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First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that this is not an elitist club. Our goal is to come up a list of highly recommended quality shows that are exemplary either within genre or universally. However, everyone has different standards when it comes to this, so I have made up a short list of basic requirements with the goal of ensuring maximum participation from our members.

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THIS Week's You Decides:
OPEN - A Kite (Anime) (2/2)
OPEN - Subarashii Sekai (Manga) (19/10)

OPEN - Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Anime) (12/4)

For Challenge:

THIS Week's Spotlights:
Cat Soup (Anime) (1/1)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run (Manga) (95/24)

Eden - It's an Endless World! (Manga) (127/26)

For Challenge:
BLAME! (Manga) (66/17)

NEXT Week's Spotlights:
Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Anime) (26/7)
Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu (Manga) (10/10)

Koi Kaze (13/4)

For Challenge:

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In order to give everyone more time to get fully acquainted with these entries, we'd like you to take note in advance of the fact that Vagabond (Manga) will be spotlighted for the week starting on Saturday the 19th of September 2015.

Please note: each anime and manga entry is followed by a number denoting the total amount of episodes or chapters and the amount you must have watched/read in order for your vote to be legitimate.

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Club Comments
Suna_Kujira | 1 hour ago
Drumrug explained it perfectly imo. I started reading Gantz as one of my first manga and I thought it was pretty good at the time because of the boobs and violence. Kei even becomes likable somewhere in the middle. Things seemed to get better. But then someone told the mangaka to finish it so he wrote that terrible ending.

Drumrug | 4 hours ago
Gantz is simple. You have a very expandable cast of random strangers fight against variety of different targets, from onion people to mythological creatures. It's not a sophisticated story with deep characters, just humans and aliens fucking each other up over and over.
If it was less serious and dialed back the shitty drama between characters nobody cares about it could've been pretty good. Also if a lot of the art didn't go to shit in latter half, Oku started applying some weird filters/screen tones on monsters and it all looked like a mess.

shipgirls | 5 hours ago

sddsdd | 8 hours ago
@truisms: the edginess.

vigorousjammer | 9 hours ago
Hey, so, on the Anime Nomination list, there's entries for "Future Boy Conan" as well as "Mirai Shounen Conan"
They're both the same anime so it shouldn't be split up.

Inferno_Cop | 10 hours ago
I even enjoyed the anime of gantz(2nd season) which is supposed to be shitty adaptation of manga according to fans.

Watching all the annoying characters getting butchered by Buddha was a blast, I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be for manga readers, also sex scenes a.k.a "mature show for mature people".

GooFraN | 10 hours ago

truisms | 11 hours ago
JW since I've seen it in the resurrect a manga category rated fairly highly, what do people tend to enjoy about Gantz?

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