicnic257 | 01-16-15, 8:37 PM
Hey thanks for the wish! ohmygosh, its been a long time since I log on..

Shanashan | 01-04-15, 11:09 PM
>Well, so long as you did well on the interview and your resume is pretty good, I believe you will have chance to get the job... The rest is depend on your luck :x
But I don't have superior result and superior curriculum, so I really doubt that :(
Guess 70% is about luck and 30% about my skill then -_-.. </3

>WHAT! No internet at home! Wow... can you live without internet? What is the job your parent has?
I can survive without internet actually; but without internet, I can't catch up with friends :S
And right now I'm abusing the WiFi and power plug at the coffee shop near my house :P
My parents do something related to marketing/sales, so they tend to go outstation a lot. And yeah, that's one of the reason my house doesn't have internet since nobody is home most of the time. :S

>I completely forgot regarding the MAL inbox... Is it still unusable until now? Ever since they told that the inbox is having problem, I've never used it again and completely forgot it along the line...
It is usable but I heard there is limitations on how much mails you can receive. So most of the clubs send newsletter through profile comments instead of using the message box :x

Shanashan | 12-27-14, 3:35 AM
> Just enjoy your life after graduation first... don't need to think anything else!
Well sure! but not for too long. Worried I might need to eat grass XD
I don't know. Everybody is talking about recession right now. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find a job T_T

>Where did you go for your graduation vacation? Still inside Melbourne?
My parents came and we went shopping in Melbourne and visited Adelaide. (my mom loves shopping lol :s ).
And well, they went back and I will be going back Msia on the 31st of Dec. (no internet access for me at home :'( didn't subscribe any since my parents always travel for work and they don't really use internet :S ). I might just rot at home lol..

>Those cards, I still have it in my laptop but I even forgot when the last time I take a look at my card collection :x Dunno what to do with it... I don't want to get rid of it either as the cards are awesome...
I actually lost them after my computer break down lol. And I didn't really rehost the cards in photobucket. Ah well :S..

And yeah, you can have a look at the cards now and laugh at those old days that you spent on spamming MAL club forum (for games and cards) xD
I remember there was a "Poll Club"... which is quite fun and useful when you are procrastinating. But it was dead right after the MAL inbox problem.. D:
Ahh, I somehow miss the old days in MAL when the inbox is still up LOL

Shanashan | 12-22-14, 9:51 PM
Yea exactly. Last time I joined clubs due to the cards XD
But somehow I got bored of it after some time - just like how I feel right now :s
-i will just stop requesting them- :s

Probably those hacker is hacking MAL to test their IT skills LOL...

And yayy~ just got back from my graduation vacation with family. Tiring but yay~ I'm finally done with studies :S
-happy for that but when I'm back to reality, I just have to remind myself I'm jobless now- :S

Shanashan | 12-14-14, 6:01 AM
I m not active for few years.
Only start to active back during my final exam this semester lol.
*Procrastinate by requesting cards * -3-
And right now, still quite active in clubs but comment lesser in the club forums :S

Yea, they love to hack MAL -_- I wonder why.. This site is just a database site, not even a piracy site :S..

Shanashan | 12-13-14, 6:10 PM
But most old user still stay to update their list though (like me XD)
Idk. Probably they moved to other animelist site :S
But I just think that MAL has more anime variety to list (for the OVAs, specials)
If you go to other site like AniDB, sometimes they don't list certain OVAs and specials :S

o_O why business. Is it necessary? You are in IT field right? (sorry if I mistaken lol)

Shanashan | 12-11-14, 11:28 PM
->Does none of your friends wants to stay in Aussie? Some of my friend already asking and talking about residency etc when they are about to graduate XD
Most of my Malaysian friends want to go back lol. (I don't know why..since the salary is really bad back in Malaysia :S ).
I only have a few friends that wanted to stay but I doubt they can apply for TR/PR.
One of them stayed for only 1+half year here (from what I know, you need 2 years here to get TR :o), but he said there is few types of TR (?). Well, I haven't check it myself before, so I don't know :S.
And another friend, she studied for design, I doubt if she can get a PR here. Not sure if design is in the SOL list :S

->Well, I just remember when few years back, you, me and nicnic going crazy in the game forum like there's nothing else to do lol XD
You mean the Games Room? I miss that alot weih :(
But the club is really dead. And I kinda stalked the admin and officer's profile. They are like..mostly inactive as well. (no chance for revival lol)

->Haha... I'm planning to take master degree later too... when I have enough money by myself (dunno when that will be)... T.T
What masters are you planning to take? I considered teaching, IT LOL
But I have no confidence :P We will see xD
And yeah, if I want to take masters, it will be on my own as well. Parents need money to retire LOL :S

Manjuu | 12-11-14, 9:43 PM

Shanashan | 11-30-14, 6:31 PM
lol. I major in business. Maybe that's the reason I haven't fail anything :x

My student visa still hasn't expire until March 15 2015 :P.

for TR, you need band 6.
For PR, you need band 8.
But she has a proper job here, so her company can sponsor her for a bit, but she still need band 7 to pass. But she keep getting 6.5 for only writing >_<..

1 week holiday for Christmas, thats alot! :O
normally people get eve + christmas + new year holiday (total 3 days) <i think?>

Shanashan | 11-29-14, 9:30 PM
Yea. Haven't fail any subject yet. But I got pass for some of them :X

Aiming PR. but we shall see :x
My sister worked here for almost 2 years (TR) but went back to Malaysia ..she can't meet IELTS target score for her writing test (can't get PR) >_<.
And accounting is dropped from SOL list.. so, probably she can't apply for PR in Australia dy (not sure :/)

Having holidays now~ Have a lot of time in hand xD (can watch more anime compared to the period when uni starts).

Shanashan | 11-29-14, 5:34 AM
Hehehe - I just finished my university life (waiting for result actually).
If I pass everything this semester, I am officially graduated :D

Yeah yeah, planning to get residency :(
Will gather all the documents in my home country then submit when I'm back in Australia during March.
*Pray* :/

And waoo, looking at your anime and manga list.
You have watch/read alot of them (Y)

Shanashan | 11-27-14, 7:34 PM
Yea yea. Going back Malaysia soon though (holiday).
Are you getting residency in Australia or going back to Indo? ;o

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