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Jun 17, 2013
Its pretty rare that I feel the need to write a review, but this manga managed to spark that urge. This is also a review for a yaoi... which is a first for me hehe.
The story was pretty good and it didn't have a plot that was as over used as most other yaois i've read. It wasn't very unpredictable, but that was to be expected.
The art was the style of its time. The women and men look pretty similar and the man have hips that are ridiculously small. read more
Jan 4, 2013
I have only read 3 chapters of this manga, so, if my opinion of this changes after reading more of it, I will revise my review.

That being said i'll move on~

I love supernatural, action, shounen-ish stuff a lot. But I also really enjoy mystery and psychological reads as well. For some reason I was hoping to find a little of both worlds in this manga. So far i'm not impressed. Note: I did read the one shot before starting the series.

(Art) The quality of art in a manga is not something I would typically consider when rating. (unless it was downright awful) But read more
Sep 16, 2011
Ok, honestly speaking, this is one of the most pathetic manga I have evert read.
The story is short so im gunna make this review short too.

The story-
Cliché, predictable, poorly constructed, and BORING!

Was the worst ive seen. The only thing in the art that I thought was good, were the eyes of the characters. Everything els had zero detail. Most of the time it still looked like the panels were in the rough draft stage of creation. Most if not all of it was line art. It was terrible.

I realize this story is short and there is only so much you can cram into read more
Sep 11, 2011
Mother Keeper is another one of those typical shounen-ish, cliche, predictable stories that I always end up reading. -and for some reason I get attached to easily.
Also, if your looking for for a manga that makes you think or takes you on a emotional roller coater, its also not here. BUT, if you wanna read something that has action, some comedy, and just an easy good read, then this is it.

The story (like i said) is kinda predictable and so far and the pace of the plot is a little on the slow side. 30 chapters in and I don't feel like the story read more
Jul 19, 2011
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This story honestly disappointed me... when I saw this story labeled as a "hot read" I though I would give it a shot~ -and this is what I was presented with.

story- Very predictable, nothing unexpected, in fact every time something happened I though to myself, "saw that coming". There is nothing original in this story. The pace is slow and I got board. I only kept reading because I was hoping the plot might actually do something!

art- The art was fine, although... most of the girls looked really similar to each other and that kinda bugged me. -but the art was decent.

characters- (below) v

Shuusei- This read more
Jul 15, 2011
review time with Faisa!!

story~ 8
The part i found the most interesting is that the main character "sleeps" for a hundred years at a time only to wake up for 10 days to try and accomplish his goal, getting the other half of his heart back. To me that just sounds like a really vexing task.. ^^'
-and i wouldnt be much of a story if he was able to accomplish this task after the first 100 year nap, so you can guess that it takes him a few tries, aka quiet a few hundred years... weather he reaches his goal or not, i dont know read more
Nov 16, 2010
This is my first review for a manga series. I just started really getting into manga and i really hope my review helps you out in some way!

ok, ill start out with the story.

story (9). The story may sound a little genaric when you first read the summery but it is so much more then it may seem. when I first read the summery i thought to myself, wow yet another ' person has a tragic childhood and somehow gets a great power and keeps it a secret while becoming a undercover superhero, at the same time trying to exact revenge on his parents read more