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July 13, 2008
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Hello, welcome to my profile here on MAL. I've got some recommendations and a few reviews up. Also, some stuff I contributed to MAL's database:

So that was the grand tour.
Enjoy your stay.

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Cooltaff12 | Today, 6:05 AM
Ello AfterGlow!

Saw your invitation, am I that special?

Lindle | Yesterday, 12:30 PM

Orion1 | 05-09-15, 2:56 AM
Afterglow please please tone it down a bit. I know you feel strongly, and trust me, I fought tooth and nail against the entire challenge idea and lost when we put to a vote. I can't even help with the One Piece issue because I haven't read any of it. But surely you see how saying that it's the best shounen work is a seriously subjective and biased statement equally absurd as to those people who apparently disagree, tasteless or not. You will have your chance to make a case for it, if and when it goes up for a challenge. For now I'm erasing your comment and will continue erasing them if you choose to continue making offensive personal attacks. Others want me to ban you, I actually agree with you most of the time but know you can be more mature.

Lindle | 05-03-15, 4:27 AM
Never bothered, not likely to start.

Lindle | 04-16-15, 11:45 AM
...about nothing.

Lindle | 04-15-15, 11:36 AM
This is hilarious for reasons that you have no way of knowing.

StealthActivated | 03-23-15, 1:05 PM
Sorry i added Dragon Ball instead of Hunter x Hunter
The review was recommendation was suppose to be about Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho. It's my first recommendation so i was bound to make a mistake and the author was Yoshihiro Togashi.

vmdahaka2 | 02-27-15, 8:45 PM

vmdahaka2 | 02-27-15, 8:44 PM
Oh such a big bad boy
Just go ahead, spam me as much as you want

Lindle | 02-09-15, 8:19 AM
Name: My Friend Goo

Destructive Power: A
Speed: A
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: E
Developmental Potential: E

My Friend Goo can convert any object into liquid, and back again if the user wants. In liquid form, converted objects can be stored inside My Friend Goo. It can convert living things, but they will not survive the conversion. The exception to this is its user.

My Friend Goo is humanoid from the torso up, but has a genie-esque tail from waist down. It is light blue, and has the appearance of viscous slime (as does any converted object). It has what appears to be a black bob-haircut, and thick sunglasses, which combined obscure most of its face.

riqueterremoto | 01-08-15, 3:17 PM
I'm still on volume 6,but I bet the end is pretty fucked up.When I finish it I will tell you what were my toughts

riqueterremoto | 01-05-15, 1:37 PM
Yup I reached that scene,his art is just fited for WTF moments and the first few chapters even tough they have some WTF moments it isn't as much of what is happening on the currently ones I am.

Lindle | 01-05-15, 10:06 AM
"Volumes: 50"

I'm right in the middle of Berserk and Vagabond right now, so I'll come back to that when I have a little less on my shoulders.

riqueterremoto | 01-04-15, 11:28 AM
I saw a picture of The world is mine in the Dark club and started reading it,but the art doesn't look as good as the picture you added,does it get better bu the time it pass or is just that he makes more effort on certain pages?

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