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NanaKo Robin Chapter 12 Discussion

Poll: NanaKo Robin Chapter 12 Discussion

09-15-10, 2:31 AM

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This is a manga only discussion post. Please do not discuss anything beyond this chapter!

;__; It’s complete. What are your thoughts?
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12-19-10, 4:50 PM

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What about the freaking debt? I was more worried about the family crisis than those two. I still like this mangaka's work 7/10.
12-26-10, 9:43 AM

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Lol "Lend me some money!"

I liked this manga very much though the story wasn't really complex I had a very good time reading it. But to be honest it would have been better to follow the romance between Kaede and the nameless guy. I found that quite amusing but stupid hilarious as well.
02-05-12, 6:41 AM

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Basically, it was a good love story. Sadly, it wasn't very realistic. I think I lol'ed a couple of times at how unbelievable it was. For example...

"Lend me some money."

Or maybe the fact that she quit school to get a job. She's so hardcore. They didn't say anything about the debt, yes, and the confession was rushed. No time to let it seep in, and they kiss at a crucial part of the story. It would have been nicer if they kissed on the plane, if you ask me. But I liked how it was exactly like the beginning. Nostalgia~!

I should stop brooding over the bad parts of the manga and get with the good ones. I'm so pessimistic.
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11-29-12, 10:17 PM

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Loved it! Moooore pleeeeaaaaase! xD
04-02-14, 4:26 PM

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Loved the series, my only wish is that it could have continued where it left off. Feel like the instant they finally confess, it ends, which for romance I prefer the opposite (confession / whatever happens early on). Overall 6/10.
04-22-14, 10:21 PM
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Very predictable imo but a cute ending. Wish it was a bit longer for...character development. Whatever.