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January 19, 2013
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HalibelTheEspada | 12-10-13, 4:40 AM
Oh, alrighty thanks. But no problem, without any form of notifications it is kinda hard to notice any messages without expecting them/looking out for them.

HalibelTheEspada | 11-19-13, 1:41 PM
I just had to ask, is that Christa from Shingeki in your forum avatar? 'Cause she looks really familiar, but her hair doesn't really look much like Christa's so I have to know. >>

DirectorVhd | 09-06-13, 12:02 PM
For those who seek enlightenment and life lessons through anime.
Vigilate et discite!

Valeria-chan | 07-21-13, 3:30 AM
Thank u i really try to follow it i was really hoping to find someone else who has those same rules or at least views anime the same way.

It annoys me when people drop anime in the first episode there is only 1 anime that i am seriously sorry i even finished thankfully it wasnt that long in total it was an hour with 12 episodes i almost wanted to pull out my hair well i was sorry i started School Days but if u havent seen it or have tell me in the next message so i know havent looked at ur anime list yet which is strange normally i do. But There is only a very tiny handful of anime i regretted ever watching but most that i feel that way when i first start turns out to be diamonds in the rough so in the end i am really glad i did pick them up let alot finished them.

Valeria-chan | 07-20-13, 5:13 PM
So u have a 3 episode rule as well i take it since that is kinda what it sounds like from ur post about Fantasista Doll Episode 2 Discussion thats cool not many people have that rule in fact other then me ur the only other one i have seen with that

Seny | 07-08-13, 6:17 AM
I wasn't part, no. When it came out I was busy with uni. My anime time is generally on summer break. I should watch it as I have the thing. It's still a thing to see if the whole thing takes off nicely. Risk or not in the end it is still important for them to have an audience. No show is considered good if it has no watchers. I am quite curious about the Little Witch Academia.

Seny | 07-07-13, 6:21 AM
Ah I see. That's a shame. It would make for an adorable anime.
And companies indeed are there to please the customers and since many of them are like that...the result is a bunch of oversexualised animes. I do not mind it when it's about adults or into a gag but eh would prefer more kids are kids animes.
It's not like they are going to produce them as long as the customers want the 'loli' factor though.

BadAppleWhite | 07-07-13, 12:40 AM
I agree with your loli post on Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi ^.^

Seny | 07-05-13, 2:45 PM
Ah Youtsuba getting an adaption would be wonderful. Since it was always quite popular it's surprising it never did. I agree that children do often get turned in something else than they are but even besides the shows you said there are plenty more. Making a list would take quite a lot. People just tend to notice the odd perverted parts more. I would like if people refrained from using loli when it is not the case. Of course more often then not it is but in the cases that children are just children they should migrate elsewere and do something else.

Seny | 07-05-13, 9:52 AM
I have noticed that with every kid show. It doesn't matter if the kids just look like kids and act acordingly. People will always throw the loli coin even if it has no place there. I was always quite bothered by it. I am glad that those posts stopped. c:

Seny | 07-04-13, 5:50 AM
Hello, I like your list. I also agree with you on the whole loli thing. Did not post afraid not to get eatten by the stuborn wolves.

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