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Poll: what do you hate more male or female tsunderes and why
anastasialover6 - Sep 27
0 replies by anastasialover6 »»
Sep 27, 1:23 PM
Male Tsundere (Oranyan)
xStarling - Nov 17, 2010
7 replies by anastasialover6 »»
Sep 27, 1:19 PM
Rie Kugimiya
EternalTears - Nov 26, 2010
13 replies by anastasialover6 »»
Apr 29, 5:13 PM
Tsunderes that you like? ( 1 2 )
Seth-Z-101 - Feb 26, 2010
65 replies by anastasialover6 »»
Apr 29, 3:59 PM
Origins: When did you start disliking (or stop liking) Tsundere girls? ( 1 2 )
Torisunanohokori - Dec 9, 2008
60 replies by anastasialover6 »»
Apr 25, 1:26 PM

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Club Comments
Hirshwell | Sep 8, 6:46 PM
breddy gud, u?

MelodicQueef | Sep 8, 6:34 PM
Hello, my fellow haters of those so-called hypocritical and hormonal menstrual flesh-sacks that are called 'Tsundere'. How are you?

SenSein | May 27, 1:00 PM
Could you watch my first gameplay ?

jpnorris | Apr 9, 6:51 PM
Tsunderes will dominate the World with our resistance stops...

SenSein | Nov 22, 2014 11:33 AM
Hello. My sister created profile in FB about drawing Fanarts. Could you help :) ?

HienFan | Nov 13, 2014 3:43 AM
Seen two of the four tsundere wonders anime

I actually like Shana but Louise? GET OUT(I refuse to see the show after episode 1 because of her) though the lower English voice is better than that ear piercing take Rie has

I don't know about the other two but I have no interest in Hayate no Gotoku

And I love it how male tsundere lovers hates the female counterparts, I hate them more male tsundere than female ones and I'm suppose to like them since they are sexy hunks and I'm a girl, guess what I don't like sexy hunks that have no substance but be a cold asshat all the time I mean Ed Elric and Kyo Sohma are okay but most Shojo I can't bother to remember the name and the guys from Vampire Knight they can give a run with Louise for my least favourites out there

potato | Oct 2, 2014 4:57 PM
i should've specified more: if they have a legitimate reason for their behaviour, whether because of childhood trauma, bad past experiences, etc. then they are "justified" for their actions. although this doesn't always mean they will be likable.

the people that are okay with tsundere have god-knows many reasons. mine is that i only like the ones that are toned-down, realistic and non-violent . it's still liking a kind of tsundere but not the bitchy abusive ones that are the trash kind.

Drejul | Oct 2, 2014 5:10 AM
Jenski, how is tsundere trash ever justified for having such ugly personalities? You don't purposely abuse people you like...

Also, why are there people in here that say they are ok with tsundere? This is a club AGAINST tsundere.

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