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Yesterday, 2:52 PM
December 21, 1982
December 23, 2007
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters add
Watching at 148 of 224
Battle Royale add
Reading at 79 of 119
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Time (Days) 169.2
Watching 13
Completed 702
On Hold 24
Dropped 82
Plan to Watch 143
Total Entries 964

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 47.9
Reading 19
Completed 82
On Hold 59
Dropped 28
Plan to Read 12
Total Entries 200

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Unknown :(

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A princess stands in the middle of a cornfield, waiting for her knight. The sun kisses her dark hair. no matter where he is, her knight will come to her side. The knight is bright in his burnished armour. Everyone sees them and loves them.

But I cannot be a princess. I am a wolf. I prowl in the darkness. I have walked the mountains where the winds howl and the cold stone offers no comfort. I have seen the winter snow and the graceful deer and the burning of men's fires.

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Kuilvio | 02-14-13, 11:13 PM
okay its funny that we are friends for this long and he havnt had not 1 conversation lol

Akuto | 05-11-12, 8:58 PM

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Hypercardiac | 02-11-12, 10:52 PM

The club is undergoing changes and we want you to come back and visit! We are adding member cards, a active blogger library, tips and tricks, resources... :c)

redhobbit | 03-16-11, 9:26 PM
How is .hack//Quantum? I haven't heard too much on it but it looks like it stars a stylized version of the cast from first ps2 .hack// series.

Touka | 12-21-09, 4:06 AM
Hey! Happy Birthday! :) Hope you enjoy yourself, and also have a great Christmas.

sebg | 12-20-09, 2:43 PM
Happy Birthday!!! :)

redhobbit | 05-30-09, 7:02 PM
Glad to see I'm not the only one catching up on Natsume's second run. How do you think it stacked up to the first season?

Necromancer_1983 | 12-16-08, 5:49 AM
How could I forget that?! You still need to watch One Outs ;p

Necromancer_1983 | 12-15-08, 6:44 AM
Hopefully we won't explode if it gets any higher :P autumn's nearly over!!! I don't think I have any idea of the new winter shows yet, hopefully something good while I wait for FMA 2 ;p *still needs to finish Hajime no Ippo before the new season in January*

Necromancer_1983 | 12-15-08, 4:42 AM
87.7%?! will our compatability reach 90% soon? ;p

ZenZurfer | 08-11-08, 8:11 AM
hi nice profile! meow ( ^.^ )

Hound_of_Ulster | 07-11-08, 8:24 AM
It's a show that deserves a nice parody beat-down...

Hound_of_Ulster | 07-09-08, 10:01 AM
you should be glad you dropped Pumpkin Scissors...its an utter diasater after ep 18.

Hound_of_Ulster | 07-08-08, 6:43 PM
I'm not surprised...I'd watch that much if I was totally bored with all my other interests...

Hound_of_Ulster | 07-08-08, 9:00 AM
And I thought I'd seen a lot of anime.....

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