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Apr 7, 2011
The peaceful life of a group called the "Amars" (nun) suddenly gets disturbed by a stylish person! Wow. There's already so much contrast in that one sentence alone you know that the story is going to be good. :D

Story: 9
Art: 7
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10

Kuragehime was first introduced to me in its anime form; I got really interested in the anime so I decided to check out the manga afterwards. For me who was also obsessed with various things like boy bands, games, movies, TV shows, and novels I can relate to the characters feelings. I wasn't an eccentric fangirl like the main characters but the emotional read more
Sep 27, 2010
Seriously WTH!

This is the reason why I drop shojo manhwas so fast! The girls are MENTAL! Do they not have any brains what so ever?!
This manhwa has rich people who are very shallow, who gets whatever they want whenever they want and will even kill who ever badmouths them.

Story: 4
Art: 2
Character: 4
Enjoyment: 5

It's very cinderella type kind of story but with a twist. That's what drew me into reading this manhwa in the first place. I even put up with the horrible drawing style. The backgrounds were cheap (yes, I do pay attention to backgrounds) and I haven't seen those kind of eyes read more
Sep 24, 2010
This one-shot is hilarious! I loved it. You can only understand this manga once you've read beyond chapter 80 of Bakuman.
I finally got to see the work of Hiramaru Kazuya, this character always made me laugh in the Bakuman. I thought his manga would be really unusual and it is but it's the good kind of oddity. It felt so fresh and it's so funny.

I couldn't help but keep on going back to Bakuman while reading this (since it did kind of branched out from there), it just fit so well with Kazuya's persona. It translated a lot of what he's like in read more
Sep 24, 2010
I dislike this manga. As usual the story seemed interesting enough for the first few chapters. Reading on I realized all the characters are stupid (hence the name I guess). I kept on reading because I like the drawing style but the story... seriously I think it would have been better off a one-shot ero manga instead.

Story: 5
Art: 7
Character: 3
Enjoyment: 2

Continuing on with the story just prolonged its idiocy... I stopped reading it before finishing the last chapter the scanlator uploaded. If they had kept going I might have continued because that would give me some hope the characters will possibly get read more
Aug 7, 2010
Love the art, most definitely. Typical shojo manga characters in my opinion. All of the male characters of course are bishonens. There's a pervert, a tsundere, a prince, and an emo. The main girl character is a beautiful 15years old love sick girl, but her type of guy is questionable even to her friends.
The story started out so well, and there was definitely surprises that shojo manga readers love to see. But once the story gets to the climax... it stops. The manga ends... it's done. *broken heart*

I was so shocked it just ended the way it did. I'm not saying any spoilers but if read more