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03-09-14, 2:37 PM
Netherlands, Europe
July 16, 2007
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Wainy | 02-09-10, 1:10 AM
Hello, since you are the fan of Sawada Tsunayoshi, would you like to join the Tsunayoshi Sawada FC ? XD

The Tsunayoshi Sawada FC is new, but we hope more people that like or love Tsuna to join us!!

You can link to Tsunayoshi Sawada FC by following:

Skadi | 05-29-09, 6:15 AM
You may find this amusing or upsetting, but I stumbled across this person on another site who had been stealing reviews from MAL and passing them off as his own. One of the ones he stole was yours for Dear Boys. I have already messaged the site operator about him stealing reviews. You may or may not care I just thought I would let you know. :)

kyou | 08-26-08, 7:10 PM
i c that makes sence. but in the club i heard that they might at the end of 2 thousand 9 make dragon eye an anime!

azkachaira | 08-25-08, 7:42 AM
halo. i hope we can be a good friends^-^

kyou | 08-15-08, 9:20 PM
u read silvery crow??? how r u liking it. im loving it they just got like a bunch of new chapters!

heres a dragon eye club that u can join- Squad Zero Members

KumaHunter | 06-26-08, 11:15 PM
wassup bladeknight!
I also like both slam dunk and ippo!!
theyre awesome

Feena-c | 04-03-08, 8:06 AM
Awesome profile pic. KHR FTW! :P

Hiina | 12-13-07, 7:48 AM
ik ben nog niet zo heel veel nederlanders tegengekomen hoor... U.U
ze verschuilen zich xP

Hiina | 12-11-07, 11:01 AM
hey! another person who lives in Holland. oh wat ben ik daar toch weer blij mee! ^-^ hoe bevalt 't je? wil je misschien vriendjes worden? *cute eyes* x3

Ducki | 11-12-07, 1:36 PM
Hey. ^^
Can you please bring me the site thet you download Elemental Gelade (the manga)?
I cannot find it.~
thenks. X3

Coffee | 10-22-07, 4:37 PM

pewee | 09-10-07, 5:26 PM
Hi Blade, just found your profile, I could not really be bothered to list the current and plan to watch ones on mu profile but... (I might have missed some older ones, I went through what was on this site and ticked the ones I have watched.)

I saw some of the ones you dropped, an put on hold; you should really finish them even if you read the manga. Such as busou renkin, dragon drive (first 8 episodes or so sucked, but it turned out quite good), Bakuretsu tenshin (on of the most kick ass shows of that year, give it a few more episodes), Black Cat (classic, I read the manga and loved the show too), KIBA (slow to begin but a great show ones you get into it). Any recommendations you can give me just tell me.

I'm currently watching One pice, always thought that was childish and without any action but it ROCKS! 165 episodes and counting...

Bladeknight | 07-17-07, 9:53 AM
For all of you asian stuff, go to

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