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November 29,
Paaran Disen
August 6, 2009
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Time (Days) 16.1
Watching 9
Completed 96
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Plan to Watch 5
Total Entries 119

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Time (Days) 33.6
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About ElanMorin
Cross my heart and hope to die

A Few quick things about me (this will change as I level up and acquire new titles, skills, traits and abilities ;)

Name: Elan Morin Tedronai
Titles: Dark Slayer, Ishamael, Elite Duelist (Betrayer of Hope)
Alias's: Bahamut, Valgaav, Vohlfied, Ciephied, Ishamael, Shin, Wake, Rail
Level: 52/99
Class: Dragoon/Darkfriend
Rank: A
Patron Deity: Odin
Worships: Shai'tan, the Great Lord of the Dark, Demon Dragon King Gaav
Traits: Soul Body, Die Hard, Demon Killer, Angel Slayer, Devil Hunter, Treekiller
Special Skills: Mimic, Copy Scroll, Realistic RP, Blind Sense (80 feet), Combat Reflexes, Combat Casting, High Jump
Magic: Pon Far
Special Techniques: Ten-kyoken, Infinity Arts, Trick Shot, Iron Curtain, Red Dragon's Crest
Hidden Techniques: Judgment Cut, Crimson, Cherry Blossoms
Finishing Move: Glimpse Omega

---Treekiller ***LEARNED***
---HP/MP Switch
---Dragon Slave

Double Techs
Lv.1 Spearcicle (with Dead-Phantom-Fai )

HP: 14,050 MP: 1,656 STR 68 DEX 58 CON 77 INT 37 WIS 30 SPR 1

"If words had names like 'red' and 'green', and two for sympathy; black and white and in between then, you'll be misery..."

"Everyday is an inquisition; who are you what are you why? I'm alive, I belong, I'll be back-- it's a half truth; still a whole lie."

I accept random friend requests, but if we add each other then never talk you get das boot

Enjoy my avatars:

Kuja and Trance Kuja

Vergil and Nelo Angelo (in human form)

Maverick Hunter's ZERO and X (in his Third Armor)

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Egypt (The Chains are On)
09-04-09, 10:15 PM Edited 06-15-12, 1:08 PM
Hallowed Be Thy Name
09-21-09, 9:45 AM Edited 07-08-10, 2:35 PM
I Want Out
08-19-09, 8:07 AM Edited 05-06-10, 10:42 PM

ElanMorin's Comments
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Princess-Star | 07-31-14, 4:36 PM
member of what ?
And Hi ! :)

ElanMorin | 07-28-14, 5:24 PM
Well, I got one of my Levels back.....

ElanMorin | 07-21-14, 1:09 PM
-10 Levels!
Rank Down!

ElanMorin | 03-21-14, 12:31 AM
I wanted to...

I wanted to so bad.....

......but the sly eagle hides his talons
...and my once thought allies are part of the problem

ElanMorin | 02-21-14, 4:01 PM
My laptop is finally fixed!!! Too bad I don't have an internet connection...

Isaiah-Lazarus | 02-15-14, 11:31 PM
He was one of the best Final Fantasy villains, next to Garland and Kefka.

Isaiah-Lazarus | 02-15-14, 12:54 PM
Love the Kuja pic.

ElanMorin | 01-28-14, 7:37 PM
"Alive, Dr.Doppler? You are so kind."

terrablu2003 | 12-25-13, 9:17 AM
Merry Christmas! :)

We can be friends again next year! : D

FuriKuri | 12-18-13, 2:39 PM
wait male? i said msg me

FuriKuri | 12-16-13, 3:28 PM
heeeeeeyo its furi :) miss me? been out of the lopop for quite some time. msg me! dooooeeeeiiiiit! .... now! .... clicky click

ElanMorin | 08-19-13, 11:08 AM
I hate not being able to find the manga Ive read on here!

ElanMorin | 07-24-13, 11:24 AM

terrablu2003 | 06-30-13, 7:40 AM
Hello! In a few days I leave for the holidays, so I went to wish you happy holidays!


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