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August 5, 2010
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Hi ^___^Welcome to my profile ^_^

My name is Ana, I got into anime when I was 13(my first ever anime I've watched in japanese was Yu-Gi-Oh ) and since then I can't stop watching them :D I can watch pretty much anything, but I prefer anime that have lots of action, psychological/mind screw. Basically I prefer anime that makes me think and that evokes strong emotions.And I like awesome battles too :D
About manga, I haven't read a lot of them, but I like mangas from Kaoru Yuuki(she is a must read author!) and some of CLAMP works ^^My number one favorite anime is Death Note-but pretty much every anime that I rated with 9 or 10 are my favorite ones ^_^
I also like to read a lot ^_^
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask/add me or if you just want to talk about anime or manga ^_^ Oh and 9GAG took my soul ♥

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Supermacaquecool | 03-20-14, 3:51 PM
... Sorry for the late reply, I just didn't have Internet xP
And yeah, Takei sure likes to mess with Hao. What did you think of the conclusion of the Mappa Doji story? :P Just caught up with SK0 and SKF
I still ought to give xxxHolic a shot. What did you say you recommended me? Manga or anime?
Oh, no...Often one-shots are better than lots of stories I've seen...hmm...
Anyway, if you like to go with the flow of a story, you'll def love Dorohedoro. It's all about the details and the mood in Dorohedoro! Such a great world building!
And Lol Your review of Aku no Hana made me feel interested...and gave me some laughs as well.
Kiba has plot twists? Doesn't seem to be the kind of twisty anime :1 I'll check it out!
Awesome. For me it's only about the food, because we never give presents to each other XD
Yeah, Annarasumanara is awesome!

Clark_Kent | 01-21-14, 10:28 AM
Crno,da crnje ne može biti haha

Supermacaquecool | 01-09-14, 5:59 PM
Don't worry. I know about that (hadn't happened me recently, but I've been without Internet for around two weeks or so a few times in the past).
Lol Ofc you'd fangirl, you like Hao xd Ikr? I can't see why…Takei is so weird, liking to kind of gender bender Hao so much…Dat Hair. Btw I assume you'll like these colorings: by me but by Cobalt Patch, an active member of both Shaman King and Karakuridoji fandoms xd
Did you notice Zenki and Gonki were originally demons owned by the onmyou that picked Hao? thought they looked awesome, and a lot more hellish than in the original SK. Ah, yeah, that part in which Hao longs to become something greater than the tiny us was neat.
Hey! I was also amazed by what happened to Daitaro! That was a dick move from that onmyou!! XD I don't what will be released later, but I'm quite curious to see the conclusion as well. Funny thing is this zero chapter is actually longer than the SKF 19 XD Raws if you wish to see what will be up next:
Ah, there are so many things Takei can still include as Hao's background. Dang! To be perfectly honest I wasn't all that interested in this zero chapter at the beginning, but it picked up really well. Looking forward for the next part.
What? That sounds weird. Tsubasa sounds weird!
Aha, bad luck. When you pick up Soul Eater let me know your thoughts about it! Send me pages if you will! That manga I recommended you? Dorohedoro? You should totally read it! I mean, if you read Gantz, I'm sure you can handle Dorohedoro's violence. It's a great manga! Chapter 122 was fantastic! Very glorious in terms of writing. Ahahaha Perhaps the only bad thing about Dorohedoro is that is still on-going, but we're closing up already with this arc :(, so yeah, read it!
I've interested in that one, but haven't give it a shot. How's Aku no Hana?
Wow! I'm also interested in Kiba! How's it?
That's awesome, didn't know that.
They were ok. I'm not really religious, so Christmas is only about food for me.
Happy 2014 btw...
Yeah, that funbari chapter was pretty neat. Such nostalgia!
Annarasumanra was beautiful. I loved how it made use of the manhwa format. Truly exception when it comes to the artistic regard. And the topics were great. The exploration the author gave to them and the characters' stand before them was quite good and meaningful. There was some stuff that seem a tad cheesy, but it's because it holds the message of keeping your dreams because they're valuable things and such.he ending wasn't anything unexpected, but it was good. It did give an conclusion to the development of the topics, and while it was a sort of happy one, was still convincing and well executed. I enjoyed the middle part more, but this one is a truly outstanding one

Supermacaquecool | 01-02-14, 8:59 PM
The new Zero chapter has been released!

Supermacaquecool | 12-11-13, 9:53 AM
Thanks. I think the one I'm working on right now is getting very well too!
XD Sounds great. What are you reading right now?
That's cool. Recently I asked someone what he thought of Hana and he said that Hana is a bizarre MC in the sense he's a threat for anyone surrounding him. That adds up to his character. Now...if only the new chapter was released soon :'/
About Yoh: I know Hao said so, but...the way they talk is...hum...why would Hao put a replica Yoh up to date? ._. Seriously, this is confusing.
Well, Hana's pretty much a jerk that manages to piss off Amidamaru XD How many times has Amidamaru been angry since Flowers started? lol On the other time, I can't remember a single time when Amidamaru was angry at Yoh...except in the Harusame arc ofc (when it broke).
Nope :º I'll check it out one of these days...

Clark_Kent | 12-10-13, 9:28 AM
Tako,ne znam.Izdešavale su se razne stvari ljetos o tome ćemo kasnije :3

ma ništa bre,hej.

Ti kako si? <3

Supermacaquecool | 12-06-13, 8:36 PM
Sorry for the late reply o_o I was busy trying to figure out how to do a daily doodle for a challenge I took…Geez, I have made so many of them…you know…my art blog and all. I finished a manga coloring, if ya feel interested in it:
Awesome. Did you like Tras Bulba?
Sounds awesome. I'll def check Dammed yard. I hope to finish it before this year ends.
Lol XD What do you think that Yoh is? Is he the one and only or only a replica? Yep, that seems to be the case. Tbh, Hana is an interesting character. it's such a rarity when the MC it's not an overly hyperactive dumb boy xd Hana's a jerk but doesn't have a tragic background story nor anything, he's just an irrational asshole xd (sorry for the world). I've met a lot of ppl like that in rl, with a distorted filter when seeing the world, and that might make a good premise for Hana's personal development. Most of ppl get their issues for their irrational behavior/ thoughts... It could be great...but it all depends on Takei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yoh's hippie attitude is the best ofc XD Nah, Gakko is pretty dumb it seems. He has a loose mouth XD

Clark_Kent | 11-16-13, 9:15 AM
Ne zaboravi na mene 'ej,haha..
Ti? :*

Clark_Kent | 11-03-13, 2:40 AM
Verovatno ga je neko prijavio.Pih,kakvi no-liferi pa to je užasno.Oćeš ga opet napraviti???

Miss you :c

Supermacaquecool | 10-31-13, 7:14 PM
I kind of understood what the book is about xd But more than causing me boredom (it didn't), your explanation caused me confusion xd I'm going to try to find it and read it, but it sounds like historical novel (kind of). The only historical novel I've read is Tras Bulba, by Gogol xd It was a nice reading, but some details confused me...which was due my poor history knoledge at the time...I'm afrain I might suffer the same drawbacks with "The dammed yard", cuz I know very little about Serbian and sultans(I've forgotten from what country they were rulers xd XC)...xd
It's not like I've a super steady confidence about my work, but I least I have some appreciation for them xd
It's my fav piece xd
I just read it. Kind of excited by that announce. How did you like the chapter?

Clark_Kent | 10-31-13, 1:15 AM
Šta ti se desilo sa fejsbuk nalogom? :O

Supermacaquecool | 10-30-13, 9:51 AM
xd But still very little, I guess. Didn't know about that bombarding. Hum...I've never read anything from Ivo Andrić, but I guess that since I have time, I should. Just because I'm curious xd If I can find them online xd Doubt any library around here has them.
xd Wasn't talking about me xd But about how it sucks to save the money xD But thanks for your input! Have you see this one: It's the bird drawing I like the most.

Supermacaquecool | 10-29-13, 12:36 PM
...I can't say I know a lot about Serbia, but every tuesday I hear a radio program that broadcasts music from East Europe (the music is either folklore songs or was inspired on such), and ofc, I've heard some Serbian songs. It seems Serbia is a country that has suffered countless wars, and one particularly painful was when the invasion by the Ottoman Empire... xd Or so I remember. There's a book about that, isn't it? Written by Ivo Andrić...right? I've never read it tho...
Nuh, I only reblogged the gifs. Here's the stuff I've actually done my self: and here:
Guh, it sucks, doesn't it? When one's walking down the road to home, there are tons of stuff one'd like to buy xd

Supermacaquecool | 10-27-13, 9:36 PM
O_o You're from Serbian?! Wow! I think Sebia has awesome landscapes xd And music :3
Hadn't seen Inuyasha yet, but I will, I swear!
Look at these fantastic gifs: :3 Shaman King.
xc I save cuz I can't buy anything without saving...

Supermacaquecool | 10-23-13, 11:48 AM
Me too!! :/ :/ But I just spent 1/3 of dollar in bread xd It was something like this:
xd But considering I've only managed to save 2 & 2/3 of dollar :0 It was a bit expensive for my pocket xc Mankin wasn't an anime of my childhood, and I'm grateful for that xd That way I could get interested in the manga and read an awesome story 8)
Yah, can't tell the same about Hana, that guy is a jerk xd I like him still :º
Woops, sounds like a deadly trap. What subject was it about?
Np! I always try to spread the word about Ushio to Tora, because honestly it has the most awesome youkai designs I've seen!
And there are tons more!!
Meh, there's no such thing as a manga library in here...which makes me sad :c But I also want the reprinted ver of SK so badly!! *cries for hours*

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