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Jul 19, 2011
Faisa_Dragon (All reviews)
This story honestly disappointed me... when I saw this story labeled as a "hot read" I though I would give it a shot~ -and this is what I was presented with.

story- Very predictable, nothing unexpected, in fact every time something happened I though to myself, "saw that coming". There is nothing original in this story. The pace is slow and I got board. I only kept reading because I was hoping the plot might actually do something!

art- The art was fine, although... most of the girls looked really similar to each other and that kinda bugged me. -but the art was decent.

characters- (below) v

Shuusei- This read more
Jun 30, 2011
Witcherry (All reviews)
I can't describe my disappointment. First chapter seemed really good so I was glad to find a shoujo manga as good as this. But after a couple of chapters it turned a pathetic story I've ever read. I just can't see love between the main characters.

Story - Cliche.

Art - Well, not bad.

Characters - There is a guy that is called "Prince" in his school, he's handsome, cool but bothersome. And also self- centered. And there is a stupid girl who is in love with him. That's all.

Enjoyment - I don't feel like reading this anymore but I hate to leave things halfway.

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