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Hi ^___^Welcome to my profile ^_^

My name is Ana, I got into anime when I was 13(my first ever anime I've watched in japanese was Yu-Gi-Oh ) and since then I can't stop watching them :D I can watch pretty much anything, but I prefer anime that have lots of action, psychological/mind screw. Basically I prefer anime that makes me think and that evokes strong emotions.And I like awesome battles too :D
About manga, I haven't read a lot of them, but I like mangas from Kaoru Yuuki(she is a must read author! Pretty much every anime that I rated with 9 or 10 are my favorite ones ^_^
I also like to read a lot ^_^
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask/add me or if you just want to talk about anime or manga ^_^ Oh and 9GAG took my soul ♥

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Gmancam | 03-20-15, 10:45 AM
He doesn't either sadly. He is 9 years my senior and pretty much grew out of it by time he was in his late teens/early 20s. I'm still a nerd though so I am carrying on with my anime and manga grind ;p

Gmancam | 03-19-15, 9:52 AM
Aww that's cute! My older brother and I used to watch anime together when we were little also. That's actually the reason I picked up Initial D. I remember him bringing home a racing anime on a CD and we watched. So one day I randomly googled "racing anime" to try to find it and went on the marathon xD. Come to think of it it was probably the first anime I watched subbed.

Does your sister still look at anime?

Gmancam | 03-16-15, 1:32 PM
I'll definitely be checking it out to experience the nostalgia. I'll watch the first episode ASAP just to quench the craving for it and maybe wait a few weeks after so the episodes can pile up.

Gmancam | 03-14-15, 7:31 AM
I think the car Kenji was cleaning was his. Really though it doesn't seem like he does anything compared to his friends xD. No work or school, as far as they show he just comes and chills at the gas station. He might as well write an application.

BTW will you be watching the new Digimon season that will start airing next month? It's a continuation of the original :D

Gmancam | 03-13-15, 10:01 AM
I really liked the back story we got for Ryousuke. Really just shows how amazing he is that he could hold that weight of his lover's suicide on his shoulder and still function and be such a good leader for the younger guys. Speaking about Ryo..he looked completely different this time, not only his hair but his entire face got changed aaah!

Shinji was basically a Takumi 2.0. Well a more unpolished version I would say. He mad a good final opponent and their entire races intense. Especially that ending! I was like "Holy shit!" when Takumi turned his lights back on saw that he was over reving then blew his engine. I honestly was expecting a predictable ending like Takumi vs his dad or a re-match vs Keisuke.

My only complaint would be that there was a bit too much dialogue going on between the races. It felt like for each race 2/3 of the time would just be Ryo or one of the strategist for the opponents just going on and on. The explanations did add more to the races but at times there wasn't much actual racing going on since the scenes just focused on them talking instead of showing the battles.

Happy endings from everyone though. Takumi, Keisuke, Mako all graduating form the streets into the pro circuit was nice to see :D. Ryo also still out there looking for the next unpolished talent to turn into a legend.

Gmancam | 03-12-15, 7:26 AM
Oh man, just finished Initial D...I'm so sad that it's over ;(

Gmancam | 03-05-15, 9:25 PM
So I've heard. I'll probably start watching the second season sometime next week. :D

Gmancam | 03-01-15, 6:59 PM
I watch Arc-V with my gf who is a HUGE YGO fan. It has a more laid back tone so far but the story is starting to pick up and things are getting serious and a bit dark. My favorite part about it is that the characters use all kinds of summoning methods. You get to see rituals, synchros, fusions, tribute summoning and the new one which is called pendulum summoning. Some characters also use some of the older archetypes like Monarchs so there is a lot to appreciate from fans of the older series.

As for Hiurashi, I am still on the fence on that one. Not too sure what I really think about it. Apparently I'm not supposed to understand a lot of what is going on till I watch the second season. Has a lot of crazy moments though and I do like the mystery and suspenseful parts which keeps me interested at least.

Gmancam | 02-27-15, 7:15 PM
I agree, that was a bullshit win Takumi earned there. I would have preferred if he just finally lost and learnt from it instead of such a lame victory =/. Also one thing i've realized is relationships like never work in Initial D haha. Poor Itsuki was about to go get a room till Wataru showed up with his sister's ex xD

I've actually never seen the live action for BR.

Gmancam | 02-20-15, 7:42 PM
Yeah they are 2 OVA series with 3 episodes total. They are called Extra Stage. Just focuses on the Blue Impact girls and Iketani for the most part.

I agree about Mogi. She did work hard to change and it's not like Takumi forgave her right away, she had to work hard for him to warm back up to her.

I'm also on the 4th season though I am a bit further than you ;p. Keisuke actually gets his own mini arc soon from where you are watching so your wishes will be answered ^^

Yes I loved Shinji. He was so handsome and charismatic T_T

Gmancam | 02-17-15, 10:54 AM
You might want to check out the first Extra stage now that you completed the 2nd season. 2 episode OVA that focuses on the Blue Impact girls.

Takumi x Mogi is developed A LOT in the movie(3rd stage) so look forward to that :D

Yeah Ryo hair changed like every season. The art director can't make up his mind or something LOL. Yeah Bunta is a badass. Doing that drift with no hands, he still got it!

Gmancam | 02-12-15, 10:58 PM
You and I are on the same boat about racing/cars. No driver's license here either and I know nothing about cars besides the basic stuff myself. I just randomly came across this series and remembered my brother and I watching a few episodes as kids and decided to give it a shot haha.

You are going to find yourself rooting for him even more! The next 2 seasons focuses a lot on developing and fleshing out Takumi's character. :D

Gmancam | 02-09-15, 9:13 PM
How are you liking Initial D so far? I found myself marathoning the first stage in 2 days.

SirPrise | 01-08-15, 2:18 PM

Kyubey isn't evil, he doesn't have emotions so he's not capable of being evil. He just has a different value system. It's not his fault nobody properly asked him about the conditions.
He's awesome though.xD

chaosflame5 | 12-21-14, 7:50 AM
Ah I see :D Makes sense ^^ Nah it's not about being awkward online xD It's just you thinking whether or not to comment, since I know some people might think it's not a good idea while others do. Glad you think that's normal to ask ^^ since when I asked this to some other random commenters, they just said "I don't know" or claim that they forgot how they saw my profile -__-

I remember a channel called GoldenUmi who used to have all the episodes on YouTube before the dumb copyright took them all down :( But gladly I had them now downloaded thanks to that person uploading to some site :D I just need time to watch them as well as much episodes. Yes it was surprising that Aki became a doctor o.o I thought she wants to become some champion in duelling or something. But yeah, I like the ending of 5D's, though I thought it could be longer like DM :/ I guess DM will always remain the longest running Yugioh series to date. And if Ushio from 5D's is actually the same person as in season 0 (which I indeed watched), then where the hell is Yugi and Judai across the story arcs of 5D's? xD And why it's even necessary to do a time travel to unite them?? o.o I guess every time travel or timeline thing will always messed up in some shape and form, pity though. :/ Well I guess if she still clings to the classics than the ones after that xD Cannot help then ._.
Yes, Zexal II is better than the first half. But don't expect as dark as 5D's though, even though there are dark moments in Zexal too. Haha, I swear to myself not to watch any dubbed anime again xD So I need to rewatch GX purely in Japanese version as well (first two seasons especially). I did exactly as you did with GX, watched the first two seasons in 4Kids' dub, then the remaining of the series in Japanese version (subbed). I think the reason of americans always edit some Shounen genre shows is to degrade and dumb down the shows so the kids can watch them instead, since they think that the best target customer for cards is kids, not teens. But it's the other way around -___- Teens collect most cards than kids in my opinion. *Sigh* nothing to do about them, just ignore their versions of anime xD Same goes for how they ruined the voices of anime when they dub them -__-
And yes, Opacho is a girl, even on Wiki it's confirmed of her gender. She even looked like one xD 4Kids is dumb! D: I don't know how that company still exists.
Ohh I remember now o.o That part was scary :s Did Faust allied with Yoh just like the anime did? Or is the manga different? o.o I guess for target viewers, they have to censor the blood perhaps, since it's for 12+, not 15+ or 18+, which would have blood and that bone scene as well as Manta's stomach being opened. Just like how Fairy Tail manga is more graphic in blood scenes and perverted parts. Though FT movie had some blood.
Hmm...UBW movie by Studio Deen was a rushed version of the VN as you may have noticed. Since I'm not far from the VN, all I can tell is that, Ufotable's new F/SN is far more in detail compare to Deen's movie version. But since you played the whole VN, I guess you can still watch it just to see which parts are different, since I read some comments that there were some deviations from the VN slightly. And I can't wait for Heaven's Feel movie to come out, I heard that route is the most darkest route o.o Is this true? o.o
Thanks :)

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