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First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that this is not an elitist club. Our goal is to come up a list of highly recommended quality shows that are exemplary either within genre or universally. However, everyone has different standards when it comes to this, so I have made up a short list of basic requirements with the goal of ensuring maximum participation from our members.

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Club Comments
Lordwen | 8 hours ago
Opposing the temptation of a raspberry Häagen-Dazs, ghosts, a lot of talk about suicide because why not, fight scene, finally Häagen-Dazs tasting.

Have you seen those shiny eyes? Great movie.

ladyxzeus | 9 hours ago
In defense of the KnK movies, I think that the movies by themselves (except 5 and 7) don't work as standalones and the whole franchise is good as a whole and not individually. That said, I think the most interesting part is the character drive and development. I can't agree about the antagonists: some are good, some are not that good, but overall they are all pretty motivated on their reasons.

The action scenes are also pretty interesting for the most part, making a good use of perspective (which I think it's the best part of an action scene)

The whole philosophical part went over me and I don't quite remember it anymore.

Also, one of the very very few anime that touches the issue of "real life" drugs.

Fellener | Yesterday, 5:15 PM
KnK is really pretentious, characters talking about philosophy butt has no aplication to the characters since they barely feel like characters. They are just there to infodump you.

TonyTheme | Yesterday, 3:53 PM
KnK gets too far up its own ass. When it comes out to breathe, it gets decent.

DerMond | Yesterday, 3:42 PM
I don't know how much of KnK expresses Nasu's views, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case. The series is one of his first work, and contrary to Tsukihime and the Fate series, in KnK, Nasu builds a system that includes the basic concepts of his universe in their purest form. Moreover, between the first movie and the final one, the system is complete, the epilogue being the closing argument.

You could also try to look into the Nasuverse wiki about those concepts: Sorcery, counterforce, Akasha, origin and so on. They help understand the series a great deal. Many spoiler ahead though.

Magus | Yesterday, 3:30 PM
I knew that this series is somewhat trying to be deep because of their philosophical views. But everytime I try to think about what they just said it reflects the author's views. Maybe I gave little attention to the deeper parts, but the fault is that the setting is too inappropriate. teens are too young for these kind of themes. Makes them real angsty.

But yeah, as I watch it I wonder what the novel is, and I also think that this series is better in words.

DerMond | Yesterday, 3:18 PM
I don't really know what to answer, since in my eyes, it looks like you missed pretty much everything that makes KnK great: drives, philosophical views, mystical systems, atmosphere, relativism.

As for the problems you mentioned:
- 1: Only the second movie takes place during high school.
- 2: Qualifying Shiki as an angsty teen means you haven't understood the character. She is actually subject to death drives.
- 3: Fighting scenes are the most unimportant part of the series, really.
- 4: Sorry your manicheism couldn't be satisfied.

Truthfully, the novels are way better than the movies because it has long dialogs in which the characters develop what are their philosophical take on the world, and that's what is important: there's fundamentally no character right or wrong, just differences in opinions.

Magus | Yesterday, 3:07 PM
@DerMond I'm not hating the anime to be clear, but some parts of the movie is just too hard to enjoy. I think the problems for me is these:

1. Inappropriate problems for inappropriate age
-- i don't know what they call it, but on every LN i think there's a young MC probably in his high school. And what sickens me are the problems given to them in that part of their lifetime. Maybe that's just me, so my opinion.

2. Character for me, is a waste of time.
-- The focus on the female MC is just... unappealing. It is because I don't really appreciate angsty teens, or girls-trying-to-be-cold , or young teens having psychological problems.

3. Action scenes are pain in the eyes for it's short and slow. Most of the time one-sided
-- was that even a fight? Hell no, that's butchery .

4. Boring, and weak antagonists. Having problems you could sympathize with.
-- I absolutely loathe all kinds of antagonist who try to be a hero, or somewhat good in the eyes of the audience.

Perhaps it's my own views not enjoying this series -- it's not just for me. However, I enjoyed the visuals and soundtrack.

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