Nihei, Tsutomu

Nihei, Tsutomu

Given name:
Family name: 弐瓶
Birthday: 1971
Member Favorites: 910
Birth Place: Fukushima, Fukushima, Japan

Nihei studied architecture and after that he went abroad to work one year in New York. After that year, he returned to Japan and decided to become a mangaka. He started at Koudansha's Afternoon, and has been Takahashi Tsutomu's assistant for a while (working on Jiraishin).

Twitter: @tsutomu_nihei
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Blame! Prologue
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Blame! Special
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Sidonia no Kishi
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Sidonia no Kishi Movie
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Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki
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Dead Heads
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Sidonia no Kishi
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Kyotouryuu | 05-22-15, 3:10 PM
all hail you

Kokko | 04-11-15, 4:15 PM
Blame and Abara are fantastic. Biomega is a bit too pulpy for my taste but a great ride. Sidonia is the weakest, but it's got the best art.

Veldarth | 03-21-15, 12:36 PM
Rejoice, Niheifags, BLAME! is getting reprinted!

AdunToridas11 | 03-14-15, 7:41 AM
A master of creating dark sci-fi stories, atmospheres through his beatifull artwork that tells more of the story then the words themself. Can´t wait to see what he will make in the future after sidonia!

Malfegor | 02-20-15, 11:51 AM
Nihei is fucking cool, i want to high-five him.

Can't wait for the Blame segment in the KoS movie and, well, KoS season two.

cupc | 02-20-15, 5:51 AM
This guy understands what I like

hybreezy | 11-19-14, 12:27 PM
Soon apparently, well done

UnoPuntoCinco | 11-15-14, 11:24 PM
BLAME! anime when?

nitrohawk | 10-23-14, 6:17 PM
His art is like an orgasm for the eyes.

2AM | 08-24-14, 8:34 PM
Blame: Blame After reading I do not know how to react to seeing such genius put on a manga, and such great works of art, scenery, everything perfect. So I soon realized that you are really a genius.

Biomega: Do not Blame pleased me as much as it truly was a masterpiece worthy of 10/10 but it was a very well introduced and differentiated manga. It was a good manga, 7/10.

Among their other works: Abara, Blame Gakuen! And So On, Dead Heads, Noise, Sabrina, did not please me so much, I read them after meeting Blame. But unfortunately gave me the same thrill, surprise and reaction to having read Blame.

And I am currently reading Sidonia no Kishi, this is showing a very good manga, I hope it continues.

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