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October 2, 1992
Sotoba village
August 5, 2010
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About Heiko92
Hi ^___^Welcome to my profile ^_^

My name is Ana, I got into anime when I was 13(my first ever anime I've watched in japanese was Yu-Gi-Oh ) and since then I can't stop watching them :D I can watch pretty much anything, but I prefer anime that have lots of action, psychological/mind screw. Basically I prefer anime that makes me think and that evokes strong emotions.And I like awesome battles too :D
About manga, I haven't read a lot of them, but I like mangas from Kaoru Yuuki(she is a must read author! Pretty much every anime that I rated with 9 or 10 are my favorite ones ^_^
I also like to read a lot ^_^
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask/add me or if you just want to talk about anime or manga ^_^ Oh and 9GAG took my soul ♥

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Marilight | Jul 6, 4:01 PM
oh thank you :)

draconicwyvern | Jul 5, 11:08 AM
Thanks! Yes, aren't cat-dumplings the best? XD

Gmancam | Jun 21, 3:30 AM
Same here but I love the parody music videos they put out of it so I watch those a lot :P

Dragonflyk | Jun 10, 3:45 AM
Hey, thx 4 the add! It was a random request from a random request club :)
So, your introduction there was 4 years old, the same as your 'about me' section. I was wondering if your mind on anime/manga changed in the mean time? Different favorites, discovered other genres you like,...

Vlayer | Jun 7, 10:29 AM
Thanks :), felt I had to collect my thoughts somewhere after seeing all that.

Gmancam | Jun 2, 9:41 PM

PinkPetals | May 26, 5:03 PM
Hello~ would you like to join our club? :)
(just click on the banner)

Gmancam | May 20, 9:09 PM
I love DBZ abridged too! Yu-gi-oh abridged is also a fav :D

Gmancam | May 17, 5:14 PM
Oh man those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing haha. Yes I have seen the abridged versions and I absolutely love them. Only issue is they only do 1 episode every year so the wait time is hella hard :(

Gmancam | Mar 20, 10:45 AM
He doesn't either sadly. He is 9 years my senior and pretty much grew out of it by time he was in his late teens/early 20s. I'm still a nerd though so I am carrying on with my anime and manga grind ;p

Gmancam | Mar 19, 9:52 AM
Aww that's cute! My older brother and I used to watch anime together when we were little also. That's actually the reason I picked up Initial D. I remember him bringing home a racing anime on a CD and we watched. So one day I randomly googled "racing anime" to try to find it and went on the marathon xD. Come to think of it it was probably the first anime I watched subbed.

Does your sister still look at anime?

Gmancam | Mar 16, 1:32 PM
I'll definitely be checking it out to experience the nostalgia. I'll watch the first episode ASAP just to quench the craving for it and maybe wait a few weeks after so the episodes can pile up.

Gmancam | Mar 14, 7:31 AM
I think the car Kenji was cleaning was his. Really though it doesn't seem like he does anything compared to his friends xD. No work or school, as far as they show he just comes and chills at the gas station. He might as well write an application.

BTW will you be watching the new Digimon season that will start airing next month? It's a continuation of the original :D

Gmancam | Mar 13, 10:01 AM
I really liked the back story we got for Ryousuke. Really just shows how amazing he is that he could hold that weight of his lover's suicide on his shoulder and still function and be such a good leader for the younger guys. Speaking about Ryo..he looked completely different this time, not only his hair but his entire face got changed aaah!

Shinji was basically a Takumi 2.0. Well a more unpolished version I would say. He mad a good final opponent and their entire races intense. Especially that ending! I was like "Holy shit!" when Takumi turned his lights back on saw that he was over reving then blew his engine. I honestly was expecting a predictable ending like Takumi vs his dad or a re-match vs Keisuke.

My only complaint would be that there was a bit too much dialogue going on between the races. It felt like for each race 2/3 of the time would just be Ryo or one of the strategist for the opponents just going on and on. The explanations did add more to the races but at times there wasn't much actual racing going on since the scenes just focused on them talking instead of showing the battles.

Happy endings from everyone though. Takumi, Keisuke, Mako all graduating form the streets into the pro circuit was nice to see :D. Ryo also still out there looking for the next unpolished talent to turn into a legend.

Gmancam | Mar 12, 7:26 AM
Oh man, just finished Initial D...I'm so sad that it's over ;(

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