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Aria Pokoteng (アリア)
Amongst the undine companies, it's a tradition to keep a blue-eyed cat (breed is not a problem here) as mascot for good luck.

President Aria is the Aria Company's mascot, a male Aqua breed feline (common trait are bigger than Earth breed and human-level intelligence). He is smart enough to understand human speech. President Aria was a stray cat before being taken in by Grandma twenty years ago and has been the company's mascot ever since.

He really loves to eat, coupled with Alicia and Akari doting on him, making him really chubby.

He has a crush on President Hime and is mortally afraid of President Maa and her tendency to latch her jaw on to his sizable stomach.

(Source: AnimeNfo)

Voice Actors
Nishimura, Chinami
Valenti, Federica
Yun, Mi Na

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