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Princess Jellyfish

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Apr 7, 2011
PinkGin (All reviews)
The peaceful life of a group called the "Amars" (nun) suddenly gets disturbed by a stylish person! Wow. There's already so much contrast in that one sentence alone you know that the story is going to be good. :D

Story: 9
Art: 7
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10

Kuragehime was first introduced to me in its anime form; I got really interested in the anime so I decided to check out the manga afterwards. For me who was also obsessed with various things like boy bands, games, movies, TV shows, and novels I can relate to the characters feelings. I wasn't an eccentric fangirl like the main characters but the emotional read more
Oct 20, 2014
Lehcara (All reviews)
Don't bother with the half finished anime- start your love for the Jellyfish Princess where it all began. This manga is fantastic, and is one of the few I salivate a little when I see an update. This is soon to be a classic in the Josei genre and is rightfully so. With it's wonderful characters, humor, art, and beautiful story, this needs to be a read next.

Story: For those who have seen the anime and want to know what happens next, read on. This takes place much later than the anime, and gets better with every turn. The story isn't so outlandish that it read more

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